I Am Really An African Chief

Chapter 674. The Lion Hunt

Chapter 674. The Lion Hunt

There is also a reason why Simba hangs his head secretly: Yang Xiaohei and Yang Xiaohua are secretly oblique. He hopes that these two partners can go with him.

Yang Xiaohei and Yang Xiaohua did have this meaning. They wanted to follow Lao Yang, but after seeing Simba also walking with Lao Yang, they gave up the idea and continued to roll in the grass.

In fact, they were tumbling and gazing at Simba, like a girl who had been provoked by her boyfriend secretly staring at her boyfriend's trail.

Yang Shubao couldn't help laughing when he saw it. He grabbed a leopard in one hand and took them both to the car.

Simba also got on the big truck, it jumped to the roof in a lunge!

The big truck turned a corner on the grass and headed east. On the way, he saw someone beckoning him, and looked intently at Doris William, the team leader of the lion watching research team.

Yang Shubao's relationship with the lion watching group is very familiar. Usually the big guys don't meet each other. They are all busy. Some time ago, the lion watching group said that they would go to Cambridge University to make a report. I don't know when they will return.

Doris wanted to get in the car, but when she looked at the probe, she saw two little leopards crowding on the first officer.

Yang Xiaohei and Yang Xiaohua squeezed into the seat bitterly, and a strong seat belt tied them together.

Doris laughed. "Well, I want to hitchhike, but it looks like there are no more tickets."

Yang Shubao unfastened his seat belt, held Yang Xiaohei on his knee, and put Yang Xiaohua on the bridge: "Look, the ticket is here, there is always room for crowding."

The truck's driving platform is very narrow. Yang Xiaohua nodded and then reached out to scratch Yang Xiaohei: Why are you sitting in Dad's arms? Look at you like a dog, go away!

Yang Xiaohei reluctantly stretched out his claws to fight back, so the two little leopards began to use their claws to punch in the car, while yelling.

Simba heard that he immediately pierced his head to look at the excitement. Little Leopard was very sensible and didn't want it to watch the excitement. When his head stretched out, he stopped immediately.

Doris sat on the co-pilot and laughed, "Is this the power of the Lion King?"

Yang Shubao smiled and didn't explain.

The prestige of the Lion King? Fart, the Lion King has no cards now.

When Doris was seated firmly, Yang Xiaohua was held in her arms. Such a leopard is fair and just in one's arms.

However, the space in the car was full, and now a fly flew in without standing.

Doris pointed forward and said, "Take me for a ride. The Big Lion is hunting in front. This is a relatively rare scene. I have to take a picture."

Lions are generally hunted by lionesses, and male lions are responsible for dry racking and protecting the site.

Yang Shubao asked in amazement: "Why did the Lion King come to hunt in person? Where are the lionesses?"

Doris reluctantly said, "The lionesses are crowding it out because it wanted to kick out the young male lions in the race early, which made the lionesses very angry. They will now eat quickly after hunting. Leave something for the Big Lion. "

Yang Shubao asked: "Is it because of Simba that the Lion King is alert to his sons?"

The answer is self-evident, the big lion king was tortured by Simba, eating a maggot and a wise man, and he has been prepared for other cubs now.

After driving for more than a kilometer, I saw the Big Lion King, staring at wildebeests.

Wildebeests are large in scale. Normally, wildebeests are divided into small groups during the rainy season, and they only converge into large groups during migration.

However, the wildebeest group in the reserve has a strong leader. The little wildebeest king is very strong, and it will lead the group to resist natural enemies. The hyenas and lions are hard to catch the light of the wildebeest group they lead .

Especially when hunting by a single individual, it is even more difficult to deal with the wildebeest group.

This is now the case for the Big Lion King. Thousands of wildebeests are moving on the grass, like a large cloud covering the sky.

The big lion king approached the wildebeests and looked for the old, weak, and sick. As a result, it approached the little wildebeest and ran towards it.

The other wildebeests followed behind the little wildebeest, and their squalling figures were extremely terrifying, and that momentum made Yang Shubao move!

This is a cavalry army in action, aggression like fire! Shake the mountain!

The big lion king slut runs wild, and if he runs slowly, he will be trampled into meat sauce.

The little wildebeest king did not lead the team to chase, it would only protect its own kin, but it was not offensive.

As the wildebeests started and stopped, the lion king ran out two hundred meters in one breath and looked back with fear.

Seeing the wildebeest group not chasing itself, it shook its tail and pretended that nothing happened, and approached the wildebeest group from the side.

The little wildebeest's eyes kept staring at it, and he calmly passed through the ethnic group and kept parallel to it.

This is why hyenas and lions need group cooperation to catch wildebeests. Doris explained: "Every time the female lion group hunts wildebeests, they need to send the strongest lion to attract the wildebeest's sight-generally. Sabie said that it was Shabi who was responsible for this responsibility. Then the other lions picked a suitable wildebeest to hunt it in the first time, otherwise they would get nothing when the little wildebeest king completed the defense. "

The lion king tried again several times, and each time he returned without success.

It wants to fight a long-term battle with wildebeests, and use endurance to pack wildebeests. As a result, the little wildebeest king has better endurance than it. After all, this is a herbivore and must run to escape every day.

The lion king was frustrated. He lowered his head and walked away with his tail in his head, dejected.

Simba was just like this just now. Yang Shubao smiled when he remembered, this is the power of genes.

The lion king slowly walked all the way, close to the wet area.

The wetland area in the rainy season is larger, and many wild buffaloes inhabit it nearby. In addition, there are hippos and crocodiles in the wetlands. Many waterbirds are floating on the water and hovering in the low air.

A wild buffalo broke away from the ethnic group and came ashore to want to graze. The lion king suddenly rushed to attack the wild buffalo!

There is no prelude to this attack. The Big Lion is like making such a decision temporarily. Yang Shubao has changed from sitting to flying in a blink of an eye!

Yang Shubao said subconsciously: "Is it crazy?"

Doris immediately lifted the video recorder and began to adjust the lens. She could not afford to answer Yang Shubao's question, and started shooting resolutely.

The big buffalo quickly found the rushing big lion king, it made the wrong choice, and ran on the grass in a panic to try to avoid the lion's attack.

But it was too slow to accelerate, and the lion king approached it quickly, at which point its speed was only slightly raised.

Kusano trembled.

The rabbit went up and down.

After catching up with the buffalo, the lion king jumped up and jumped up. His stout front claw suddenly pulled on the wild buffalo and opened his mouth to bite up.

'Kabar', murmured into Yang Shubao's ears faintly, the head of a large buffalo running like a heavy tank suddenly tilted to the sky, and then somehow it fell to the ground!

Pushing Jinshan down the jade pillar, the horns of the wild buffalo cut through the grass like a knife in the ground tremor, and many weeds flew up and floated in the air like green grass ...

(End of this chapter)