Feast Of The Mountains And Rivers

Chapter 351: Reunion

Chapter 351: Reunion

"When Huating was better than you, the people from the original Qianqiu Valley were looking for me in the crowd, but you sent someone to lead them away. When I took a ride on the Huajiao to look around, those people were already led by you. Elsewhere. But the killer in the bullfighting team isn't yours, is he? The knife he used didn't look like ours. He reminded me of the guy who chased Si Kongyu and killed Zhaoming that night. His accent was not ours Accent. He comes from a foreign country? Neighboring countries, or, Xifan? "

Tang Xianzhi shook his head and smiled.

"I can't hide anything from you. It's ridiculous that I'm still unwilling in the end, and I want to work hard to gain your trust. It seems that in the end it's useless."

"But." He smiled again. "No, how can you and Yan Sui willingly come here with me?"

Wen Zhen was silent.

She knew that he was referring to the so-called Yan Sui guard who came to "report" that night.

Tang Xian was so suspicious, he guessed that Wen Zhen might be suspicious of him, and she simply died and gave birth to a fake guard of Yan Sui. The true and false information wanted to disturb her heart.

If Wen Zhen had no doubts about him, then the news that Yan Sui was injured and sent out of the mountain would disturb her, and it would be easier for her to lead her into chaos.

If Wen Zhen had doubts about him, then the guard pointed out that there was a problem with the iron pillar when she died, and she would gain her trust. All the information provided by the guard would also be trusted, and she would be upset.

Anyway, since she doubted him, this so-called accusation seemed to be detrimental to Tang Xianzhi, but it was actually useless.

The gnome dark guard deliberately captured and let go, confirming that the man was carrying Yan Sui's token to Wen Zhen, and then sent this dying man to Wen Zhen to check Wen Zhen's attitude and response.

Then use the information from this dwarf dark guard, and then get Yan Sui's fake guard to continue flickering Wenzhen once.

He realized that Wen Zhen could not trust Tie Zhu anyway, so he gave up his efforts in this area and simply recognized the suspicion and turned his temptation to tempting Wen Zhen to follow him voluntarily.

Once Wen Zhen confirmed his suspicion to him, with her temperament, she would naturally choose to continue to confuse him, follow him, see what he was going to do, and finally win him.

And he wants this, after all, Liushan has become the home of Wen Zhen Yan Sui. He sneaks in with a small number of people, and there is Wen Zhen who is keen and smart and does not drill. It is difficult to resist Yan Sui ’s. Go all out.

Otherwise, Yansui's people should be able to save Wenzhen when fighting.

Only let Wen Zhen volunteer with him.

Everyone thinks that they are embarrassed, and they walk on the way out of the mountain. Everyone thinks that they are bait, and everyone thinks that the fish they have caught is already hooked. Next, we must see who has enough bait and the net is tight enough to be able to Pick up each other.

This is a contest of mind and wisdom, and the outcome is still unknown at this moment.

"I have one last point I don't understand. Tang shouldn't have been here. North Sichuan and Cangnan are so far apart, that is, they agreed to respond to the soldiers, and it doesn't seem like you need to come here in person?"

"I have nothing to do with Cangnan and Dianzhou. It was only that Shemei rebelled and returned from the Tang family. I had to chase it to clear the portal."

Well, Wen Zhen thought to himself, maybe a weight was added to the balance of the forces called Tang Muzhi.

If Tang Muzhi is present and her whistle is at the same time, her whistle may be suppressed and she will lose a skill.

But what does it matter?

There was a thundering sound in front of them, and there were thousands of horseshoes shaking the ground, anxious.

There was also a roaring tide behind her, and that was her forces. After quietly following the way and exchanging news through the scene of the horseman knight stabbing people, she finally showed the blade.

She and Tang Xianzhi are in the middle.

High above the hillside, countless tall horses and black human heads emerged layer by layer, and a sniper gun shot out of the sheath to point the sky, the cold light like snow waves, covering the sky.

The cavalry, at a high altitude, can smash the prose with just one charge, and smashed behind her, who was quietly coming out to prepare to rescue her and win Tang Xianzhi.

The next time Wen Zhen's finger has been placed on the side of Tang Xianzhi's throat.

"Tanggong Tang, use your life for it."

Exclaiming on the hillside, Tang Xian's color changed. At that moment, his fingers moved quickly, but he failed to lift up.

"What did you do to me ?!"

"Tanggong Tang, don't you know me well? I'm good at poisoning."

"Impossible, you were comatose. At that time I had people change all your clothes, and I checked all your secret equipment. Your poison seems to be still there, in fact, it has been changed, even ..."

