I Am Really An African Chief

Chapter 675. 675. The turtle bites the lion

Chapter 675. 675. The turtle bites the lion

Yang Shubao was not the first time he saw a lion hunting, nor was it the first time he saw a big lion hunting, but it was the first time he saw a big lion hunting.

Just sharp, kill yourself in one hit!

His eyes were a little straight, a chill rushed from his tail bone to his head, which turned out to be the mighty king of the prairie!

At this point Doris finished the video, and she put away the video recorder to answer the question just now: "Of course the lion can hunt wild buffalo!"

Yang Shubao murmured, "I know it can do it, but how did it do it? Why was this wild buffalo knocked over all of a sudden? The lion can be so powerful?"

Doris said, "Did you hear a click?"

"I heard."

"It was the sound of a spine being bitten. The Lion King used this to bite its spine, completely destroying its ability to move."

The spine was ruptured, and the wild buffalo was not dead. After the lion king got up, he went up and bit his throat, locked his trachea and strangled him.

Yang Xiaohei and Yang Xiaohua also stared at the scene. The eyes of the two leopards were so big that their eyes were almost protruding.

For the first time, they knew that lions were so terrible, and for the first time, they knew that Simba, often spoiled by them, could be so powerful.

Simba can see most clearly from the top of the car. In fact, it doesn't know that it can have such fighting potential.

Dolly left with the video recorder, the lion had nothing to eat, and Yang Shubao continued to the beach.

After the rain, the ocean is most fresh and bright. The forest on the sandy beach is clean and washed, and the white sandy beach is completely washed away, as delicate as snow.

The sound of gusts of wind was accompanied by the snoring of the leaves, and there were seagulls flying in front of them.

Yang Shubao stopped the car and walked to the beach. After Yang Xiaohei and Yang Xiaohua walked out of the forest, they stopped on the edge, then stared carefully at Simba, all eyes were alert.

Simba stretched a lazy waist, pretending to approach the two little friends casually, but the two little friends seriously distanced themselves from it.

This made it feel boring, lowered his head and his tail to the beach, and continued to be discouraged.

The leatherback turtle did not leave. Last night's wind and rain caused it to lose a lot of heat, which will lie on the beach where the sea meets the sun.

Yang Shubao touched his head in the past, and the turtle turned to look at him, his eyes blinked, looking peaceful and honest.

Knowledge was fishing at the bow, beckoning when he saw him.

Yang Shubao asked: "Can you catch fish here?"

Knowledge smiled happily: "Of course, there are not only fish and crabs here, you must not know how many crabs we have caught!"

Simba also found a leatherback tortoise. He has never seen such an animal before, so he came up and watched it.

The leatherback turtle glanced at it lazily, and seemed to feel the threat from the steppe king. It slowly turned around and wanted to return to the sea.

Simba didn't understand its identity, so naturally he didn't want to let it go, so he wanted to hold it with his paws.

What power of leatherback turtle? This is an absolute marine tractor. The pressure of the lion's claw can't suppress it at all. It crawls easily into the water and drags Simba.

In this way, Simba was a little dissatisfied. The glance of the leatherback turtle just now made him feel contempt. At this time, the goods dared to run into the water without obeying his instructions, so the king of the prairie was angry!

Especially not long ago, it just saw the scene where Dad killed a bison in one hit. To know that the size and tonnage of the bison is more than this leatherback turtle, so it doesn't make sense to counsel this leatherback turtle. When it was on its own, it jumped up in anger and grabbed the carapace with its two front claws.

Simba is a big-hearted lion. It doesn't kill life for no reason, so this bit is not cruel.

Good people have good news, so is the good lion. It did n’t forcefully lower its mouth to save its teeth. The hardness of the shell of the large leatherback turtle is not the same as that of the leopard tortoise. Crash two teeth!

However, the leatherback turtle noticed its attack and turned back vigilantly to stare at it.

Simba didn't hesitate to warn him, and reached out his claws to touch the leatherback's head.

Nothing can touch the head. Leatherback turtles don't retract their heads into the carapace like tortoises, so they look particularly seriously at their heads. They also know that this is the key. Who wants to touch their heads? Fight back!

Of course, except for female turtles.

The leatherback turtle opened his mouth and bite Simba's paw. The cat responded very quickly. Simba quickly retracted the paw, and the leatherback turtle bit his mouth empty.

Seeing this, Simba grinned and shook his tongue. It looked back at the two friends. The meaning was obvious: Did you see it? Buddy isn't it?

Yang Xiaohei and Yang Xiaohua also saw leatherback turtles for the first time. They couldn't help but approached to look at the animal.

Simba was so energetic that he waved his paw to scratch the head of the leatherback turtle.

The leatherback turtle opened its mouth several times to bite it and couldn't bite. Simba was so proud that he even growled with his mouth open.

The roar of the lion was really loud!

The leatherback turtle slowly moved forward, leaning his head to bite Simba's claw, but couldn't bite.

Simba was so proud that the leatherback turtle suddenly lowered its head and bite at the front leg it used to support the body!

This is the power of evolution. The wisdom of leatherback turtles is not what it used to be, and it has successfully ambushed Simba!

Biting Simba's front paw with a mouth, the leatherback turtle slid back and forth into the sea, it knew exactly where it was at home.

The leatherback's mouth is full of teeth, and the upper and lower jaws are full of teeth.

Just when it was still proud of howling, this growl turned into a wailing sound, and it was quite miserable!

Where has Simba suffered such a loss? It suddenly panicked, just like a child being held by a trafficker, and was dragged step by step towards the sea.

Yang Xiaohei and Yang Xiaohua blinked in horror, and then hurried to the sea.

The cheetahs are fast, passing by a few tens of meters for a few seconds. They rush to the back of Simba and bite the tail and bite the hind legs.

A tug of war between marine and terrestrial animals has begun. Simba will certainly be happy to watch such a lively event, but today it is not possible, today it is the rope of tug of war ...

Yang Shubao was going to see the crabs caught by the grandpa and grandson, and then heard the roar of the lion, he turned back suddenly, a few seconds later the tug of war began.

Knowledge and the old killer saw this scene for the first time, and they didn't react. The old killer was shocked: "HOLY-SHIT! Will the turtles capture the lions to eat?"

Upon hearing this, the knowledge shouted in horror: "No, don't eat Simba, I like Simba, I'm going to help it!"

While yelling at the teenager while running on the beach, Yang Shubao hurried to run. What's the matter?

(End of this chapter)