The survival arena

Chapter 339

Chapter 339

Nangong, Earthhead Snake, Ye Wukong, and Xiao poorly choked.

"Fuck! Boss, do you think I'm not qualified?" Ye Wukong shouted, very upset.

General Lie Hao slammed: "Yes, not only are you not qualified, you may also hurt your teammates."

"Stupid big man, flat again?"

"Do you think I'm afraid of you?"

"Come! Fight!"

The two orangutans were about to fight.

Chu Ge quickly stopped and said solemnly, "I'm talking about business. I don't look down on anyone. Everyone is a brother from death to death. Even if he leaves as dead as death, he is also a teammate. I just hope you can live more safely."

The others nodded.

"Boss, I ’m useless even if I stay at Samsung. Take me. I guarantee you will not be killed by the team at the Four-Star Arena, and the four-star survivor should not even pay attention to my little earthworm." Road.

Chu Ge hesitated for a moment and thought carefully, it also made sense.

It's better to take the ground snake to the four-star arena to earn more survival points, and you can take off in a wave when there are more survival points.

Chu Ge has made a plan for becoming stronger.

The turtle's longevity, whale's growth genes, and survival ontology experience volume, as long as they survive, can grow into a giant in a short time.

Xiao Poi followed and said, "I will also go to the Four Star Arena. The team lacks me as an assistant. Although my attack power is not strong, my senses are outstanding and my speed is fast, but I will not drag your hind legs. "

Nangong tangled.

The hero Xiao suddenly said, "Don't think about complexity. In case there is a talent in the group, you can take him as if you are dead. Even if we receive people later, we will distribute seats based on our strength and we will not really abandon you. "

Gu Tianjiao and Chu Ge nodded.

Not surprisingly, after this wave became stronger, they all had to rise to the stars.

"Let ’s go, Ye Wukong and Nangong stay, one person will leave some survival points, and then establish a branch, the group leader, deputy group leader, you discuss." Chu Ge thought.

Ye Wukong thought for a while and nodded.

He was obsessed with the feeling of harvesting the enemy's life.

Going to Four Stars is not so easy.

"Everyone can pull the Samsung survivors they know. It is best if they are willing to join our club, join a five-person team, and the newcomers pay 500 survival points, which is considered as the tour fee." Gu Tianjiao laughed.

This proposal brightened the eyes of Nangong and Ye Wukong.

They chatted for a while.

Chu Ge dismissed the team and chose their survival points.

However, he reminded that before Nangong and Ye Wukong left, they could not exchange for survivability, so as to avoid the team directly rising stars.


in the afternoon.

Seeing death as a group gathered in the club.

Morrison was very excited. He told the crowd that he had scored 3,000 survival points in the last survival competition, which was great.

Ye Wukong said fiercely: "Every one of us has at least 10,000 survival points. Do you agree?"

Just in case!

Morrison's eyes widened and he shivered.

How many enemies do you have to kill?

Morrison started pulling Ye Wukong and asked them about their last survival competition.

Chu Ge was about to learn Hong Quan with General Lie Hao, and Xiao Xiao suddenly pulled him away.

"Why, Xiao Bing, it's not good to pull in the daytime, I'm a man."

Chu Ge said helplessly, the hero Xiao Xiao stared at him.

They walked to the corner.

Hero Xiao took out his mobile phone and opened a video.

It was a relatively backward town. A brown-black shadow quickly moved through the town, and it was so difficult for the camera to keep up.

Two strong bears who were fighting were directly penetrated by it, and were instantly violent, with extremely terrible lethality.

"This is the survivor I said. The body is a peregrine falcon, which is much faster than me. Using the body as a weapon is more terrifying than a bullet. I have already talked to it and it is still very interested in our survival team Yes, you can try. "Xiao hero introduced.

Chu Ge thoughtfully.

Just watching the video, the lethality of this peregrine falcon is truly terrifying.

"Yes, we will pull him after we rise, but don't invite him to the club for the time being." Chu Ge nodded.

Desperate homework does require fresh blood.

Hero Xiao nodded and said, "I understand that some Samsung survivors may come to join our club in the near future. By then, we must strictly screen and don't accept everyone."

"Okay, that's up to you. I think you have a good eye."

Chu Ge patted Xiao Xiao's shoulder and laughed, then turned and left.

"You are the head and you should come."

"Yes, I'm the head, I'm in charge of the arrangements, and you are the right assistant I arranged, I believe in you."

"You owe me ..."

"In the evening, the team practiced in the gym and were always available to accompany."

Xiao Xiao lipped his lips, then put his hands in his pockets, and followed in the footsteps of Chu Ge.


Inside a hotel suite living room.

He sat on the sofa with four men in suits.

"The red fox was dead in Venice? Or was he killed by a dragon?" He asked frowningly at the cigar.

A bald man nodded and said, "Yes, he wants to swallow up all the survivors who are living in the competition, but also wants to control Venice and encounter the Dragon Slayer's shot."

"The evil dragon ..."

Evil eyes flickered, and a disgust appeared in his eyes.

The bald man took a picture and handed it to the evil one: "We took her in Venice."

It is a black cat in the photo.

The evil brow frowned even deeper, and said coldly, "This mother-in-law is really a ghost, why didn't the evil dragon kill her?"

"Unclear," the bald man replied.

The evil spirit took the picture and began to think.

What the bald man thought, continued: "Recent deaths against us are now in Venice. Black cats seem to be in communication with them. Will they be related?"

Hearing the words, he looked at him in astonishment and asked, "Really?"

"Well, I investigated the surveillance there, and she followed the deadly return for a long time, and reminded to avoid the poisonous gas of the red fox." The bald man nodded.

He was puzzled.

Does the black cat also like Chu Ge's flame talent?

The evil spirit spit out a ring of cigarettes and slowly said: "Interesting, it seems that this Chu Ge is also her experimental product. Didn't she also create a lion before, what is the name of the emperor?"

"Imperial Lawson."

"Oh, it's the guy. The strength is not dizzy, but the tone is crazy, it seems that it has already stopped eating in the survival robbery?"

"should be."

Viciously, he got up and walked to the floor-to-ceiling window overlooking this magnificent steel forest.

He whispered: "It seems that we can't just look back on death, isn't their club trying to recruit people? Arrange it, I want to understand their internal situation, and investigate clearly, what the fucking stink cat wants!"

(End of this chapter)