The Sister Who Walked Through Talked A Lot

Chapter 518 Chapter 519

Chapter 518 Chapter 519

"It turned out to be Bai Wuchen," said Icarus, after returning to the villa with Qi Yue together after the lottery. "Bai Wuchen, you have to be careful. Although the top eight are very strong people, but in In my opinion, the four except you and me, the magic general and Bai Wuchen are basically parallel imports. "

"I thought you would draw me and that one of the magic generals," after reminding Qi Yue appropriately, Icarus looked left and right on the road like no one else, and no one would The thought of such an optimistic guy is a master who has reached the top eight in the sequence competition. "It scared me that I thought I would get that magic general just now."

"Isn't that great?"

"That's good for you, it's not good for me at all," Icarus said weakly, "I don't want to run into the Magic before the semi-finals, especially if I don't know the real name Magi. "

Qi Yue thought of this and whispered, "According to some of my speculations, the real name of this magic general may be Besib."

Although this information has not yet been confirmed, Qi Yue believes that if this information is notified to Icarus, maybe he can discuss it with him who knows about the demon.

"Well, Besib? It's quite possible," Sure enough, Qi Yue's "Maybe" didn't work again. Icarus had a dim thought after Qi Yue said his guess. " That is to say, Besib, a high-level demon whose combat power is among the best, is not beside the demon king now? "

Qi Yue thought secretly in her heart, "At present, there is at most one Beliya around the demon king", and he replied: "Yeah, and think about that the auxiliary staff who came with this demon may also be another demon, and I feel Very excited. "

"Do you feel excited too? Could it be what you want to be like me now?"

"Yeah, I think the same now as you."

Qi Yue took a deep breath, and the words spoken were "perfect" and Icarus's words overlapped.

"In that case, you can use this opportunity to counterattack the demon base camp."

"In that case, you can find a chance to kill both of them at once."

Icarus froze a bit: "When the demon king and many generals are not in the demon base camp, you don't want to go back to the base camp? Have you ever commanded a war?"

"Many demons will not be in the base camp? I did not command the war, but I am sure that the demon and two demons will be outside the demonic base," Qi Yue expressed his doubts about Icarus's arithmetic ability and his opinions on him. Disagree, "So there are at least ten monsters in the monster base camp. Are you sure you can win the monster base camp?"

"Not counting the auxiliary staff around the magic generals who participated in this competition, plus I understand that whenever the demon king is not in the demon base camp, one or two demon generals will always be brought with him, which means that the demon base camp will never Leaving more than ten riders. "

Icarus said with confidence: "Besides, except for the twelve demon and the demon king, all the demons in the heavens and the world are not a group of bastards holding the demon banner?"

Qi Yue was choked by Icarus.

Icarus' description is very vivid. Although in his own world, the islands of Sanhua are mostly the descendants of the free men who were sacrificed for the first time in the demon war, but in addition to Beria, the island of Sanhua resorts to the magic of the high-level monsters among the hundred ghosts. Outside of a monster city, nothing special seems to have happened.

Moreover, Qi Yue's own "magic power level" has already exceeded a hundred levels, and has reached the highest level of combat power in the human realm, but according to the books left by the Emperor, he is far from the owner of Manjielu in the heavens and mansions. The strong players who can rank are far, far away.

Qi Yue had speculated long ago that according to the standards of the East Emperor, his world was nothing but a "low-force world" in the heavens and earth, or "low-force world" for short, and it was a weaker existence than other worlds.

In other words, although the demon in the human world seems to be the ration of a free man in the eyes of Qi Yue now, the bastard in the eyes of superpowers in other worlds may be also Qi Yue now, or even Qi Yue There is nothing the human world can do to stop it.

If you think about it again, the demon human beings who have been right with the demon, even if they still have the Qinglian Kingdom, which seems to be a human settlement, it has been suppressed by the demon to the devil's realm, even the sky above the Qinglian Kingdom. Also controlled by the Devil's "eyes".

But now Icarus meets, their world even regards the demon except the demon king and the twelve devil as a non-combatant bastard. Qi Yue dare not imagine that Icarus without the bound of the boundless road How powerful.

So Qi Yue began to "knock side by side": "Mr. Icarus, what kind of world is your world?"

"Our world, you can call it heaven," Icarus smiled. "I have observed your cultivation system. When you seem to break through the so-called hundred levels, you have to reach the two things, heaven or man. Oneness, right? "

Icarus looked at Qi Yue, who nodded, and continued: "We, the Celestials, have been born of one heaven and one."

Qi Yue was surprised first, and thought that in the East Emperor's books, there were indeed records in some worlds. The newborn was born at a height that most people could not reach in other worlds, and immediately relieved, but Qi Yue still assumed it. The so-called celestial realm has the general population base of the human realm, and the military power that the celestial realm can possess is unimaginable by Qi Yue.

Icarus took a closer look at Qi Yue's face, and seemed to see through Qi Yue's thoughts, and then laughed: "I know that you are now guessing whether the heaven is a world of force supremacy. After all, every heaven and man are in one state. Children, you are all a master of more than a hundred levels. "

Qi Yue originally wanted to argue with Icarus twice, but he suddenly realized a problem.

"How do you know that the one hundred free people in our world can only break through relying on the two things, the heaven and the human being?"

"Well, you need to rely on a little imagination and a little intelligence," Icarus frowned, but the corner of his mouth picked up, and a mocking expression appeared on his face. "But those Micro intelligence is essential. "

After all, Icarus entered the villa in the contestant's courtyard, and did not give Qi Yue any chance to question.

(End of this chapter)