West Wind Drunk Flowers

Chapter 214: Fight

Chapter 214: Fight

Someone took the lead, and the scene got out of control. The sound of pulling out weapons one after another in the crowd, and then the crowd who rushed forward like a flood coming out of the gate!

Ye Xi helped Yinzi shoot down the flying sword, then turned his head nervously and looked at Yinzi roared.

"Go! You all go! Don't stay here!"

After saying that, I raised the knife and greeted everyone!

Mo Jingyun did not pull out his sword and did not move, still holding his sword, holding his arms coldly and watching everyone rushing over!

As she thought, those people were like a stream of water that was split, and she was a sword that split the water. Before she approached, she actively bypassed and ran backwards from both sides of her! I dare not fight her at all!

As for Ye Xi, he rushed towards the crowd with a knife, and a family member just rushed forward with a sword and rushed to Ye Xi. He noticed someone in front of him and looked up stupidly. Then he panicked and stepped back. Perceived something wrong, and quickly turned and ran away!

Ye Xi was also surprised by the reaction of the other side, watching the other side run away, while everyone else ran away around him!

No one dares to fight him! Because Ye Xi was admitted to Tianchuan Academy at the age of eighteen!

Yexi couldn't help but be full of black lines. This group of soft and scared guys thought that Yiner was a bully? She is better than herself. Do you know?

Yinzi guards his father and mother and fights back! Although there is only 30% of the internal force, she can deal with these family members, she still has no pressure at all!

When Ye Xi saw that no one was rushing to himself, he turned around and ran back to Yinzi, who followed them back. He was afraid that he would be too far away from her and could not protect her!

The silk in Yinzi's hands was woven in front of himself like a net, protecting them backing away. Lu Aotian only restored 20% to 30% of the internal force at the moment because of suppressing the toxicity of silver and transmitting the internal force!

The three retreated to the courtyard where Yin entered, and Yin Zi shouted at Mu Nianxi,

"Daddy and mother! Go to the backyard and leave here with Dabao first! Don't worry about me! I'll be fine!"

Mu Nianxi and Lu Aotian looked at Yinzi with special worry in their hearts, but they couldn't help much here, so they might as well bring Dabao over!

So they supported each other and ran to the backyard!

Yinzi watched as the two of them ran away safely, there was no concern under her heart anymore, and she waved her right hand, and Silk began to actively attack the approaching people!

The silk was shining with silver, like a slender swim dragon, like a sharp sword.

People in other homes have not seen such a powerful weapon. People in the front row screamed, and then either the arms or the chest were covered with blood, and they were frightened.

The crowd no longer moved forward, Ye Xiti's knife blocked in front of Yinzi, all suffocating! Mo Jingyun landed five or six meters away from them, holding her sword coldly and watching, she would not easily shoot until the moment of life and death!

Someone in the crowd asked,

"What does she use? Why hasn't she seen it? Is it a cord?"

No one answered him because many people didn't know!

At this moment, a warm voice sounded, and Feng Ruo turned to the wheelchair by himself. He looked at the silver wire in Yinzi's hand and explained to everyone,

"It's made of Syracuse's Millennium Ice Silk. If you are restrained, you will struggle and tighten until you cut off people! The higher the skill of the person using it, the greater its power!"

(End of this chapter)