I Am Really An African Chief

Chapter 678. The children's rivers and lakes

Chapter 678. The children's rivers and lakes

After listening to Yang Shubao's intention to entertain, all three boys were excited.

The thin boy Bolt exclaimed, "I want to eat fried chicken!"

The fat boy Bell said in confusion: "But I just ate fried chicken yesterday."

The thin boy Bolt exclaimed excitedly again: "Then I'll have a burger!"

The fat boy Bell said in confusion: "But I just ate a burger yesterday."

The thin boy Bolt exclaimed excitedly: "Then I want to eat barbecue!"

The fat boy Bell still said in confusion: "But I just ate barbecue yesterday."

Bolt couldn't help it, he tried to straighten his back and patted Bell's head: "You bastard, you trash, how much did you eat last night?"

Bell slowly guarded his head and said aggrieved, "Don't hit my head, my mother said, I was hit by my head before I became stupid."

"So what do you tell us to eat?" Bolt exasperated.

Bell said, "Why are you angry? You can eat whatever you want."

"I want to eat fried chicken!" Bolt said.

"Then go for fried chicken. I didn't say that you can't eat fried chicken." Bell said.

"I want to eat a burger!"

"Then go for a burger. I didn't say that I can't eat a burger."

Bolt froze. "So what do you mean by those words?"

Bell explained seriously, "I want to tell you what I ate last night."

Bolt lost.

Yang Shubao smiled, he beckoned: "Let's go, get in the car and eat fried chicken burger and barbecue."

Bolt's mouth was slippery, and he immediately said to Knowledge: "Wow, your teacher is very good, and you are so lucky that there will be such a teacher. Wait, you went to school in Dongcheng, where is there such a teacher? Is there a teacher who can get students to eat fried chicken barbecue? "

He praised two people in this sentence, but it was very clever.

The young man with an intellectual mind cannot help but want to show off: "In fact, this is my tutor."

Bolt asked in surprise: "How is this possible? Aren't you living in Huajie Shanty Town? Oh, I don't look down on you, but you also have tutors?"

Yang Shubao teased, "Not only the tutor but also the home driver. In fact, I am the driver of your classmate. This car is his."

Bolt's eyes widened, and his skinny face resembled the grunt in Lord of the Rings: "You're his driver? Is this your car?"

The previous sentence asked Yang Shubao, and the latter asked knowledge.

Knowledge blushed, but the black man could not see the change of face: "He is my teacher, but this car did belong to my father, and now belongs to Mr. Yang."

The church elementary school is in the urban area and there is a commercial street next to it. Various snacks are emerging endlessly. They are doing school business themselves.

Yang Shubao took them into a fast food restaurant, which naturally contained fried chicken, barbecue, burgers, hot dogs, pizza and other things. It was definitely a happy house with a fat house.

He hopes that knowledge will make a few good classmates and friends, so when ordering food, he would not hesitate to order some food.

Those who can go to Qiqiu Elementary School will not be short of this fast food, but the children eating together is another atmosphere, and what they eat is the feeling.

The fried chicken legs and fried chicken wings were sent up first, and Bell grabbed a pistol chicken leg with one hand, tearing it up as heroically as in the martial arts drama.

Mouth chew and swallow.

Just like a beggar ...

Yang Shubao was afraid he would choke and asked for a large glass of juice.

As a result, the three teenagers didn't want juice and kept slamming: "Coke, we want to be happy!"

Yang Shubao went to Coca Cola. At this time, another elementary school student went into the fast food restaurant to buy food. When they saw the three knowledgeable people guarding a pile of fried chicken and kebabs, they brightened their eyes together: "Hey, silly Bell Shrimp Bolt, are you celebrating Thanksgiving? How can you eat so many things? Let us help you. "

Bolt bowed his head, wincing, and Bell reached out to protect the table. "We can eat."

Zhichi held his chin with his hand and smiled and looked at the four classmates: "I apologize to my friends while I'm not angry, otherwise your delicate and lovely faces will be coated with my fists."

His appearance is like learning Lao Yang. He has seen Lao Yang deal with people who come to the reserve to find trouble. He always smiles and solves the problem with violence. The teenager thinks this is a handsome one.

This is called the Mavericks learn the big cow shit.

Also called to draw gourd baby according to the water scoop.

The four teenagers came from a higher grade than them. After hearing the words of knowledge, they were so angry that they threw away their schoolbags and held their fists to pretend to beat him.

Bell and Bolt quickly relinquished their positions. Among them, Bell was very moral, and he told the knowledge: "Holding your head will not hurt."

Before, knowledge was no less a trick than those of Iron Beasts. Although he was young but old, he was extremely disdainful of these white elementary school students.

But he suffered a loss in body size, so Yang Shubao walked back with a drink.

Seeing him appear, the senior elementary school students were more honest, and one of them spit on the knowledge and said, "No wonder you are so arrogant that there are adults around."

Yang Shubao laughed: "Don't get me wrong, classmates, you should fight against you. I'm not here to stop you, but to fight, you have to talk about street rules. According to the street rules, you have to be singled out, who comes first?"

The boss at the counter dragged a hundred pounds of ass and came out: "Don't make trouble here, be careful I will go to your principal!"

Yang Shubao took out a stack of cash from his wallet and patted it on the table: "This is your compensation."

The owner quickly estimated the amount of cash, and then said with a smile on her face, "Have fun."

The so-called dog fights-

This is a bit of an insult to knowledge, but it is really safe to have Yang Shubao's knowledge around him. He picked up a Coke glass bottle and knocked it on the wall, exposing uneven glass stubble, with a proud look: "Don't come one by one, you guys go together!"

Four elementary school students were scared by the bottle in his hand, and they had only seen such a scene on TV.

A student said weakly, "Why did you copy the guy? This is not a rule!"

Knowledge stepped forward with the bottle broken against the student's chest and said fiercely, "Fake it, I want to do four of you, what's the matter with you guys? If you four do me, I will talk about the rules? You should be big Do you talk about rules when you bully? "

Four elementary school students fled.

Knowledge has not been mixed in the streets, but people who have lived in slums have always seen mixed streets.

He didn't give up the demonstration because the elementary school student showed weakness, but quickly ran up and kicked a young man with his glass bottle in his hand and yelled at his neck. "Stop it for me! Run away if you mess with me? Huh? Horse, do you treat me as a toy, do you want to play it? The three of you will come back to me, otherwise I will kill this asshole! "

The three students ran away without returning, leaving only one companion with a terrified scream: "Let me go, let go of me, I did not provoke you, please let me go!"

(End of this chapter)