West Wind Drunk Flowers

Chapter 211

Chapter 211

"That's it! That's it! We saw it that day when we discussed the measures at Mo's house, Ye Xi! If you stand on the side of Hua's house, you're planning to fight against our families!"

Feng Ruo's face was gloomy, watching Ye Xi speak for Yinzi, his face did not agree!

Mo Jingxi, who was standing behind Mo Jingwei, hated it even more, thinking to herself, it was Lu Huayin, she didn't die. At the beginning, she tried hard to poison her, hurt her, and didn't even kill her!

Brother Ye Xi still treats her well. Since Ye Xi came back, he tried his best to please him and approach him, but he still couldn't compare with her, even though she was so ugly now!

Ye Xi's face became gloomy for a moment. This group of people is really hopeless, right and wrong, black and white. I'm afraid they don't just want to avenge their son, I'm afraid they really remember something!

For hundreds of years of foundation of the Huajia family, after so many years of precipitation, they cannot be completely indifferent! They also think that the flower family is down!

Today ’s business, I ’m afraid it ’s just an excuse to take advantage of it!

Yinzi already had the same idea in her heart. She sneered, she said she really underestimated the despicableness of these people. Looking at Ye Xi's back, her heart throbbed a little, and she took two steps forward and two Step on the steps, one hand pushed Ye Xi down the steps!

Ye Xi was unprepared, and was pushed for a moment to return to his original position! After standing firmly, he turned around and looked at Yinzi, but Yinzi didn't even look at him!

He was sullen and then asked the crowd, "I killed your son? May I ask what evidence you have, who have seen it with your own eyes? Why did I kill your son? If it was me, do you think I am now Why stay here obediently, waiting for you to come to my trouble? "

At this moment, a girl behind Mo Jingwei came out. It was Mo Jingxi. She looked at Yinzi, her eyes were full of hatred, she pointed at Yinzi, she was a hero with a sense of justice,

"Of course there is evidence! I saw two bloody people entering the city on the street, and I felt strangely behind them. They went to a satin village first, and then someone drove them in a carriage. Arrived at your house!

After a while, the man took them out of the city again. I didn't know what was going on at the time, so I didn't chase it. If you knew it, I would stop them!

Not only myself, many people have seen two people covered in blood entering your flower home, and you are the one of the Seven Stars! You are the original Lu Huayin! "

"When you first entered the Tianchuan Academy incognito, and then disappeared inexplicably, it must have been a mischief. It was unsuccessful at the beginning, and now you are back!"

"Now it seems that you just wanted to get the heirlooms of our families, so you kidnapped the sons of the families, and then you killed their sons because you wanted to swallow the power of our families. what!"

Yinzi hummed, bowed her head, and looked at them all again,

"There is nothing wrong with adding sin!"

"You saw someone entering my door. Is my family a murderer when we enter the house? Is there any ghost logic in you?"

"Also! Do you have any evidence that I am from the Seven Stars? And are you absolutely sure that the Seven Stars killed your son?"

(End of this chapter)