The survival arena

Chapter 340 Samsung First! Cocoon Rebirth!

Chapter 340 Samsung First! Cocoon Rebirth!

After the death toll in the night, since the third day, survivors have come to see the death as home club.

Gradually, the club became lively.

The first floor is the area for ordinary members, and the second floor is the training area for the main group members.

In addition to paying part-time membership fees, each newly joined ordinary member can choose a member of the main group as a teacher to learn about survival and competitive experience.

These survivors are at the level of one star to Samsung, and stronger survivors are naturally impossible to come here.

this day.

Chu Ge moved Ye Wukong and Nangong out of sight.

Kicked out of the team, there is no cooling-off period, you can directly join the next survival team or create a survival team.

The two immediately set up their first regiment, which looked dead to death.

Cocoon Rebirth!

At the same time, they picked three good seedlings from the club to join the group.

At present, in addition to Chu Ge and others, the Despotic Homecoming Club has exceeded ten people.

Most are Samsung survivors.

After the formation of the group, Chu Ge ordered all members to begin to exchange viability.

Chu Ge now has 20582 survival points!

His goal must be Lv5 survivability.

He decided to redeem [Lv5] Speed ​​Enhancement!

It can enhance its own speed of 6000 points and needs 14900 survival points.

A light beam fell from the sky, covering him.

After a while, the light faded.

Chu Ge felt that his limbs were full of strength, and even his vital capacity was greatly enhanced.

His original speed was less than five hundred, which was equivalent to a ten-fold increase.

Little poor before this is the survivability of the exchange, becoming the fastest team on the land!

He wondered if his speed had really increased tenfold.

He has 5682 survival points left.

He decided to keep it and wait for the next time to redeem another Lv5 survivability.

He brings up his own properties panel to view:

The arbiter: Chu Ge around

Star rating: Samsung (can be upgraded)

Biting force: 6296

Forelimb Strength: 9234

Hind limb strength: 9212

Defense: 7615

Speed: 6480

Stamina: 1801

Living Ontology: African Lion

Survivability: discoloration of the body surface, cheetah speed, muscle strengthening, strength strengthening, power of the elephant, muscle ironization, cockroach response nerve, alligator bite

Survival Talent: Raging Flames, Wraith Roar

Survival Equipment: No

Survival Team: Seeing Dead

Survival Points: 5682


In addition to the ten-fold increase in speed, strength and physical strength also increased by more than two hundred, and other values ​​only increased slightly.

Chu Ge smiled with satisfaction.

He immediately went to Survival City to conduct a combat test.

after an hour.

Changes in Samsung ’s standings.

First, Chu Ge is around

Second, go old

Third, Xiao hero

Fourth, who dares to kill me

Fifth, the night rose

Sixth, North American Wolf King

Seventh, the shark in the sea

Eighth, the back of Dad

Ninth, money boss

Tenth, mail me I have quality listings


Chu Ge successfully reached the top of the championship. This time, in the battle force test, he tried his best. After the battle, he was exhausted and stood on the ground with his legs shaking.

He did not expect Xiao hero to climb to third.

This kid moves fast.

He looked down. Anuo was eighteenth and Gu Tianjiao was twenty-seventh.

General Lie Hao, fifty-third.

Little poor, 234.

Ground snake, unknown.

Changes in the battle list made the entire survival city shake.

Recently, the prestigious Chuge finally reached the top!

Chu Ge returned to the team practice hall.

As soon as he landed, he heard a prompt:

"Because more than half of the members in [Seeing Death as Homecoming] have the qualification to rise, [Seeing Death as Homecoming] is promoted to the Four Star Arena!

"Open a four-star survival city!"

Chu Ge felt with emotion, and finally came!

He immediately starred himself.

Rising stars require 500 survival points.

"You successfully rise to four stars and reward 1500 survival points!"

The indifferent female voice sounded, Chu Ge was equivalent to earning a thousand survival points.

This is the subsidy that the survival arena gives to the survivors.

After all, after the star rises, the possibility of death is even greater.

Others also successively ascended the star, and then came to Chu Ge.

"Four-star arena, we are finally here!" Anuo said excitedly.

He can't wait to start the next survival competition.

Chu Ge said, "Little poor, Gu Tianjiao, you go to the survival city to check the situation, and the others continue to train."

Everyone has no opinion.

Only the ground snake has a little regret: "As soon as the boss became the first Samsung, the star rose as a result. It is a pity that he pretended to be a few minutes, and I don't know if I can leave a legend."

Gu Tianjiao laughed: "Relax, there must be a lot of people seeing the changes in the combat list, coupled with his disappearance, it is not difficult to guess the truth."

Chu Ge went to the runway and began to test his speed.

He slammed out, as if popped out of a chamber, with explosive power, full of visual shock.

He kept accelerating and setting off a gust of wind.

General Lie Hao, little poor, ground snake, Anuo looked at it.

So fast!

Hero Xiao narrowed his eyes and didn't know what he was thinking.

Gu Tianjiao smiled.

Chu Ge urged the angry flames to leave the fire, and the whole body ignited the angry flames to leave the fire, and the speed increased again.

It seemed like a fire was galloping around the runway. His speed was so fast that other teammates couldn't see his body clearly and could only see a fire.

"It feels faster than being pathetic." General Lie Hao exclaimed.

Gu Tianjiao gave Xiao poor a look.

Poor little, he immediately rushed into the runway and chased Chuge.

Soon, her speed rose to the top.

Both of them were nearly invisible to the naked eye.

The 400-meter circle track runs in two seconds.

General Lie Hao rubbed his eyes and said with emotion: "It seems to be watching the Flash running."

The Flash in the TV series is like this.

Of course, that was to let the audience know that Flash was running.

According to the real setting, ordinary people cannot see Flash.

If this is a straight line, Chu Ge and Xiao Po will be faster.

"Lv5 speed enhancement is so scary?" Anuo muttered.

Gu Tianjiao laughed: "The previous speed enhancement had the smallest increase in the value of the single attribute, and it changed only at the Lv5 level, but the survival points required were still more than other single attribute enhancements. The faster the speed, the greater the physical exertion. Just like the cheetah, so on Samsung, speed enhancement is no longer a hot topic. "

If you run out of energy for escape, how can you fight?

In survival competition, it is definitely useless to escape if you want to live on.

Arnold nodded. As always, his defense was enhanced.

His body is shiny and hard as steel.

General Lie Hao hit him with a punch before, but he hurt himself.

What General Lie Hao has enhanced is his responsiveness.

His strength is already strong, he doesn't want to be a stupid big man.

Gu Tianjiao enhanced speed and poison.

Speed ​​is only Lv4, poison is gas.

It's too dangerous to poison an enemy by biting it.

The red fox in Venice inspired her.

(End of this chapter)