West Wind Drunk Flowers

Chapter 212

Chapter 212

Master Shao blushed and had a thick neck. He almost jumped up, waving his hand and pointing at the silver.

"Who else is not the Seven Stars Gang? The people of the Seven Stars Gang took our children away. Except for them, who has the opportunity? We have no revenge against others, why do they kill our children?"

"You said that you have nothing to do with the Qixing Gang, but why the two did not go to another house, today, your flower family must give us an explanation, otherwise! Don't blame us for being rude!"

Shao's words brought emotions to everyone, everyone shouted,

"Yes! You must give us an account!"

"Yes! Otherwise don't blame us!"

Yinzi looked at them with a cold eye, and was not planning to come to him to explain the truth at all, just to force himself to bear the responsibility of this murder!

Ye Xi just wanted to go up and help to accept it again, his arm was caught by the wind next to him, Ye Xi frowned and looked at him, and angrily yelled,

"Feng Ruo! You stopped me from doing anything, this was not done by Yiner, I can't watch her for being wronged!"

Feng Ruo faced him with a serious face and shook his head gently. "It doesn't matter whether it is right or not, because they won't give her a chance to prove her innocence! If you are determined to go, then you are in the right direction!"

Saying that Feng Ruo held Ye Xi's hand tight again, carefully advised, "Brother Ye, there are uncles, aunts, and everyone in the Ye family behind you! You cannot act impulsively!"

Speaking of his parents and other members of the Ye family, Ye Xi paused leaning forward, his steps backed back, his eyes staring at Feng Ruo's eyes were dark and gloomy!

Feng Ruo's words stamped his worries, but how could he once again put silver in a dangerous situation regardless of it!

He didn't know three years ago, but now it all happened to him!

Ye Xi looked at Feng Ruo, his face was dignified, "Feng Ruo! If I have any accident today, help me take care of my parents!"

After speaking, Ye Ximeng pulled out his arm, rushed to the steps again, stood on the first step below the silver, and turned to block her behind him!

If Feng looked at everything that happened, he stretched out his hand and clenched it a little, and the back of his hand was cramped, and his eyes became gloomy!

This ugly woman is simply too damn!

If the wind slowly retracted his hand, put it on the wheelchair armrest, hold the armrest tightly, glanced at Lanzhou behind him, and whispered,

"Kill her in a while!"

Lanzhou nodded slightly and motioned him clearly!

Yinzi looked at the long and upright back that was standing in front of him, and he stood one step higher, just looking up at the back of his head!

This man! Is it silly? How can he compete with each other on his own strength? Will only drag him into the mire!

Yexi didn't look back, he knew that Yinzi must be staring at his back, because he noticed her eyes!

Behind Yinzi, Mu Nianxi and Lu Aotian glanced at each other, did not expect that the Ye family is kind and righteous. At this moment, their family is on the cusp of the wind. Whoever is next to each other is unlucky, he dare to stand up !!

Ok! Yes, it's a good guy. It seems that his daughter's vision is still very good, but it's a pity that he has no fate!

Ye Xi clenched his own soul and looked coldly at the people in the courtyard. "I repeat, things haven't been found out yet. You can't just convict the flower family like this!"

(End of this chapter)