Feast Of The Mountains And Rivers

Chapter 350 Lift Your Mask

Chapter 350 Lift Your Mask

Wen Zhen wiped her mouth and smiled apologetically at Tie Zhu. Seeing that the bright light emerged from another cow's belly, this time shot directly at Tie Zhu, the bright light curved slightly in front of the head, projecting a crescent moon in daylight Light spot.

Wen Zhen's mouth kept the animal whistle whistling untouched at the moment.

With a bang, the herds spread.

Wen Zhen blew again, this time some cattle began to kneel.

A figure swept from the belly of a cow who was about to kneel-he would be crushed to death if he hid it.

The man responded quickly, and as soon as he lifted his leg, he rushed to the cow's back where Wen Zhen was located, and the slightly curved blade in his hand provoked her heart.

But how can the speed of the knife be compared with the speed of the mouth.

The next moment the herd of cows rose again and ran wild towards the back of the man. The most recent cow had a head down, and the horns had grabbed the clothes on the other's back, and then he was about to shake his head—

The man had to push forward desperately, and at this time Wen Zhen raised his hand, and already had a dagger in his hand. It seemed that the man was eager to pounce on her blade.

But the dagger was too short, and the man sneered and raised his knife to pick.

His machete would have caught most daggers.

A ring on Wenzhen's finger suddenly trembled, blue light flashed.

The man was frightened, and hurried back. The bull horns behind him suddenly gave the bullshit a bang, and the head shook his head fiercely, and the man flew out like a kite, vomiting blood in midair, but Without stopping, gritted his teeth and propped up the ring of fire, one rolled over and jumped into the crowd.

Wen Zhen did not chase.

Her tongue pressed the whistle, rolled it a few times, and put it back together, pulling up the wounded iron pillar, the two took advantage of the fireworks and chaos, got out of the ring of fire, and left the crowd.

Until walking to a place where no one was there, Tie Zhu exhaled a long breath and murmured, "Xiao Zhen, who the hell did you offend? Why are there people trying to kill you everywhere?"

"I don't know." Wen Zhen shrugged. "Maybe I'm so beautiful. Whoever sees it wants to walk away to be Mrs. Zhai?"

Tie Zhu laughed, pulling his wound and hissing.

Wen Zhen took the wound medicine strip from his arms and bandaged him. Tie Zhu took off his shirt generously and thought: "You look good, but everyone wants you to be Mrs. Zhai. I can't see it." As for you, I think you deserve ... "

Wen Zhen wrapped his wound, reached out and patted his back, and said, "Just take it seriously."

The sound of palm strokes on the skin was a little stuffy, and both of them seemed startled, and half of Wenzhen blushed, and said, "... Sorry, I forgot."

Tie Zhu slowly put on his clothes, and it took him a long while to shake his head, watching the crowd still fighting under the mountain, and suddenly whispered, "Look, how happy they are."

Wen Zhen also said quietly: "Then you just go play and don't need to protect me."

Tie Zhu seemed to laugh a little, and lost his way: "I know you don't need my protection, but I always think that I can stay with you for a moment ... I can go to Gutian Village tomorrow."

"That's good," Wen Zhen said cheerfully. "My eyes are actually old and I need medication every month. Only Gutian Zhaizi has the herbs I need. When I get home, my eyes will be fine. I'll invite you to dinner. "

"That's daring," Tie Zhu rejoiced. "I'll take your medicine at that time."

Wen Zhen sniffed suddenly around her nose and said joyfully: "Hey, when it comes to it, there seems to be that kind of herb ... Tie Zhu, look at the roadside. Is there a relatively short flower with a purple stem? The leaves are green, with very small flowers. The flower is a rare blue-purple, four-petaled. "

Tie Zhu passed by, rummaging in the grass, and said for a while: "Hey, it really is. How to pick?"

"Just be careful, there will be small burrs on the stem, but it will not hurt the skin and is not poisonous."

After a moment, a herb was stuck in her palm, and she put it away carefully. "Let's keep going. The crowd is not looking safe. Let's not get into the crowd later."

"Everyone listens to you."


"His Highness, the dark guard who delivered the medicine and the handkerchief was killed, and the dead body was hanging on the cliff like this, and our people found it."

"What about things?"

"No more."

"Where is the corpse, let me have a look."

