The Sister Who Walked Through Talked A Lot

Chapter 516 Chapter 517 The Guess

Chapter 516 Chapter 517 The Guess

Seeing that Mo Yan had already acknowledged what he had done, Qi Yue apologized to the owner of Wanjie Road in his heart, and then said to Yin Paipi: "Yin brother, this person who came with me thinks everything is better than me Clearly, let me discuss it with him first. "

Yin Pai nodded his head, and then said: "Also, this enchantment carrier was placed inside the enchantment when it was built. There is almost no way to break the enchantment carrier without destroying the enchantment itself. Of course, Tiantianwan The way in which the enchantment is broken by the body is too chaotic. "

"The physical body cannot touch the enchantment similar to the rule, but the enchantment is the embodiment of the user's mind-like world. If the physical body is strong to a certain extent, it can break the enchantment," Qi Yue said The words of Yinpai agreed, "then we will analyze it next."

Having said that, Qi Yue directly left the side of Yin Zhapi and pulled Mo Yan to walk a little distance away from the Yin Zhapi. Then he whispered to Mo Yan: "Who did the enchantment carrier break? You, or the devil? "

"Of course ..." Mo Yan didn't say clearly, but Yu Guang in the corner of Qi Yue's eyes saw Mo Yan's finger pointing at himself, "As long as I hold the suspect on the head of the magician, Manjie Road is inevitable. Find someone to verify the true strength of the demon in the Wanjie Road, and then the intelligence can be obtained without any effort. "

"Because it's not your effort," Qi Yue lightly struck Mo Yan's head. "How did you break the enchantment carrier? How would you explain this to the owner of Wanjie Road?"

"Wang Shu, you do n’t know if you do n’t say it. I do n’t know if you do n’t say it. After the game, you took me to the owner of Wanjie Road to pay the penalty.” This matter has been tangled for too long, "I can fix things like carriers anyway."

"I just remember it now," Qi Yue flashed a flash of lightning in his head. "On the night of the match, after I destroyed my piece of information, did you use your shackles and take that piece of information? Recovery? "

Mo Yan nodded.

"I just listened to the Yinpai skin and said that the enchantment carrier is actually inside the ring platform. Then you also broke the enchantment carrier with your shackles?"

Mo Yan nodded again.

Qi Yue took a deep breath and asked, "So how did you use the shackles on Wanjie Road?"

Mo Yan also learned that Qi Yue took a deep breath: "Naturally because I have advanced sequences in Wanjie Road."

Qi Yue held her forehead and had nothing to say.

"Someone's sequence only gave them the right to move freely in Manjielu, but my sequence was given privileges by the owner of Manjielu, so we just took advantage of this to trouble the devil. . "

Looking at Qi Yue's "examination" eyes, which never seem to change, Mo Yan added: "I have heard that in the heavens and the world, there are similar demons, all with spiritual power as the core. , The power of various worlds is formed by the shell, and with the small news in Wanjie Road, the demon is not friendly to Wanjie Road ... "

"So you think that Wanjie Road itself stands on the opposite side from the demon. The trouble you are looking for the demon is actually expressing good intentions for Wanjie Road?"

After hearing Qi Yue's question, Mo Yan nodded, and in order to make the game run smoothly, Qi Yue suggested Mo Yuan to temporarily repair the carrier of the enchantment for the time being. As for how things will develop in the future, he doesn't need to worry about it.

"The end of the discussion" Qi Yue and Mo Yan came back, and Qi Yue asked Yin Zhai to deliver the enchantment carrier to Mo Yan and let Mo Yan repair it.

"I'm not disbelieving this little brother, I mean that this thing is not just repairing a carrier," he said, hesitating, but put the carrier in the hand of Mo Yan, "" With the special formation on the ring to stimulate the enchantment, now there is no way for you to see the formation. "

In the understanding of the Yinpai skin, only with a full understanding of the matrix method can we fully understand how to properly restore the enchantment carrier. If it does not care about anything, and directly restore the carrier, even if it is a "scientific research" working on Manjielu People "can do the same.

But before I can say anything more about the yin chop skin, the enchantment carrier in Mo Yan ’s hand has changed a color, and then Mo Yan returned the enchanted carrier to the yin chop skin, saying, “It ’s alright, if you do n’t believe it, you can first Install this thing, and if the enchantment isn't successful, I'll pay you. "

"It wasn't your fault, why did you make atonement," mumbled the skin, handed the enchantment carrier to the staff, and signaled him to install it. "Even if we can't find the culprit, we should start the installation. Otherwise, waiting for a while to start the game is equivalent to letting people from all walks of life watch our joke on Wanjie Road. "

The staff first looked at the enchantment carrier carefully, and after confirming that there was no problem, they placed the carrier on a depression on the side of the ring, and then clicked a few times somewhere on the ring. The carrier sank into the platform with a slight mechanical sound.

After the mechanical sound ceased, the Yinpai skin shot directly and pressed on the ring platform, and on the ring platform, a film appeared at the next moment.

"Oh, it seems that you are still very strong, and you have fixed this thing so quickly," Yin Zaipi slaps and applauded, "then you can rest on the player's bench for the time being, we will investigate a bit."

The investigation of the skinning just now is just who is playing on this platform. This time, Qi Yue guessed that this time they should investigate who is qualified to leave such a "scar" on the enchantment carrier. .

Qi Yue and Mo Yan sat on the quarter-finals as if nothing had happened. They waited for the tadpoles to wait until they left the field before speaking.

"A little information about the general will be known to us now," Mo Yan relaxed, humming the song against the chair, "but I ask more, how do you know the Master of the Mansion Road so well? I though Knowing that you and the owner of Manjielu seem to be in a relationship, but you did not expect that Manjie of Manjielu could let you call her sister. "

"These are trivial things, but I didn't expect you to dare to investigate the magical general by destroying the things on the Wanjie Road," Qi Yue finally said nothing about Mo Yan's behavior, "how about you What do you think of that demon? For example, what exactly is his name? "

"If the demon would be able to defeat many opponents with his flesh, I have a guess," Mo Yan glanced around and determined that there were no people around them, then he said in a low voice, "Beesib."

(End of this chapter)