West Wind Drunk Flowers

Chapter 213 You Are Stupid!

Chapter 213 You Are Stupid!

As soon as he spoke, a figure fluttered to his side, blocking the silver figure completely behind him!

It's Mo Jingyun! She had an indifferent face, no waves in her eyes, glanced at everyone, and said coldly,

"Do you plan to torture?"

To see Mo Jingyun also went up, she was anxious to slap her feet, yelled at her, "Jing Yun! What are you going to do when you come down? How could her flower family be innocent? They killed each family Son! "

Mo Jingyun glanced at Mo Jingwei, faint, cold, and asked a question,

"You see it with your own eyes?"

Mo Jing was so blocked that he couldn't breathe, and he didn't go to the ruined temple. Where can he see it for himself?

Mo Jing was so angry that he gritted his teeth and shouted at Mo Jingyun, "Sister! Do you know who she is? What do you ask to protect her? I really saw the two suspicious people enter. It's here! "

Mo Jingyun stared at Mo Jingxi, looking at her desperate look. She had no lively and lovely appearance in the past, and sighed in her heart, still returning lightly,

"Naturally, it is because I know that I will protect her! And you have not seen her killing herself!"

Yinzi looked at Mo Jingyun's back, her mouth was bent, this seemingly indifferent woman who didn't care about anything, in fact, she completely trusted and maintained the people she cared about!

I did not expect that she would stand by her side at this moment!

But she couldn't affect the two of them, so she sneered and sneered,

"Two people don't need to find face for your families! You will protect me and I won't appreciate it. If you want to kill me, I still want you to remember me.

"Today you've been wrongly accused of me here! I will remember everything!"

Ye Xi also wanted to explain, and Mo Jingyun beside him spoke coldly.

"I didn't want you to thank you! It wasn't for you! I just thought they were all stupid and didn't want to stand with them!"

"But! I didn't expect you to be stupid!"

Silver was stunned and speechless! Silently in your heart, you are stupid! You are stupid! Almost laughed again! This woman! What a monster! Very righteous monster!

Ye Xi grinned. For the first time, she heard Mo Jingyun say so much, and for the first time she saw such a poisonous tongue! For the first time, I got a new understanding of her!

She is very calm! very smart! Very righteous woman!

Everyone who heard Mo Jingyun's words glared, angered and dared not speak! Mo Jingyun is one of the most powerful people in Tianchuan Academy, and they can't mess with it!

The Mo family was embarrassed and anxious to see Mo Jingyun not eating soft and hard!

The rest of the family of the dead child quit, all in unison,

"What do you two mean? You want to defend this demon blatantly! You're going to be against all of us, aren't you?"

Ye Xi and Mo Jingyun didn't talk back and didn't move.

The people in the courtyard became more and more crowded, and some people who came after them also crowded in. There were a group of people wearing the uniforms of Tianchuan Academy standing in the last row. They were all children of each family. Families!

I do n’t know who in the crowd shouted,

"Everyone! That's it! Then we fight with them! Revenge for our children!"

As soon as the words fell, a sword flew straight from the crowd in the direction of Yinzi!

(End of this chapter)