The survival arena

Chapter 337: Prestige to Treat Death as Home

Chapter 337: Prestige to Treat Death as Home

Ye Wukong saw his steel gun bend, his face changed drastically, his body twirled sharply, and the tip of the gun followed, sparking on the forehead of Qilin.

Killing Kirin was so painful that he had to shake his head, and he followed.

At this moment, Qilin raised a claw and slaps him in anger.

Ye Wukong evaded immediately and raised his hand again, but unfortunately could not pierce the unicorn's scale armor.

Chu Ge watched the battle from a distance, and Qi said strangely, "This guy's serious battle is still very good."

After all, Ye Wukong practiced Wing Chun for ten years and lived alone in nature for eight years. The actual combat experience is still very rich, but he is usually too lonely and easy to get lost.

Xiao Poh nodded: "In fact, the people in our team are not weak. Almost every survival competition. With the concerted efforts of everyone, everyone is accumulating survival points."

She was full of pride in her words.

Although she is not deeply touched by staying at home like death, she really has an inexplicable peace of mind to survive in the competition.

Because her teammates are very strong.

Chu Ge, Xiao Xiong, Gu Tianjiao, and Arnold are all integral harvesters.

General Lie Hao and Ye Wukong occasionally broke out.

"Boss, do you want to help him?" Xiao Po asked.

Although Ye Wukong restrained the killing unicorn, he was completely dodging by virtue of his short body and could not cause damage to the killing unicorn.

Chu Ge calmly said, "Wait a second."

He wanted to see Ye Wukong's limits.

To be honest, he has always been looking forward to Ye Wukong.

He hoped that Ye Wukong would rise.

In this way, if you look back to death, you can make up a five-tiger general, a good five, or a five.

Little pitiful listen, can only wait patiently.

Arnold soon returned to the battlefield. He joined Ye Wukong, as if two kittens were fighting with an adult Siberian tiger. Their body shape was not dominant, and their momentum was far worse.

Look, they have no chance of winning.

Arnold's defense is amazing. No matter what kind of attack that kills Kirin, he can stand up again in the next second.

But his destructive power is not strong enough to hurt Qilin.

Ye Wukong's movement was fast, and the combat response was higher than that of Anuo. Unfortunately, he lacked strength.

His defensive power is not worth mentioning. If it kills Qilin, it is estimated that it will be destroyed on the spot.

Killing Kirin grew more violent, and the roar sounded like a thunderous thunder.

Not far away there are many survivors watching, looking at this huge killer unicorn, they dare not rush into it.

The performance of Ye Wukong and Anuo shocked them.

"This chimpanzee knows martial arts!"

"It's Ye Wukong who treats death as home, the battle of Huashan, he used to be fired!"

"It's like death, they're all fierce."

"There is also the flat-headed brother. I feel like I can't die."

"Will Chu Ge be around?"

The survivors talked a lot, and with the high light performance in the survival competition as if returning to death, there was more and more discussion in the survival city.

General Ye Wukong, Nangong, and Lie Hao of Sao Bao often went to the survival city to brag, making many survivors want to join in as death.

Chu Ge was hailed as the second Luo Sheng emperor.

As long as he reaches the top of the battle list, he can become the next emperor.

After watching for a while, Chu Ge suddenly rushed out.

Little poor quickly followed him.

While running, Chu Ge mobilized the heat in his body while making himself angry.

嚯 ——

Flames were burning on him.

Under the night sky, a giant lion with flames running at full speed, the picture is quite spectacular.

Survivors on the other side of the street could just see him rushing over.

They were all scared.

"Chu Ge is up!"

Someone exclaimed, the voice was shaking.

I have heard the name of the lion king of flames for a long time.

Seeing it today is even more domineering than they think.

Under the flames, Chu Ge's muscles looked more explosive.

Anuo and Ye Wukong also heard the survivors' exclaims. They turned their heads subconsciously, and when they saw Chu Ge's familiar body, they were immediately surprised.

Fighting for so long, they really have no way to hunt this killing unicorn.

Let them leave, and be reluctant.

Fortunately, their head appeared in time!

Chu Ge suddenly jumped up and rushed directly to the killer Kirin, his claws pierced the killer Kirin's scales, and he opened his mouth to bite Kirin's neck.

Killing Kirin was struggling madly and wanted to throw Chu Ge off.

Ye Wukong slid down the body of the killing unicorn, sliding down the hind limbs of the killing unicorn along the ground.

Killing Kirin was stabbed by a steel gun, and his huge body jumped up.

This jump shook Chu Ge directly.

Ye Wukong then erected the steel gun and clamped the gun under his arm.

Killing Kirin fell, the vital part was stabbed again, and it hurt so that it fell to the side.

Anuo's eyes widened and he was too late to escape, and was hit by the killing Kirin.

"[Despite death] Member Arnold was killed by Kirin!"

Chu Ge and Xiao Po hold on.

Ye Wukong was also scared.

I rub!

It's over!

Anuo must find him to calculate!

Ye Wukong thought sadly that he immediately turned his grief and indignation into a force and killed Qilin.

Chu Ge also rushed to kill Qilin's head, biting his neck with one bite, trying his best to suppress his body.

Ye Wukong held a spear in his hand and kept killing Kirin.

It's a pity that, except for the harm, Qilin's life is the same as that of the steel plate. He can't stand still.

At the same time, the angry flames of Chu Ge spread to the killing Kirin.

Now, killing Kirin is not far from his death.

Chu Ge has absolute confidence in his angry flames.

As long as the upper body, the enemy will be burned to death sooner or later!

The survivors watching the game were stunned.

Chu Ge rose up and down, and the situation was directly reversed!

This is too strong!

"It is indeed the Lion King of Flames. It feels like no one is his opponent in Samsung Arena."

"This flame is a bug!"

"Don't agree, how can I not meet this survival talent?"

"I really want to join the death-seeking homecoming, Chu Ge has killed two killing unicorns all around, plus this one, the members of the home-seeking death do not need to do anything, and can earn 9,000 survival points.

"I wipe, it's okay if you don't say it, once I say, I'm jealous ..."

The survivors talked to each other, full of worship of Chuge.

Behind them, the Wolf King saw his teeth gritted.

Chuge is around again!

In the front, a killer Kirin was cut off. As a result, his father's back was wiped out, and that killer was completely wasted.

Now it is staring at this killing unicorn, and it is robbed by Chu Ge.

It couldn't help wondering if Chu Ge was revenge on it.

But think about it, the survival score of Qilin is really attractive. If you change it, you can kill if you can kill it.


Suddenly Ye Wukong was killed in the unicorn, and fell straight and flew out more than ten meters away. He could not climb for a long time.

(End of this chapter)