"... Your Highness, do you see who killed him?"

"It's Wen Zhen."

"Ah ... how is that possible."

"Because this dark guard met Wen Zhen, he should be dying, and Wen Zhen shot and killed him. There was a slight break in the middle of the fingerprints on his throat. Wen Zhen liked to keep his nails sharp and sharp ... It has been delivered to Wen Zhen. "

"Why does Lord Vincent do this?"

"Because she needs to confuse the people around her, this person can force her to exhaust her energies ... It seems that a certain haunting bastard is here again."

"My Highness, I understand every word you say, but I cannot understand every word."

"If you and other mortals, why need to understand this world thing? Just be obedient."

"... His Royal Highness, their route, after Hua Ting Bi Qiao the next day, seems to have turned a corner and went out of the mountain."

"Keep following."

"Do the people in Qianqiu Valley need to withdraw to strengthen the blocking of the off-road checkpoints?"

"Retreat. But there is no need to step up."

"Uh, why?"

"Rest assured that people will not be willing to leave until we catch up completely."

"Yes, Your Highness, I forgot to tell you, Master Wen participated in Hua Ting Bi Qiao and sang a song."

"Oh? What did she sing? I remember she sings badly."

"My subordinates feel good, especially the lyrics are very good."


"The subordinates inquired about the lyrics and sang to you ... Happy break up, I wish you happy, you can find a better one. If you don't want to spend the winter and get tired, fly to the tropical island to swim, happy break up, please be happy, wave Don't go wrong and meet right ... "



"General, you are injured!"

"Anyway. But the flesh hurts. I didn't run into that woman's dagger. I heard she was good at poisoning."

"Why would the general be in battle? The woman isn't already ..."

"This woman doesn't fall into my hands, I'm not at ease. She was discovered by Si Kongyu, and the body of Zhaoming County's lord was transported back to Tianjing. His Royal Highness An was bitten by poison and unconscious and unable to command interception. Seeing Si Kongyu It's going to be a waste game. We buried this nail for a long time and we have to find a way to save it. "

"Yeah, it's a pity. It was so easy to insert people into the Tokyo chapel, to win the favor of the emperor, and to have a high position in the Heavenly Mansion, so we got the support of His Royal Highness An, and His Royal Highness gathered the mountain. In the same season, the family joined forces, crossed the Liushan Mountains and sent troops inland, while the generals echoed in the territory of Xifan. Coupled with the fact that the Tang family in the northwest front came out of Huzhou and the court was surrounded by enemy forces, how long could it last? "

"But see, this plan will be disturbed by Wen Zhen Yan Sui, who has been doing bad things for thousands of years!"

"The general is in a hurry. At this time, staying in the mountains is not just our group of people. Wen Zhen may be all sides, so she avoided it by being cunning for a while and could not escape the person."

"Also. Since she took the shot herself, she naturally wouldn't allow her to retreat after mixing up the plan to stay in the mountains. Let's see first."

"That Air Yu ..."

"Keep it first. It was after the chess was discarded in Tianjing, and it will be later. At present, he is still a big gift."

"To whom?"

"Nan Qi Tai Shi Lian."


It was another night, and when they walked the mountain again the next day, they avoided the celebration crowd.

But this time, it is not necessary to avoid it, because the celebration of this day is horse racing.

On the road that came and went, from time to time, a group of galloping knights passed by. If it wasn't for the iron pillars who had been holding Wen Zhen to avoid the road, Wen Zhen would have eaten the ashes after a stomach full of horses.

At noon, the two sat on the roadside stone to eat dry food, and suddenly there was a rattling sound, the ground shook, and the dust hit the dry cake. Wen Zhen, who had no appetite, sighed and threw the cake to the iron pillar. , Got up and went to a small river ditch to wash his face.

The river ditch was on the side of the road. Tie Zhu was uneasy to follow him. Suddenly a group of knights came galloping like a wind, and Tie Zhu was about to shout Wen Zhen flashed away. The first knight suddenly leaned over and reached out to copy. , Then copied Wen Zhen on horseback!

Tie Zhu was shocked and called his fat dog to catch up. Seeing that the horse racing knights were riding, blinking smoke and dust had run away, and Tie Zhu never gave up, followed a few steps, and suddenly heard the front Someone yelled, and then Wen Zhen was thrown out, turned back to the ground, and stood beside the road in a daze.