"Even the medicine sent by the gnome has been secretly changed by you. Does that medicine suppress most of my poison?" Wen Zhen smiled. "But you forgot that a poison expert, who is best at it, should It is to use poison at any time in different environments. "

"It's impossible, I have protection on me."

"Yes, you put on a mask, hold your breath, even wear gloves on your hands, and even put a protective cover on your back when you were wounded, right?" Wen Zhen laughed, "but what? Use it? Remember the box of silk that the spider produced when I was in Huating Biaoqiao? I only left them the first layer. I took the spider silk underneath, and you guessed I put the spider silk. Where is it? "

Tang Xianzhi didn't speak, his body shivered slightly, and he seemed to be trying to detoxify.

"Have you changed the color of my hair? It's so self-defeating, so that when I mix spider silk into my hair, I can't see it naturally." Wen Zhenqiao smiled sweetly, "Although you never touch my skin, But you rubbed my hair just now! "

Tang Xian silently said, "That's also ..."

"Is that the glove? Is it a pity, unfortunately, you helped me find the herb, as I told you before. I have smelled the clump of grass that I have pointed to. There are several kinds of grass with dark spikes inside. Although you can't cut your skin, it's okay to pull your thin gloves like cicadas. "

"So you're not looking for herbs!"

"It's not a herb or a poisonous herb. The flower I asked you to find is nothing, it's just a cover. What I really want is a pale yellow stalk in that grass. I don't need you to unplug it. It, your gloves are broken a little bit, and then you look for that flower, plucking it with your hand, you will inevitably come into contact with that grass, and the medicinal properties of that grass will remain for two days, as long as you rub your hair and touch the spider Silk will inevitably stick to a bit of spider silk. When spider silk encounters the medicinal properties of this grass, it will form another poison. By the way, forget to tell you that this spider silk itself is not very toxic, it is strong, Mixed with many poisonous weeds, the poison produced is difficult to resolve. "

There was a moment of silence.

Not to mention Tang Xianzhi, even the English guards who just showed up can hear goosebumps.

This thought ...

This calculation ...

The guards were lost.

I used to think that His Royal Highness was omnipotent, and all the world, no one in this world can deal with him.

It seems now that she finally has one.

What a pleasure ...

Wen Zhen was silent in her heart, her thoughts were all jerk, and somehow she persuaded, shivering in her sleeve all day long, refusing to give up her life, or else it would take so much thought.

But she also didn't want to use Wendandan easily in front of Tang Xianzhi.

She squinted and glanced at the front. The fat dog that Tang Xianzhi had been carrying was burying his head while eating meat, faintly showing a silhouette different from that of ordinary dogs.

I don't know what a terrible dog is.

"Master Tang." Wen Zhen pulled out his dagger, leaned on Tang Xianzhi's back, and shrank his body behind him. "Let the man above step back."

Tang Xianzhi smiled bitterly: "Xiao Zhen, I just wanted to praise you for being clever, and I feel vain. Do you look like I can have so many soldiers and horses in Cangnan?"

"Naturally cannot." Wen Zhen smiled and groaned. "But you can also test the socialist brotherhood of your allies. Above all is the Ji family, His Royal Highness King An's Mansion, Tianji Mansion, and your own guard, I I do n’t believe it. Since everyone is an alliance, can you just watch you die in a foreign land? Let ’s not talk about feelings. The Tang Dynasty, the three states, has been preparing for many years and has lost the anger of the heirs. Are these people really sure that they can afford it? ? "

Tang Xianzhi was silent for a while before saying: "Then you have to go up with me first and send me out of the mountain pass first, otherwise my side will retreat and you will be swarmed up by your side, I will still have no place to bury myself."

"This is right." Wen Zhen agreed very happily.

"This won't work," someone suddenly said behind him.

Wen Zhen had a stiff spine.

The voice was too familiar. When she heard it, she felt itchy, and the itch quickly spread to her whole body, making her want to turn her head, turn around, and fling to the man's arms. Xiaoquan punched her chest first.

I also want to fire with him ten thousand times, spread ten thousand times, scold him for being heartless and unreasonable, show him all the newly wounds on his body recently, and ask him to lay down the rack she has been holding. , Kneeling on the ground in front of everyone and calling me wrong.

Her head turned subconsciously, and a smirk fluttered, but suddenly stopped and paused.

The guards stared blankly at Wen Zhen's slightly sideways face.

Looking at the eyes that suddenly flew over her, she flew halfway but stopped, and then a smile was brought to the corner of her lips. The smile bent at the corner of her mouth, blowing through a gentle and sly laughter, full of afternoon. Gorgeous daylight. And the smoky wind in the south of the winter also seemed to carry gold yarn in this daylight, softening her silhouette.

