I Am Really An African Chief

Chapter 676. The Leopard Catches the Gull

Chapter 676. The Leopard Catches the Gull

How could a leatherback turtle eat the next lion?

In particular, Simba is strong and burly, and is definitely a super lion. It mainly has little experience in survival in the wild and encounters few accidents. After being bitten by a leatherback turtle, he panicked.

After waiting for it to be more emotionally stable, two leopards biting its tail and dragging its claws, paniced it again.

If the leatherback turtle is facing the Big Lion King, then it will be dead, and the Big Lion King will definitely bite its head as soon as possible!

When Simba is stupid, he will raise his head and howl. In fact, although the leatherback turtle's mouth is full of teeth, what level is the sea turtle's bite force? This mouth did not hurt the muscles and bones at all, at most it was more painful to peel and flesh. Simba called out mainly because of fear.

It was venting fear.

Yang Shubao grabbed the head of Simba and grabbed the head of the leatherback turtle with one hand. He stabilized two animals first, and then put a hand of life in the seawater beside him.

Attracted by the fountain of life and seeing Yang Shubao appear, the leatherback turtle loosens to suck the sea water.

Simba hurriedly backed away. Poorly, the two leopards were working hard behind them. Originally, they were dragged by leatherback turtles evenly. Then, when leatherback turtles opened Simba and backed up, they sat down with both butts.

Yang Shubao hurriedly lifted his buttocks again and again: "Beginning and opening, Xiaohei and Xiaohua will be suffocated by you!"

Simba raised her butt in a panic, Yang Xiaohei and Yang Xiaohua drilled out of the sand, Yang Xiaohua gave Simba a paw as usual.

Simba didn't care about it. He raised his bite front paws and looked blankly. The claws were fleshy and looked really miserable.

Yang Shubao scratched his big scarf and said, "It's all right, just lick it."

Simba reached out to show him.

I have to say that the lion's paw is really stout, and other animals, no matter how hyenas and wolves, are incomparable, absolutely talented.

Of course, depending on the talent in this regard, you still have to look at the silverback gorilla, and the lion is also an eye addiction.

Simba handed his claws to Yang Xiaohei and Yang Xiaohua, and the two leopards came together to lick them.

They may be the only cheetahs on the grassland that have tasted lion blood.

As the so-called blessing lies, Simba gave the leatherback a bite, but its relationship with the leopard returned to normal.

Just now the two little leopards came to tug of war for the first time, which proves that they didn't really hate it, before they just vented their dissatisfaction.

They do n’t need to enter the water anymore. The two leopards do n’t like the seawater. Simba ’s claws open and flesh, and the seawater hurts so badly that they do n’t dare to go to the sea.

There are seagulls dying. This kind of bird is really cheap. When they see lions and leopards, they are not only afraid of going up to provoke them.

Simba pulled with a few claws in anger, and the seagulls flew away immediately, then hooped shit over their heads.

After a few minutes, the seagulls were tired and fell to the beach to rest. At this moment, Yang Xiaohei jumped out abruptly. As a black whirlwind passed, Yang Xiaohei flew to the seagull's resting position, and a claw held a seagull. It was filmed in the sand.

The seagull stretched his legs and stared at the spot.

He died of internal bleeding caused by broken bones.

Yang Xiaohei carried the seagull back and tore and ate it. After he finished eating, he looked up, and Yang Shubao saw a lot of feathers on his mouth.

Knowledge also saw it, and then laughed: "The black panther has become the Indian chief! It is now the black panther chief! Black panther chief, uh, does it come from Wakanda? Africa ’s super developed country Wakanda, oh yeah ! "

Hearing this, Yang Shubao remembered something that kept him wondering.

Wakanda is a super country in the Marvel animation universe. This series of animations is still quite popular among African blacks. It is strange that many blacks take the content inside seriously and will really think that blacks have the opportunity to develop technology. Can become very powerful.

Yang Shubao once watched a program that explored the role played by black people in the progress of world scientific research and the promotion of civilization. As a result, some black guests took Wakanda as an example, saying that black people can also rely on technology to build a developed Strong country.

He was shocked when he saw the news.

Yang Xiaohei killed a seagull and later became confident. He walked slowly against the ground and continued to ambush the seagull.

Encouraged by it, Yang Xiaohua also started to attack the seagulls. There was a lot of noise on the beach for a while. The seagulls were considered to be blood mold. They must have failed in their dreams last night. Today they were miserable by the leopard.

The old killer came back with a kayak that came with the yacht. He also dragged the fishing nets. After he got on the dock, he dragged the fishing nets to show Yang Shubao: "Mr. Yang, I went fishing for some jellyfish. Do you want to raise that big sea turtle? Right? It will love these jellyfish. "

The jellyfish in the fishing net that was dragged on was unknown, and this thing had a large crown and a bunch of tentacles, and the body color was almost transparent, so it was difficult to distinguish specifically when entangled.

Yang Shubao saw jellyfish for the first time, he asked curiously: "How did you get the jellyfish? Is this thing so good to fish?"

The old killer haha ​​laughed: "This is very simple. Jellyfish like to float on the sea sooner or later. This season, there will always be jellyfish in the bay mouth, because the bay mouth is always washed by water and waves, which will gather many plankton. This is the jellyfish. Food, so they can be found. "

Yang Shubao asked, "Can we eat these jellyfish? Some cold dishes in our hometown are made of jellyfish."

The old killer shook his head: "I don't think so, they are poisonous."

Yang Shubao knew that there was a kind of jellyfish called sea moon jellyfish, which was edible, but he didn't know what kind of jellyfish the old killer picked up. After all, he specialized in terrestrial animals and plants and was not familiar with the ocean.

The leatherback turtle specializes in jellyfish. It does not know the jellyfish species, but it can eat them.

And it is not for this jellyfish, but for all jellyfish, it can be eaten.

Yang Shubao put on rubber gloves and dragged a jellyfish to throw it down. This jellyfish is quite large, larger than the lid of the iron pot in his hometown. The thick umbrella cover is very tactile to touch, and it is estimated to weigh dozens of kilograms.

The leatherback turtle swims slowly after seeing the jellyfish, with its mouth wide open and eating.

They have a huge appetite. Such a large leatherback turtle can eat more than 300 kilograms of jellyfish a day, so the jellyfish caught this time is just a meal for a sea turtle, not a lot.

Knowledge followed Yang Shubao to feed the turtles. He took some photos and finally chose the ones he liked best.

But he didn't have a mobile phone and a computer, and he stroked the screen and said regretfully, "I really wish I could grow up earlier, so I have a mobile phone, maybe I can still have a mobile computer, what's the name?"


"Yes, that's the name." Knowledge laughed.

Yang Shubao shook his head and said, "It's not worth growing up for mobile phones and computers. Believe me, you will miss the present time when you grow up."

(End of this chapter)