The survival arena

Chapter 338: Ten Thousand Points Per Capita

Chapter 338: Ten Thousand Points Per Capita

"Damn! Isn't this too hard ..."

Ye Wukong lay on the ground, taking a breath.

He struggled and tried to stand up, but he lost consciousness in the lower body and couldn't move at all.

At the same time, Chu Ge is still struggling to kill Qilin.

Killing Kirin has been wrapped by the flames of rage, the flames are burning, and the screams of screams are endless.

The survivors watching each other looked at each other.

They are hesitant to intervene.

"Forget it, that flame, who dares to approach?"

A tall elk shook his head and said in awe.

The survival arena is about the weak and the strong.

Chu Ge is very strong, so strong that they dare not intervene, and such power is easily transformed into worship.

The North American Wolf King's eyes were complex and he kept silent behind him.

after awhile.

When Ye Wukong could barely stand up, he killed Qilin and knelt down on the street.

Its voice is getting weaker, and its struggling intensity is decreasing.

Chuge on its back was exhausted.

This guy has too much energy!

Chu Ge jumped away, fell aside, and began to rest.

He pretended that he had the strength to avoid giving other survivors a chance.

He calmly looked at the killing Kirin, which was burned by the fire, waiting for it to die.

This scene is so domineering in the eyes of the survivors.

Ye Wukong staggered to pick up his steel gun and used it as a crutch. He carried the steel gun to Chu Ge and grinned, "Boss, you are still mighty."

He and Anuo did not injure Qilin for a long time, but as soon as Chuge came, he knocked Qilin down with a strong force, which made him worship and felt very hurt.

Although he had harvested many enemies in front of him, the gap between him and Chu Ge was still so large.

Chu Ge whispered softly, "Ready to retreat."

Arnold's death made him very depressed.

This guy died unjustly.

It is estimated that he will find Ye Wukong's troubles afterwards. As the head of the group, he will definitely stand up as a peacemaker.

Think about it and get a headache.

Another ten seconds passed.

"You successfully killed and killed Kirin, and the whole team got 3000 survival points!"

"[Death as if returning to death] The leader Chu Ge successfully hunted and killed Qilin around!"

Two reminders sounded, and Chu Ge immediately retreated with Ye Wukong.

The other survivors looked at their back with a complex look, and didn't speak for a long time.

After Chu Ge and Xiao Po got together, they retreated quickly.

ten minutes later.

They jumped to the roof of the building to rest.

"We have killed three killer unicorns, and each of them has an additional 9,000 survival points. Do we still have to fight?" Ye Wukong asked excitedly.

This feeling of crazy killing and earning survival points is really cool.

He suddenly understood the previous feelings of Chu Ge, Gu Tianjiao and Xiao Xiaoying.

At the same time, he regretted it.

Knowing this before, you should be cautious before, not too wavey.

Chu Ge shook his head and said, "Forget it, it's enough, it can't be insatiable. It's the last night. We can't maintain the state of prosperity.

His rage can kill Kirin, but it will take a long time to stand still.

Once they are not strong enough, their response is slightly slow, and they may be killed by Kirin Spike.

Poor Xiao nodded and said, "Sister Tianjiao said before that we can stop after killing three killing unicorns, and it will be dangerous if we kill more."

Ye Wukong thought for a while, then nodded.

He exhaled and lay on his back.

"Boss, every day, you say how much better we can be if we feel like home after death this time?" Ye Wukong asked expectantly.

Xiao poor hummed, "How many survival points did you earn?"

In this night battle, Ye Wukong basically killed the enemy in the regiment.

Presumably this guy killed many enemies.

Ye Wukong smiled hesitantly: "It's not as good as your last time, I have reached the standard of 17,000 survival points."

Poor little pouting, did not expect this licking dog to rise.

Chu Ge silently calculates his survival points.

He earned about 15,200 survival points.

Compared to Ye Wukong.

It seems that Ye Wukong did not kill a lot of enemies, most of them were waiting to see, then picking them up.

The three were chatting and resting while they stopped.

Time passes by every minute.

The roar of the killer Kirin still resounds in Venice, but this is no longer a matter of returning to death, they just want to spend the night in peace.

The moon goes up.

When Venice's first rays of sunlight passed over the sea level, the night battle was over.

"This night battle is over. You successfully cleared the stage and got 200 survival points."

"You killed 3700 survival points in this survival competition."

"[Seeing death as home] Kill other survival teams, and you get an additional 2500 survival points."

"You killed three killer unicorns, and all of them got an extra 9,000 survival points."

"You have accumulated 15,400 survival points."


With the sound of the indifferent female voice, Chu Ge felt dizzy and her eyes darkened.

Opening his eyes again, he has returned to the team practice hall.

Gu Tianjiao, An Nuo, Xiao Xiong, General Lie Hao, Earthhead Snake, Nangong all came together.

"Ye Goku! I want to kill you!"

Ano growled, his eyes red.

Finally, he persisted until the last day, but died of Ye Wukong.

Ye Wukong was startled, embarrassed and said, "Brother, don't blame me. I'm attacking and killing Kirin. How do I know that it will hit you ..."

Anno rushed over head-on, hitting his stomach directly, hurting his eyes suddenly, and flew out.

Chu Ge thought it was funny and quickly stopped Anuo.

After Anno exhaled, he did not stir up any more, hummed coldly, and then turned his head away.

Gu Tianjiao laughed: "Although there are many twists and turns in this night ’s battle for death, we regard death as a victory, and basically we have more than 10,000 survival points."

Killing Kirin with three heads and five group defeats, even if the points are deducted, they still have more than 10,000 survival points.

"Let's get stronger, and go to the battle list!" General Lie Hao excited.

Gu Tianjiao shook his head and said, "This wave of strengthening is likely to force us to rise to four stars. Do you think we should rise to the stars? If not, we need to develop some strategies."

"What strategy?" Xiao Po asked curiously.

Gu Tianjiao calmly said, "Let the two strong members go out to establish a group, but this may be an accident. Once our main group rises, they may fall."

Everyone was lost in thought.

Chu Ge laughed: "In fact, just let it be. If you can't keep up with your conscious strength, you can first set up a group and then come to us at Four Stars."

He didn't feel the need to stay stuck at Samsung.

Although the score is good, it is also easy to slack off.

In addition, the survivors who often score points did not end well.

Everyone nodded.

Chu Ge continued to ask: "Nangong, Earthhead Snake, Ye Wukong, Xiao Po, you can think about it, if you want to stay and set up a group, wait for it enough to go to the Four Star Arena to find us.

What should Chu Ge enhance next?

(End of this chapter)