Only that powerful woman with a cunning, keen mind and horror, was as soft as a spring breeze, and the 30,000 miles of glacier and snowy field springed in an instant, and the heaven and earth cages could collapse in this seemingly unpredictable state.

Then she turned her head and never looked back.

The guards were just shocked. They never thought of a half-and-a-half look, but it was also so emotional. Suddenly I remembered that the object of Lord Wen ’s look back, I do n’t know how it felt?

I felt jealous again, and went to see His Royal Highness subconsciously, turning my head halfway, and suddenly I heard a cough, and when I looked at it again, his boss looked awkwardly, as he stepped back slightly, while holding the horses of the two people next to him, begging them not to Come forward and don't make a sound.

Although it was a taboo for the master to retreat in front of himself, at this moment, everyone was blessed to the soul, and they all quietly backed away to reveal Yan Sui's figure.

Yan Sui didn't notice these small movements.

He has been hiding in these guards, watching Tang Xianzhi calmly, and analyzing the conversation between the two, but at this moment Wen Zhen just tilted his head and he forgot everything.

There was only her in mind for a while.

The side face seemed to be thin, Jinghong's full cheeks seemed flatter, the color of the hair was mottled, it was really ugly, the lip was still slightly habitually raised, and the attitude of Aijiao remained, he stared at the lip The petals, my heart was slightly warm, and then to the throat, and finally my lips seemed numb, as if many ears had been rubbed in the night, so tasted her soft and sweet memory instantly superimposed, and even the air was full Love her aroma.

He couldn't help but coughed again.

Then the atmosphere was destroyed by someone who was shameful, Tang Xianzhi said a little suddenly, "Oh, Your Highness has come. Also, Xiao Zhen is here, and His Highness naturally refuses to relax for a moment."

Yan Sui seemed to be very helpful to this provocation, but she even smiled and said, "Thank you for your praise."

He wrote, "How can I stick to her if you stick to her? You stick too."

Tang Xianzhi stopped talking, probably did not want to talk to him.

Wen Zhen did not speak or look back. She was afraid that once she turned around, she would practice the mess that had just been conceived in her mind.

She also couldn't explain her contradictory mentality. Annoyance naturally exists. If this guy still doesn't know her, she doesn't mind running, but she misses it too. These days she fills her mind with conspiracy and tricks, fills every gap with her career, and squeezes Yan Sui's shadow out of her life, so as to break away from the love network under his hood, and to him Prove her will and ability, she thought she could, she was a heart of stone, but as if she was evil, the moment she heard his voice, she seemed to collapse into two, one was me, the other was only me Want to make a nest with him.

Recently, it seems that it is really susceptible and supple.

Wen Zhen sighed, converging, no matter how to turn spring water into spring mud, this time can only be frozen.

She ignored Yan Sui and walked forward with Tang Xianzhi. The soldiers on the hillside really looked very mixed. She could recognize the silhouettes of people, some of them did not deserve armor, and were dressed normally. Some are tall, wearing only soft armor, and a team of knights at the end, all with light armor, only cold eyebrows under the helmet.

At least the tripartite forces passed by in her mind, but with her eyes, Tang Xian stepped forward, and the mixed army who stood opposite stepped back, stepped up in front of Gao Gang, and the road was wide, looming a dirt road. Expanding, Wen Zhen checked with the map in his impression and recognized that this is an exit from Liushan. From here, you can go straight to the official road of Cangnan.

Wen Zhen took Tang Xianzhi and said, "Be prepared for the horse."

No one moved, and the crowd of warriors in ordinary clothes suddenly separated, and a person came out of the wheelchair. The person was thin, his eyes were green, his eyes were very bright, and the ghostly fire was so faint that Wen Zhen could not see clearly The person's face, but Yan Sui behind her suddenly said: "Ji Huaiqing?"

Wen Zhen did not expect to hear the name. The former heir of the Ji family was originally abandoned by Yan Sui pit, became the abandoned son of the Ji family, and was replaced by Ji Huaiyuan, but now it seems that it may not really be slumped.

"It's me." Ji Huaiqing said coldly, "His Royal Highness, Lord Wen, it's been a long absence."

Wen Zhen said suddenly: "I said that Cangnan is the scope of Ji's family. His Royal Highness An wants to do things in Cangnan. It is impossible to not pass through Ji's family, but watching Ji Huaiyuan will not lead to rebellion. He heard that he has been constrained everywhere recently ... …Oh it's you."

