The Sister Who Walked Through Talked A Lot

Chapter 517 Chapter 518 The First Lottery

Chapter 517 Chapter 518 The First Lottery


Qi Yue did read about Bessib in some mythological books left over from ancient times, but in that era, mythology seemed to describe Bessib as a fly, and it seemed to be the demon who spread the plague. .

"Yes, Bessib is the most prestigious sun god among the ancient traditions of the world such as me, but he has fallen into a demon because of a defeat in the First World War."

Mo Yan replied, and then asked Qi Yue: "I heard Ilslan said that there is a 'detailed description' of Besib in the human world, and even the data of the Twelve Demon Generals are recorded, I don't know Is true or false. "

"If Lucifer among the twelve demons is the most powerful contender for the title of Satan, then Beria in the human realm is another contender, and Besib's identity is a bit special, and some people see it as The Prime Minister of Hell is Satan's left and right arm, "Qi Yue spread his hands," There is also a myth that Besib is also a contender for Satan's title. "

"There are even people who think that Beelzebu's status is higher than Satan's, and think that the master of hell is Beelzebub, and Satan only came to hell after falling," Qi Yue put up two fingers, "beat For example, in ancient times, there was a system. There was an opposition party. The leader of the opposition party in hell was Satan. "

"So before Beelzebu became the master of hell? You couldn't be that he was the hell's boss when he was born?"

Qi Yue nodded: "In one of the ancient legends, Besib was once a god, but was later suppressed by other people, so the godhead became a hell leader."

"But this is obviously not the case in the world of demons," Mo Yan felt that he had understood the connection between the twelve demons. "If Besib is a demonic, then he obviously does not conform to any legend in the human world."

"This is the rule that his name brings to him. This is the character of demons. Human beings do not have such things," Qi Yue shook his head. "Perhaps one of the human legends is suitable for him."

"What is the legend?"

"Some humans have linked the seven deadly sins with the names of many demons, and Beelzebub corresponds to the gluttony in the seven deadly sins."

Mo Yan originally listened seriously to Qi Yue's words, but when Qi Yue finished his speculation, Mo Yan finally laughed as if he couldn't help it.

"So you mean, Beelzebu eats too much, so he has such a powerful body now?"

Qi Yue looked at Mo Yan who was smiling and leaning forward, and felt that there was no way to continue, so she reluctantly said, "Well, anyway, I'm almost done. If you want to laugh, just laugh loudly, just let others lower me evaluation of."

Mo Yan's laughter stopped suddenly.

"If you mean that the assistants don't look very smart and they suspect that the contestants have problems in their minds, then you can shut up."


The platform on which the enchantment carrier repaired by Mo Yan was still not used, or because the organizer of the highest sequence competition of Wan Jie Road did not believe Mo Yan's "craft" very much.

To this end, Mo Yan is still watching the game of the Magic Generals from time to time, "Wang Shu, what to do, I have committed an obsessive-compulsive disorder."

Qi Yue also glanced over there. In the case where there were several people on all the ring, only the ring near the middle position had no one to play, plus some normal people had some true or false obsessive-compulsive disorder. Naturally it is very uncomfortable.

"What can you do, of course, just find a chance to apologize to the owner of Wanjie Road."

Qi Yue gave applause to the winner above the ring: "Anyway, your purpose is to get information, and this is the retribution for you."

At the end of the afternoon game, the first row of participants sitting on the fan-shaped seats of the contestants had only one row of empty seats left with Qi Yue.

"Wait for me, we can meet the day after tomorrow," Icarus put his chin on the back of the front chair. "Let you see my flying ability."

"I'm also looking forward to it, don't you lose before I get you."

"That's natural."

On the next day, I was watching Qiyue, who had been watching the game of the mahjong, and apparently found that the power of the mahjong seemed to be somewhat discounted, and that the physical power that the mahjung was "proud of" had hardly been used.

"Will that green thing be achieved is the emotion that Besib's mental power can mobilize?"

Looking at the green smoke filled with a ring stand, not only Qi Yue, but all the audience felt that it should be a deadly thing.

Sure enough, after the green smoke dispersed, another player who was against the magician fell on the ring. After the referee announced the victory of the magic, the monster would jump off the ring and sit back without looking back. On the other side of the quarterfinals.

The devil will be the earliest contestant to end the sixteen and eight, and when this player who is most likely to win the championship in the eyes of all audiences and Qi Yue relying on "walking the back door" to enter the quarterfinals, sit in a row, everyone's heart Both are comparing them.

About two or three minutes after the Magic will end the game, Icarus also ended his 16-in-8 game, and he sat directly next to Qi Yue.

"I'm tired, but I've finally caught up with you," Icarus gasped, but Qi Yue knew that Icarus was deliberately pretending, and he wasn't tired at all. Are you fully prepared? "

Qi Yue nodded with a smile: "I haven't participated in these days, but I'm not idle. I've been collecting your information, but I can't see the way you and other people fight."

Qi Yue doesn't think that only by flying ability and the ability to make air cannons can he enter the quarterfinals without any disadvantage. Icarus must hide something under the appearance of flying ability.

"I'm really sorry. After all, you have the other demon as your opponent. I am so sorry that I have occupied you for so long."

Apparently, Icarus had no apology in the tone of the two apologies, but he was a bit gloated.

When all the quarter-finals have been decided, it is Qi Yue's first drawing session.

Not only is Qi Yue himself more fancy about this link, but even the audience is very concerned about who the "first round" opponent of the "little hexagonal warrior" who has never shot until now is.

As the first contestant to draw, Qi Yue calmed down his mind and put his hand in the draw box.

The referee came to open the sign for him, and then announced loudly:

"Bai Wuchen."

(End of this chapter)