The Sister Who Walked Through Talked A Lot

Chapter 514 Chapter 515 The man in the black robe "yin brother"

Chapter 514 Chapter 515 The man in the black robe "yin brother"

Before Qi Yue asked the last word about creating intelligence, Mo Yan smiled mysteriously at Yueyue, turned over and walked out of the villa, and said, "Wait for me to do some preparation first. If this preparation is successful, tomorrow you will I can hear the information of the general. "

Qi Yue wanted to go out and take a look at what Mo Yan was going to do, but Mo Yan who stood in front of the villa door stopped Qi Yue's behavior with a look of integrity, saying, "The task of inquiring about intelligence was obediently handed over to the auxiliary staff. If you do, the combatants will take a good rest and prepare for tomorrow ... to prepare for the game the day after tomorrow. "

In the afternoon the day after tomorrow, it will be the time of Qi Yue's first appearance in the battle, followed by a two-day period. In order to truly determine the "resurrection race" of the competitors, after the resurrection race, those who ranked lower will have the opportunity to challenge eight Any one of the strong can also be regarded as a performance competition.

However, the time of this exhibition match is only started after the championship is decided, so there is no tension that the audience can get in the normal competition, but it is also the reason why there is no competition for the ranking. The audience should be more able Enjoy the fun of battle.

Qi Yue naturally does not treat fighting as fun. This is written in the additional notes on the rules of the game. It is estimated that the owner of Wanjie Road deliberately wrote it up. I hope that the audience will not leave so fast.

But the sister did not think so: "Don't you think it was fun to lose the game because the participants burned themselves with the flames they used?"

The sister was still laughing when she said this. She didn't know that her fun would become a reality the next day. Indeed, several people actually quit the game because of their own flames.

Qi Yue is of course 100% trusting in Mo Yan ’s ability. Let ’s not talk about how well Mo Yan ’s space yoke is played. After all, there should be no way to use it on Wanjie Road. A thorough research on the demon, as long as the Mo family with a little ability can withdraw from the whole body under the demon's hands.

Although when Qi Yue recalled this information, she also doubted the "slightly capable" judging criterion of the Mohist school, and sincerely hoped that she was also in it, of course, that was just hope, when she was playing Bellia But he retreated without his whole body.

After Mo Yan went out, Qi Yue returned to the room of his choice and lay in bed constantly thinking about how he would compete, because Qi Yue believed that he would never be able to win easily, and Qi Yue did not guarantee that he was in a good position. The sword art will continue to be in the middle of the Wanjie Road.

"It seems that only one step can be taken."

When Mo Yan returned, it was 12 o'clock in the middle of the night. Qi Yue carefully listened to Mo Yan's footsteps, and there was no floating footsteps that the injured person would inevitably fall into, so he settled down to sleep.

When Qi Yue and Mo Yan came to the playing field early in the morning under the second dawn, they found that many people were standing beside a certain playing platform, and they seemed to be constantly discussing what was happening, even the owner of Wanjie Road. Heipao people are on the scene.

If you ask Qi Yue how to distinguish the black robe people, it is very simple, because only the black robe talents are qualified to have the highest procuratorial power on the playing field without the owner of the Wanjie Road, and they can wear the black robe so well It is estimated that he is the only one who is speechless.

Why is everyone wearing black clothes, but you can wear a flowery feeling?

The Heipao people naturally did not hear Qi Yue's voicing, but it did not affect the Heipao people to see Qi Yue. When he came over and put his right hand on Qi Yue's shoulder, Qi Yue felt the atmosphere of the entire scene suddenly All have changed.

"Why did you come here so early? There is no match for you today," said the man in the black robe, his face tightly covered with a hood showing only a little chin, but Qi Yue had no doubt that his face was absolutely A gloating expression, "Guess my brother, I worked hard, and deliberately held things to comfort my brother?"

Heipao people looked at Mo Yan bought in the morning, ready to eat while watching the game, joking, but this can not lighten Qi Yue's burden in the slightest.

"Looking at the seniors being so close, the younger ones naturally dare not give up these things."

Having said that, Qi Yue gently broke away from the "control" of the black robe man, grabbed a bag of food from the reluctant Mo Yan, and handed it to the black robe man.

"Haha, I just want to make a joke. I naturally won't take this thing. Otherwise, someone will say that I'm dog-fighting behind the scenes, everyone said right?"

At this point, the people in the black robe suddenly amplified their voices, and shouted to those who looked skeptically and guessed about the relationship between Qi Yue and the people in the black robe. Qi Yue could clearly see that those people snorted and restarted start working.

When Mo Yan took the food from the Heipao people, he perfectly showed Qi Yue an advanced technique called face-changing. Heipuo people didn't mind it. Then, as if nothing was wrong, he once again took Qiyue with his right hand. shoulder.

"The owner of Wanjie Road and I are the same generation. If you call her sister, you should call me a brother. Anyone who is not a senior will call me old."

The people who can do things under the masters of Wanjie Road are naturally some strange people. Naturally, these people can hear what the black robe people said about Zhiyue, and they are shocked by Qi Yue's "background".

The brother of a strong man who can open up a transportation hub space connecting the heavens and the world is naturally not something they can afford, let alone that strong man is his own boss.

"Well, I think the reason why you are so alienated from me is because you don't know my name, so I will tell you my name," thought the black robes, "their group of people called me a white angel in private. , Just call me brother Bai Yi. "

Qi Yue almost did not spray out the water the day before.

"Angel in white, save the wounded, I'm such a great person," the man in the black robe released Qi Yue and stretched his arms. "You're welcome, call a brother in white."

"Don't hide it, you shouldn't put it there," a sentence suddenly popped up among the groups of staff members. "I said the little brother next to Yin's hide, leave him alone if he didn't tell the truth Can he be an angel in black and in white? He doesn't want to humiliate me. "

The man in black robe immediately put down his open hands and looked at it fiercely, but all the staff members stood densely together and couldn't see who said the sentence just now.

"Then I will call you Yin Yin."

This sentence even pushed the Heipao people to the bottomless abyss.

(End of this chapter)