Tie Zhu hurried to catch up, and said, "What's wrong? Is it okay, Xiaozhen?"

Wen Zhen raised his hand, a flower on his left hand, and a dagger on his right hand stained with blood.

"I don't know what to do, pick me up and say that you're after me and plugged this flower to me ..."

"how about you……"

"I stuffed my dagger at the same time."

Iron pillar: "..."

Half a moment he laughed, oh oh, covered his stomach, Wen Zhen stared at him with round eyes, a little confused.

Tie Zhu smiled for a long time before drawing the truth: "The horse race has rules, and the best knight fancy the girl on the side of the road, he can take her to the horse and confess to her. It's because you have encountered too many hunting before Now, I didn't remember it for a moment ... But ah, that's bad luck! "

He smiled and stretched out his hand to pull away a strand of hair stuck to Wen Zhen's forehead by sweat, but Wen Zhen was now holding a dagger and walking away, laughing: "Yeah, it's deserved. I'm still lacking Confession! "

Tie Zhu's hand stopped in the air, and it naturally fell down, keeping up with Wen Zhen, and whispering: "Hey, there is a pit here, you can go slowly ..."

It was rainy in the mountains, and it rained again yesterday. There were many puddles on the ground. Tie Zhu helped Wen Zhen to walk carefully, and suddenly he turned around and looked.

Wen Zhen also faintly heard a splash of splashing water. When she was crooked, Tie Zhu hurriedly turned around to support her.

The two walked for a while, and Wen Zhen felt that the road was gradually widening. The knights passed by, and one or two of them were wanted to fish her. This time, both Wen Zhen and Tie Zhu avoided it in time. When they heard a lot of horseshoe sounds again, they were all dumb.

In front of it is an open grass field. This time, the two were down the slope, listening to Wanma Qiyan, Tie Zhu climbed up the slope, looked at it for a while, and smiled at Wen Zhen on the slope: "The scene above is so spectacular, I feel all staying in the mountains. The best knights have gathered here, but unfortunately you can't see it with your own eyes ... "

Wen Zhen looked up and laughed: "Is that so?"

Her raised face was exquisite, and her bright eyes seemed full of curiosity. Tie Zhu rushed down the hill with a smile, couldn't help but reached out and rubbed her hair, and said, "Go, look up. Let's leave. A little, not near them. "

As soon as Wen Zhen reached out, he lifted off his mask and said leisurely, "Go up, and then fall into the encirclement of His Royal Highness An, you and Ji's family?"

Iron pillar: "..."

At this moment it seemed that even the wind had stopped.

Wen Zhen said leisurely: "Tanggong son, staying in the mountains all over the mountains is not conducive to horse riding. Where are there so many knights? Not to mention staying in the mountains, it is His Royal Highness King An. His Majesty is all sailors, not many cavalry. Cangnan's Ji family, I heard that there is a horse farm hidden in a valley somewhere northwest of Liushan, isn't it right here? "

Tie Zhu suddenly laughed softly.

He also lifted off the mask, and then peeled off a layer of mask on his face, and then peeled off a layer of Yirong, and then smiled to Wen Zhen: "Fortunately, you can't see these three layers of masks. Here comes. "

"Tang Gongzi is full of beauty, and a hundred acne will not affect your beauty." Wen Zhen's tone was actually sincere.

Tang Xianzhi only mocked her with a smile, and suddenly sighed: "Your appearance has been affected. Yan Sui is a lunatic after all and can't take good care of you."

Wen Zhen raised her finger and pointed her head up: "Yeah, it's more suitable for you to take me all the way out of the mountain and draw me and my rescuers into the encirclement."

"Sure enough, I can't hide you."

"I was blind. I also knew that there was no such a flat pasture in the direction to Gutian Zhaizi. On the contrary, there were many rolling hills and many tea gardens, but I have never smelled the tea on this way. . "

"Xiao Zhen has always been so clever." Tang Xianzhi praised softly, "But why don't you use yourself as a bait and deliberately follow me here?"

"Yeah, it's not easy to meet Tanggong once. How can I miss such an opportunity. Just like Tanggong, I can't let go of me and Yan Sui either." Wen Zhen laughed. "You did a great job this time Really enough, I almost believed you. "

"How did Xiao Zhen perceive it? I know Xiao Zhen has always been suspicious. When I first appeared, you shouldn't believe me."

