West Wind Drunk Flowers

Chapter 215: The Weakness of Silk

Chapter 215: The Weakness of Silk

When everyone heard that there was something so evil, they couldn't help shrinking their necks and taking a step back!

If the wind is still light and light, look at Ye Xi, who is protecting the silver, and his eyes darkened and returned to normal instantly. Then he said to everyone, "Ice silk is powerful, but it has fatal shortcomings! "

Mo Jingwei looked at the silk in Yinzi's hands, and not only was he afraid, but also greedy green light faintly flashed!

If he didn't tell the wind, he eagerly asked,

"What are the disadvantages? Come on!"

If the wind ticked the corner of his mouth, he took a slight look at Mo Jingwei, his eyes were scornful,

"I have no friendship with you, and I didn't come here to seek revenge. I just followed Brother Ye, and I mainly wanted to help Brother Ye! So I have no obligation to tell you!"

"And who doesn't want such a good thing? Those who have no master since ancient times have been able to get it! I happen to be very fond of the millennium ice silk, so why should I tell you? What benefits can I get?"

Xu Ruozhong immediately asked, "I don't know what good the wind Ruozi wants? Let me just say, I will try my best to satisfy!"

Several other homeowners also immediately agreed, "Yes! Yes! What benefits do you want? Straight!"

If the wind glanced at Ye Xi, Ye Xi was turning to look at him, all eyes were warning,

"Feng Ruo! If you still think that I am your brother, just stop here!"

Although Feng Ruo's eyes were still mild, he seemed to be smiling, but there was stubbornness in his eyes. Instead of looking at Ye Xi, he turned to look at everyone and smiled.

"The benefit I want is to hope that after the incident, you will not be embarrassed by Ye Xi, so the ugly woman at Huajia will be kind to him, and Ye Xi will be a man of kindness and justice, so as long as you do n’t care Today he upholds the woman's affairs at Huajia. Don't embarrass him in the future, I will tell you the weakness of silk! "

Upon hearing and glancing at each other, several homeowners understood each other's meaning. In fact, it does n’t make much difference for Ye Xihu to protect the flower family. They do n’t really want revenge and murder. Their real purpose is to make the flower family Drive out of the capital completely, then they can share the power of the flower family!

In fact, in the past few years, they have been trying to divide the property of the flower family, Zhuangzi, shops, and a few hills, but every time a critical moment comes, someone will come out and stir up the situation!

Now it's hard to get a chance to attack, so how could they let it go? This time, the flower family must never come back!

Mo Jingwei nodded at the wind, "Okay! We promise you! You say it!"

Ye Xi was angrily angrily, staring at Feng Ruo and shouting, "No! Feng Ruo! Don't make me hate you!"

Yinzi, who has never spoken, looked at their group of people coldly, just like bandits, openly robbing others, she really underestimated their mean and shameless bottom line!

She stretched out her hand and pulled Yexi away, thanking him for her maintenance, but she didn't want to affect him, so she yelled at him, "Go away! I don't need you to worry about it!"

Then they watched the people sneer, "You really made me an eye-opener? What is revenge for my son? What is fairness? But it is an excuse that you want to occupy my flower family!"

"You guys are really idiots!"

(End of this chapter)