"I am the heir who has been in the Ji family for many years. How can I fall into the dust completely because of the villain? What about driving away from the center? I am staying in the mountains to raise soldiers and collecting talents for His Royal Highness An to enter Tianjifu, is it my wall? A grassy brother is comparable? "

Ji Huaiyuan's voice was very low. Only a few people nearby could hear him. He looked at Wenzhen and smiled: "Master Wen, I heard that you and His Highness have a better relationship than Jin Jian. It doesn't look good now, a few When the woman crawled on His Royal Highness's bed, you were jealous of Ye Ben. What happened? Your Highness didn't come to you immediately. Look at your injuries. Really, I see hesitant. If Your Highness chases immediately, you Why was it so? "

"Who can't say it?" Wen Zhen said with a stunned expression. "If it's not strong, why didn't I poison a woman after I found a woman climbing his bed? If it's not strong, why would you arrange someone at Tianjifu, Ming Assassinate me, secretly assassinate Lin Feibai, so as to sow trust between me and him, but I always believe that it is not him? "

Yan Sui suddenly said: "Ji Huaiqing, I suggest you look in the mirror first to see who the two words belong to. In the end, you say that Wen Zhen is lost, she is the one who killed half of your Tianjifu elite, and she is the one who destroyed The high priest and priestess who stayed in Liushan ruined the altar you and His Highness King An had been operating in Liushan for a long time, and ruined the people's obsession and superstition of the so-called high priest magical power. She also poisoned Tang Xianzhi If she is fallen, what are you? A bereavement dog? "

Ji Huaiqing's face was as thin as a ghost, and his muscles twitched suddenly, but he suddenly laughed and said, "Why do you fight with you? A dog for the funeral? A dog for the funeral for a charge, your people here can be smashed in half by the hoof. You want Don't try it? "

"Ji Huaiqing, don't you plan to ignore the lives of the Tang family's heirs?"

"Why should I bother? I am a bereavement dog and the Ji family ’s heirs are lost. Ji family is retaliated by the Tang family. What are you doing with me? I only want to kill your dogs and men. ! "

The last two words came suddenly, Yan Sui's guards stared nervously at the cavalry above them, but those cavalry did not move, Tang Xianzhi moved!

He suddenly raised his hand, holding Wen Zhen's elbow in one hand, and flung Wen Zhen out the next moment!

All of a sudden, everyone was holding back. Only Yan Sui, like a thick cloud, rolled out instantly, and the tentacle grabbed Wen Zhen's ankle—

At this time, Ji Huaiqing also flashed a slender figure in white. This person was closer to Wen Zhen than Yan Sui. He also leaned in and grabbed Wen Zhen's wrist.

Then he pressed subconsciously, and then he was shocked.

It was also this instant shock, which made him move, and suddenly Han Zhenqi and Yan Sui Qi Qi drank: "Slow!"

The sound was inexplicable, and no one could understand it. The man holding Wen Zhen's arm suddenly loosened, then backed away, sneered, and his fingers flickered outward.

Obviously, his posture is soft, but his sleeves have a thunderous sound.

A thumping sound, a woman's shout in the air, and a blood flower appeared out of thin air.

But at the same time, a thin wire was suddenly added between the man's neck, and the wire hung in the air, swaying between the men's necks.

Then the iron wire and blood flower receded as if painting in the air. Even with the man's body, he had to quickly retreat and pull into a white line.

This scene was really weird. Everyone changed colors until the blood flower moved several feet, and suddenly a girl appeared.

The girl was holding a wire, imaginary around the man's neck, pale, and her heart was red.

"Stealth!" Someone exclaimed.

At this time, all the people understood that just now Wen Zhen was thrown out, and then the man came to pick it up. It was the girl who used stealth to catch up and snatch Wen Zhen back. Then she grabbed the opponent's throat by the shot, but was attacked by the other side. She vomited blood through a sleeve, and the blood vomited on her. She was invisible at the time, so that the blood flower on her body appeared in the air like a vacuum.

Wen Zhen had been pulled into Yan Sui's arms at this time, sighing, and muttering, "It's a pity."

Then she looked up and didn't look at the "Tang Xianzhi" who threw her out. Instead, she smiled at the white man who rushed out and grabbed her: "Dang Tang, it seems that we have to say hello again."

Understand? Tang Xianzhi stole the beam and changed columns. The iron pillar was Tang Xianzhi. After reaching the ground, he once rushed up the high slope to see the situation in front, and then came down from the high slope. So Wen Zhen clamped on the double. Stand up as a bait to seduce her uphill. Then Tang Xianzhi's shot forced Yan Sui and Wen Zhen, the hidden killer, who had been buried. The invisible woman has been following Wen Zhen, the clues are buried, I wonder if everyone noticed it.

(End of this chapter)