"Smart people are always easy to be misunderstood. At the beginning, Si Kongyu and I were in the cave. Someone released a flying knife to startle the person who came to search for Si Kongyu, and then Si Kongyu and that person left, and the master of Zhaoming County died, and then you It happened-there are indeed coincidences in this world, but after two years, I have been used to being skeptical of all coincidences. "

"Xiao Zhen has always been so smart and cautious."

"Tang Gongzi took great pains to win the trust of me. The killer when we set off on the first day should have been arranged by you. You also deliberately performed a drama that almost fell off the cliff, forcing me to save you at the last moment. Playing, I have to admit that I did shake at the time. "

"No, you're wrong." Tang Xianzhi whispered softly. "I didn't really make any preparations at the time. I know I can't hide any preparations from you, so you should know that if you don't save then, I will really fall. "

Wen Zhen was silent.

"So, Xiao Zhen, you can't bear it." The hoarse tail tone of Tang Xianzhi's laughter has disappeared, and the gentle and ethereal tone is still there, but because the vocal cord has been injured, it is slightly lower than before, but Instead, it adds a bit of natural charm, like a cloud with a tail, which hangs over the stars and moons in the sky.

Once he tore off his camouflage, the whole person would be kissed by the cloud like a cloud wash, and then he would be the gentle and ethereal person.

Wen Zhen said with a smile: "Truthfully, I'm such a kind person. At that time, it was your fat dog that fell, and I will think about catching it."

Tang Xianzhi calmed down, then smiled. The laughter was a little embarrassing. I don't know whether it was laughing at himself or Xiao Wenzhen's mouth hard.

He was a little stunned and said, "It's all done, it's not enough to be stupid."

"Yeah." Wen Zhen said, "In order to make your appearance more natural, you probably arranged your female guard to pretend to be your mother, but you didn't know that your fake mother was out of fear and ignorance of me, or also I don't know who was instructed by your family, but I thought of poisoning me with porridge. "

"The family business is slightly larger, and it is inevitable that Xiaozhen laughed."

"Oh no, I'm grateful to her. If it weren't for her self-defeating, how could I have been keeping a high alert for you."

"Isn't I highly alert to Xiao Zhen, thinking about you all these days, I didn't sleep well all night."

Wen Zhen should be incomprehensible, and look innocent and sweet.

"Xiao Zhen is doing everything I can to win the trust." Tang Xianzhi said, "I sent someone to hunt down the dwarf dark guard. He ran into your arms. I want to see if you can't save it, but you kill it. He was. I really believed that you didn't see it. "

Wen Zhen was silent for a while, and said lightly: "That one, I know that I can't live with a single touch. In this case, take advantage of the situation, trust you, why not?"

Tang Xianzhi chuckled and was full of sigh.

This is why he has been reluctant to give up the woman in front of him.

It was the only reason in his life that he violated the family's intentions and kept chasing. He was always looking for opportunities to bring her into his arms.

Only a woman who is so sweet at the table and hard-bodied is worthy of sharing the world with him.

But if you really can't share this world, then fight for this world.

I heard that there is a dispute on Xiao Tang in the comment area.

If the character of Tang Xianzhi is in dispute, it must be that the image at the beginning is too beautiful, and some of the girls have immortalized him, so it is not acceptable for him to reveal the dark and cruel part after gradually opening his mask.

But in fact, the fairy itself is a very complicated and deep setting. He doesn't have blackness or change. In his nature, Gao Jie's gentleness is true, and his cold and treacherous behavior is also true. The former is given by heaven, and the latter is forced by force. All this is not inconsistent with who he likes and how he likes it. No matter the world or people, it is never black or white, and love has never been the only way of expression.

For Tang Xianzhi, in fact, there is no problem of being unable to afford it. His origin determines that he must walk on the opposite side of Wen Zhen, his heart causes him to always subconsciously approach her and want to see her more. He actually wanted both Jiangshan and her, and has been working for this, and in order to achieve this goal, he did not hesitate to hurt her properly. This is naturally ruthless, but it is not contradictory. Tang Xianzhi has been looking forward to the possibility of being able to live up to his expectations.

In the end, no matter what you think, let's calm down.

(End of this chapter)