The Sister Who Walked Through Talked A Lot

Chapter 515: Chapter 516: Information from Mo Yan

Chapter 515: Chapter 516: Information from Mo Yan

"It's okay, this little gossip can't beat me at all," Yin Zhai straightened the waist again. "Then I'll take you to see the current situation, maybe you will think me after this He was pretty good, and then willingly expressed his conviction to me, and then called me brother. "

Qi Yue smiled. Even if the name "yin brother" is not very pleasant, but it is still with "brother", even if you do not do anything, Qi Yue will still call him brother, and Qi Yue itself does not regard the person with the title of Yinpaipi as a bad person.

"That's all right, since you don't like me calling you Yin Ge so much, then you can say another name. What do you want me to call you?"

Qi Yue's problems gave the yin chop skin a suffocation. Qi Yue was convinced that the face of the yin chop skin under the hood was absolutely wonderful, because if the tone stopped, it seemed to prove that the problem was beyond the yin chop skin's expectations.

"Forget it, anyway, Yin is originally my last name. It doesn't seem to matter if you call me Yin Brother." Yin Zha smiled, and seemed to give up the thought of correcting Qi Yue, "That's it Brother Yin, let me introduce to you exactly what we are doing. "

Qi Yue was really puzzled. After all, he had arrived at the playing field, and these staff members had not yet withdrawn, indicating that there was basically no progress.

Probably it has been speculated that the team led by Yinpaipi has encountered a problem, and Qi Yue, who must save the scene, exhales: "The game is about to start, Yin brother, you do n’t want to pause the game that Sister Wanjie has been waiting for. Right? "

"That's natural, so I'll ask you this master."

Yin Zhapi patted an obvious bullshit, Qi Yue was useless. Although he was persistent in the details, he could often find the traps set by the enemy, but this did not mean that he would be like the detective in many detective novels. That way, the truth is inferred from the clues found.

"Who told you this? Ilslan?" Qi Yue was reluctantly pushed to the side of the ring surrounded by staff members, and then looked up and down several times, "I also I do n’t see what ’s wrong with this platform. Are you mistaken? ”

"There is absolutely nothing wrong, sir." A staff member suddenly raised his head, and seemed somewhat unconvinced, but he thought that Qi Yue seemed to be the "relative" of the owner of Wanjie Road, and the second half of the sentence softened a little, "This The enchantment with powerful seal moves on the ring platform, if there is usually no sequence of people fighting on it, it is impossible to make the enchantment like this. "

After all, the staff member looked at the Yinpaipi: "Yin Boss, please show this to the gentleman."

Qi Yue looked at the Yinpai skin in doubt, and the Yinpai skin gave out an embarrassing laughter, and took out a broken emerald from his clothes pocket, saying, "I thought this thing was useless, You gave it to me, otherwise I showed it to my brother Qiyue from the beginning. "

After taking over this fragmented emerald, Qi Yue turned around and opened the eyes of Qinglian without being seen by others. It did have traces of the enchantment, but the degree of fragmentation of the enchantment It's not high, it seems to be caused by some not powerful moves.

"It ’s really the enchantment carrier ruptured, so if there is any way to make an enchantment rupture?"

Qi Yue did not ask her sister, but asked the staff member. This staff member seemed to be very professional. Since he can refute himself with a firm tone, it means that he must have some speculations of his own.

"First of all, because some kind of strong force broke through the limit of the enchantment, but this is basically impossible. The enchantment was set by the owner of Wanjie Road himself," the staff really started to answer after listening to Qi Yue's question Get up, "Then according to the research results of the Institute of Wanjie Road Middle School, it is inevitable that another enchantment will not appear in one enchantment ..."

"It must be during the battle that the man on the ring used his enchantment and broke the carrier on the ring."

Qi Yue nodded, and the staff member's speculation was very reasonable. He asked, "Who are the competitors who used this platform the day before?"

"I don't remember this, but even if two people are standing on this ring in each game, there are only six people in the game. You can easily find the suspect."

Qi Yue raised her eyebrows: "Isn't that clear to you? Why don't you go to these six?"

After saying this, Qi Yue glanced over the skin again with the light in his eyes, and he seemed to remember it, saying, "I'll look for it, but maybe those who lose will not want to I have left early in the resurrection race. "

There are indeed such people. They are all good players in their respective worlds. Naturally, it is impossible to sit at the ringside and watch others fight after losing, and then go up to perform again after the game. They are disdainful to do This kind of thing.

However, since Yinzhepi left the scene without asking anything, then he can definitely obtain the information of the participants from certain off-site conditions. Maybe Yinzhepi has already found these contestants once.

However, within a minute, the skin of the grilled meat appeared again in place, saying, "It is indeed a coincidence that two of the three groups of players who have played on the ring have lost their flames because of the flames. The two sides that played in those two games should have no suspicions. "

Qi Yue temporarily agreed, after all, no one could guarantee that the winner in those two games had used the enchantment without a start.

"As for the third group of contestants, the situation is more special," said here, the Yinpai skin is attached to Qi Yue's ear and said softly, "The winner is the magician, the loser has lost before he can show his ability at all . "

At this time, Qi Yue suddenly thought of a possibility, and asked the Yinpaipi softly: "Is it possible that the devil will use his brute force to directly break the enchantment carrier?"

Before the yinzaipi answered, the sister answered this question quickly: "There is indeed such a person. They can break the enchantment by physical force, and if that person's physical strength is sufficient, they can even break the space."

Qi Yue was not sure if there was any exaggerated element in the second half of Sister's evaluation of "Sanctification of the Flesh", but if the flesh is strong enough, it is possible to just break a carrier of the enchantment.

But Qi Yue at this time looked at Mo Yan, his eyes flashed with the color of inquiry.

Mo Yan nodded at first, then the corners of his mouth were raised.

You guessed it, it really is this kid.

(End of this chapter)