I Am Really An African Chief

Chapter 677. Big Brother and Little Brother

Chapter 677. Big Brother and Little Brother

Seeing that Yang Zhibao liked the photos he took, it was not that good. The main content of the photos was that he was with luxury yachts and leatherback turtles. For children in the slums, this is something to show off. .

Children, that's the temper.

Lao Yang and the guys also liked to show off in childhood. He once had a friend and once changed his new pants with Dragon Balls. He wanted to show them to his classmates, so he discussed with another friend and waited for the class. Time to pull down his pants and let Dragon Ball shine.

The trick of picking up male classmates' pants is not uncommon in elementary school. Two people are willing to pick one and the other, and they have cooperated happily.

But it was unpleasant that the grade director was inspecting during the class exercises. After seeing this scene, the grade director was very angry and thought it was campus violence. He arrested the student who had cut off his pants. The student timidly took the cause and effect of the incident Speak out ...

Looking back on these childhood memories, Yang Shubao couldn't help laughing, it was really a silly and beautiful era.

He understood the mood of knowledge, so when he went to school in knowledge, he went to Hluhluwe to find a photo studio and washed out all the photos in the mobile phone, and washed two copies in the same way, so if some students like to ask for knowledge To make a souvenir, knowledge can send him a piece.

With a stack of photos, Yang Shubao drove to the elementary school.

Now the knowledge has been changed to school, to St. Martin's Church Elementary School in Hluhluwe. This is the best primary school in the local area. It was a white church school. In the past few years, the social reform was taken over by the capital to become a private school. To tens of thousands.

For a small place like Hluhluwe, the tuition fee of 10,000 yuan a year is relatively high, and the public schools like him before did not pay tuition at all.

One price for one price is the truth of the operation of all industries for capitalist countries, and it is also true for schools.

Most high-quality educational resources in China are in public schools, and children of ordinary people can at least receive a reasonable education.

This is not the case in South Africa. All public schools rely on love to generate electricity and lack educational resources. If they want to receive education at a higher level, they must go to private schools.

Children like slums and ethnic minorities have no future at all, because they cannot receive a reasonable education, have no culture, no knowledge, and no background. What will they use to change their destiny? What should be used to achieve class crossing?

The old killer understood this deeply, so he changed his knowledge to school as soon as he was rich.

In Yang Shubao's opinion, there is nothing high-end in this church elementary school. The surrounding walls are filled with modest Victorian-style buildings. The greening is good. In addition to the roads on the campus, there are lawns and small gardens, and a large stadium.

However, the stadium is open-air. The basketball court, football field, and volleyball court are all together. He looked across the fence and felt that it was not much different from the ordinary elementary school in his hometown and county.

The students are uniform school uniforms. The boys are white T-shirts with school badges on the top, black pants on the lower body, and girls are black skirts. At school time, a group of children rush out, mostly white children, not many black children. Therefore, it is not difficult for Yang Shubao to find knowledge.

Yang Shubao observed that although the majority of the students were white, the black students dominated. He saw several small groups of four or five white boys embracing a black boy.

Knowledge came to the end. He was carrying a Japanese-style schoolbag dangling, followed by a white fat boy with a round face and a thin boy with a waist on his back.

Yang Shubao guessed that the fat boy was the child with poor brain development, and his knowledge was also battered.

The white fat boy was obviously isolated. He timidly followed beside Knowledge. When he passed by in elementary school, he would kick him or hit him with a schoolbag after seeing him, and then ran away with a laugh.

Knowledge is fast. When a teenager came up and kicked the fat boy, he was prevented by knowledge. He grabbed the ankle kicked by the teenager and dragged his shoes down. Then he flew away like a baseball thrower.

The little friend next to the teenager was very angry, and the thin boy with a waist on his back shouted, "Are you sure you want to provoke knowledge? Don't blame me for not telling you, he is the God of War in Beicheng Elementary School! He was after beheading his teacher in Beicheng Community We came here only after being expelled from school. "

The elementary school students were a little scared. They scolded a few words while looking at the anger and glaring knowledge, and then hurried away.

In this way, Yang Shubao understood the reason why they finally left the campus. If they walked ahead, it would be expected that the fat boy would be bullied a lot.

But this kind of thing is not easy to solve. Many children do not realize that they are bullying the weak. Some of them are out of bullying, some want to vent, some are doing it by themselves, and some are following herd behavior. They will do it when they go back. Forget the bad things.

These children still don't know how much psychological shadow their bullying person will be caused by their actions, and their knowledge is not clear. He just doesn't see such things, so he will protect the fat boy.

A yellow race of Yang Shubao was more conspicuous among a group of Caucasian and black children. When he saw the knowledge at the school gate, he saw him, and hurled a schoolbag and ran towards him: "Mr. Yang, why are you here? "

The fat boy and the thin boy watched him run away and quickly followed his buttocks. The two were like his little follower. The three did make up a classic threesome in the film and television drama: a big and powerful big brother leads the fat Thin brother.

Yang Shubao handed him the photo and said, "I'm here to give you something, and at the same time invite you and your friends to eat. What do you want to eat?"

After getting the photos, the body of knowledge excitement was shaking. He showed the photos to the two little friends, exclaiming excitedly: "Look, look, what am I telling you today? I just go on the weekend Fishing on the big yacht and picking up seashells! You still do n’t believe it, come, look, this is the evidence! I said that my teacher and my grandpa's boss have a big yacht! "

The thin boy immediately nodded and said, "This is of course. Bell and I both believe in you. How can we not believe you? It's Tuga. They don't believe you. They are a group of bad children. My parents won't let me play with them."

The fat boy said dumbly: "It's Tuga they don't play with you, Bolt, they don't play with you."

The skinny boy became irritated: "I do n’t play with them, they do n’t take you to play! They are bad kids, and knowledge is a good friend. Wow, these pictures are really good, this yacht is really big and beautiful! My grandfather also had a yacht before, but let my uncle drive away, now it's gone! "

Knowledge: "Only the big turtles you took in the picture, how can there be a yacht?"

(End of this chapter)