The survival arena

Chapter 341 Asura

Chapter 341 Asura

The galloping Chu Ge noticed the little poor chase.

He was secretly shocked, but did not expect Xiao poor to be so fast.

Can even keep up with him!

It seems that in the survival competition before, the little poor suppressed the speed, and the suppression was really hard.

They ran for dozens of laps before they stopped.

Chu Ge was panting a bit, so was Xiao Po.

Their physical strength is not weak, but they cannot run at full speed like this.

"What survivability did you redeem this time?"

Chu Ge lay on the ground and asked curiously.

Poor Xiao laughed, "The respiratory system of fish, now I can live in water, just like amphibians."

This is pretty good.

There are no amphibians or marine animals for now.

Chu Ge nodded with satisfaction, then they all left the team practice hall and returned to the club.

During the day, they will train in the club while training other club members.

If you encounter good seedlings, you can also apply to join their survival team yourself.

Having a long-term relationship, you can also know the basics, and it is more reliable than recruiting members to the survival city.

Chu Ge found Ye Wukong and continued to learn Wing Chun.

He had a hunch.

The survival competition in the future may use the human body, and he must seize the time to improve the personal combat effectiveness.

Human battle must be different from the beast.

The body is more soulful and can turn the whole body into a weapon.

This is martial arts!


one night.

As soon as Chu Ge got home, he received a call.

It was a phone call from Chen Xunjie, who was at the same table in his high school.

It turned out that the college entrance examination was over, and several of the same colleges and universities in Wakayama City wanted to get together before the start of the class.

Chu Ge just talked to him casually before, but he didn't expect this kid to apply for a university in Gorshan City.

Although the city is prosperous, the universities here are not well-known in the country, only fair.

Chu Ge wanted to refuse, but Chen Xunjie begged, he could only agree.

After some inquiry, he learned that Chen Xunjie was seeking Song Xiaoyu from his class.

Song Xiaoyu and Tang Xuejia are girlfriends, and they want Chu Ge to meet Tang Xuejia.

For Tang Xuejia, it is impossible for Chu Ge to forget. Although they chat less and less frequently, Chu Ge ’s survival test is in Tang Xuejia's bedroom.

He couldn't forget the cat eating cockroaches.

"Who's calling?"

Gu Tianjiao suddenly came together and asked with a smile.

Chu Ge asked in wonder: "How did you come in?"

He apparently locked the bedroom.

Gu Tianjiao shook the key in his hand and said, "I gave the ground snake a key."


Chu Ge widened his eyes, scolded the snake in his heart, turned his elbow outward!

Gu Tianjiao smiled and said: "Meet the old classmates, aren't Song Xiaoyu and Tang Xuejia the two girls you met in the New Year?"

Chuge's scalp was numb.

This mother-in-law's hearing is terrible?

Can you hear the sound coming from the phone along the wall?

It's a pity not to be undercover!

"Yeah, what's wrong? Jealous?" Chu Ge shrugged.

He and Tang Xuejia and Song Xiaoyu are innocent, and their bodies are not afraid of shadows.

"Do you need me to pretend to be your girlfriend? I'm so beautiful, I'm sure your male classmates will be envious of death." Gu Tianjiao raised a strand of hair next to his cheek and smiled charmingly.

Chu Ge shook his head and said, "Forget it, you are so jealous. I'm afraid you will hurt someone else."

"Oh? Little girl? I mean you old."

"No, you are sixteen every year."

"Well, the ghost talk is continuous, so you see how young you are.

Gu Tianjiao touched Chu Ge's waist while talking.

Chu Ge quickly evaded, but she did not spare.

The two started to make trouble in the room.

After an hour and a half.

They came to the team practice hall together to continue training.

The ground snake is writhing hard, it should be running training.

He saw Chu Ge and called out, "Boss, sister-in-law, usually notice, don't make too much noise!"

Gu Tianjiao glared at him and said badly, "What are you talking about! Believe me or not, I tore you into pieces?"

The ground snake's neck shrank, and he did not dare to beep, and continued to train.

Chu Ge licked his mouth, smirked at Gu Tianjiao, and quickly ran away.

Gu Tianjiao shook her head, she squatted in place, and began to flip through the survivability list.

The next afternoon.

The hero Xiao found Chuge and said he wanted to pull people in.

The two entered the team practice hall.

"[Seeing death as home] The hero Xiao Xiao invites Ashura to join. Do you agree?"

Asura, that peregrine falcon.

Chu Ge immediately agreed, and then a light door appeared in the corner of the team's practice hall, and a figure rushed out of it.

high speed!

The target points directly to the heroes of Chuge and Xiao.

The two flew away without being hit by it.

Asura stopped and turned to look at them with a smile. "How fast and responsive are you, you are all around?"

Chu Ge nodded.

"Fight with me and see who is better." Anshu Luo said politely.

Really arrogant!

Chu Ge laughed: "You are in the air, how can I fight you?"

"Rest assured, I won't stay in the air all the time," Ashura conceited.


Chu Ge suddenly burst into tears.

Wraith Roar!

The hero Xiao and Asura were caught off guard and shocked into a vertigo.

Chu Ge rushed straight up, patted with one claw, and went all out.


Asura was blown to the ground by a fan, and his wings broke.

At the same time, Xiao hero sobered up.

It appears that he has deliberately enhanced the Wraith Roar.

When he saw Asura who was dying on the ground, he immediately hesitated.

His expression was weird.

It also……

It's too bad!

Asura was woke up and felt a broken body, very painful.

A beam of light descended from the sky to heal it.

When it healed, it soared, looking at Chu Ge with complex eyes, and said, "I am obedient."

Chu Ge shook his head and said, "You are characterized by raids, because you do n’t know me before you will be recruited. If you are in the survival competition, I may be killed by you in one shot."

Asura heard it, he felt better.

However, the failure just now made it lose all face.

It didn't even dare to look at Xiao Xiao.

Before coming, it bragged to kill Chuge directly.


Instead being spiked!


Asura thought, he couldn't wait to find a place to dig in.

It gave a fake cough and said: "The next survival competition, I will not let you down, I will kill at least ten enemies!"

Pretend like this?

Chu Ge could not help expecting it.

Hero Xiao shook his head and said, "Let's go, the two of us will go to practice and haven't fought with you for a long time."

"Okay, come!"

Asura was eager to test, he wanted to find his place.

Chu Ge smiled, he had just prepared to return to reality.

He suddenly remembered the survival city.

It's time to take a look, and by the way to the four-star battle list!

(End of this chapter)