Feast Of The Mountains And Rivers

Chapter 352

Chapter 352

The man whose throat is held by the transparent soft sword is long and erect, and empty and immortal. He calmly bows his head: "No matter, I have been with you for a few days and nights, why are you so born?"

"Donald Tang, we accidentally made another round."

"Yeah, how did Xiao Zhen know that Tang Xianzhi around you had changed?"

"It was you who checked the situation uphill before, but turned your head and rushed down the hillside. It is already your substitute. I have to say that the substitute Tang Tang has been trained very well. His tone and form are exactly the same. , He turned his back to Yan Sui again, it was really difficult to distinguish for a moment. "

"So how did you find out? Is it because he reacted too slowly when Yan Sui appeared?"

"Because, he is too weak. How can people who can stand side by side with my Royal Highness be so easy to be controlled by me, or how vulnerable after being controlled?"

Yan Sui hadn't said a word since he held Wen Zhen intently, and concentrated on Wen Zhen. At this moment, he heard the words "His Royal Highness" and became even more intoxicated.

Wen Zhen angrily smashed his elbow backwards, caught by him, took another turn, and whispered in her ear: "Cake, good cake, I was wrong. I came here to stay at you Here comes the atonement. Hurry up and forgive me. "

Wen Zhen ignored her.

"Either I shout in front of thousands of people here and give you a breath?" Yan Sui seemed to suggest sincerely.

Wen Zhen said, "Scream!" While plugging a five-flavored sugar back to his hands, let the sweet and bitter salty first plug his mouth.

"Hidden girl, it's a wonderful move by Xiao Zhen." Opposite, Tang Xianzhi pointed at the pale girl who vomited blood behind him. "Unfortunately, martial arts is too low."

Wen Zhen was silent.

This is why she and Yan Sui yelled slowly at the same time.

Not shouting at Tang Xian, but shouting at the girl.

She and Yan Sui both want to be able to stay in the most critical time when stealth skills are so bad.

This invisible girl was captured by Pan Hang before Qianqiuya, and she was peeled away from Tianjifu and the high priest. She was taken to Hougu after she was captured, and the skinning was fake, but it was just a blindfold. Girl Seeing herself abandoned and frustrated, she had stealth skills. At that time, Chiakiya was in chaos again, and she escaped out of chaos. After escaping, she happened to meet Wen Zhen, and followed Wen Zhen all the way, first pulling the deer. The tail went up the mountain, and later followed the death place of the Lord of Zhaoming County, who was found injured by Tang Xianzhi, and later followed Wen Zhen. When Wen Zhen slept in the shed the first night, he stole food and The blood on the ground sensed her existence, guessed who she was, three or two times, even at the expense of herself, covered her, and left her food and medicine.

The girl didn't intend to save Wen Zhen, but she was curious about the similar master and had nowhere to go, so she followed her all the way and wanted to see what would happen. Followed along the way.

And Yan Sui and her guard initially found her traces too. Tang Xianzhi's men cleaned the traces left by him and Wen Zhen, but the girl would be invisible. The traces left were few and far apart. It was not easy to find, but Yan Sui found it and touched it along the way.

Both Wen Zhen and Yan Sui knew that the girl was hiding in the side, and it was obviously not malicious after so long, so she might as well play an important chess, hoping that she could give Tang Xian a fatal blow. As a result, the girl did not have the wisdom and determination. Seeing her being counterattacked, she shot in a hurry. Then one of Tang Xian's sleeves forced his real body.

It was really a good game.

Of course, Tang Xianzhi's stealing the sky is also a good game. It's the same.

"Tanggong Tang, do you want to live? Do you want poison?" Wen Zhen asked with a smile.

From the point of view of Tang Xianzhi's substitution, the poisoned one is still the deity.

"I don't think so much." Tang Xianzhi replied crisply and tenderly.

Wen Zhen: "..."

I'm really afraid of fighting him.


Tang Xianzhi suddenly started coughing. The cough stopped for a long time, and then his voice was a little dumb again when he said: "If you would like to follow me to detoxify, I would be happy."

Yan Sui suddenly said: "Just to detoxify, you have to come in order. Please ask, did your detoxification last time?"

Wen Zhen turned his head suddenly, didn't understand what he meant, but listened to Tang Xianzhi's faint voice: "Put poison on Wen Zhen's things, aren't you afraid to hurt her by mistake?"

Yan Sui's lips cornered: "Wen Zhen isn't interested in what Xiaoer Dier, but some people, when they see these things, they have itchy feet, don't they?"

Wen Zhen listened, stayed for a while, and suddenly remembered the small umbrella full of organs that Yan Sui had given to herself and was thrown away by her anger.

A small jade flute was hidden in the umbrella handle, and she was still thinking about it. Although this thing is elegant, it doesn't seem to suit her own style, nor is it Yan Sui's tone.

Could it be that Yan Sui intentionally, he hid the instrument in her weapon and poisoned the instrument, so that she would not use it, but was specially prepared for Tang Xianzhi?

He calculated that Tang Xianzhi and her would inevitably face each other. Once he saw this jade flu, he couldn't help holding it? Can't help but blow?

This calculation is too grassy, ​​right?

She clearly remembered that at Wufeng Mountain, she really faced Tang Xianzhi, and then the jade flute was taken by Tang Xianzhi.

So Tang Xianzhi has been poisoned?

No wonder Yan Sui's look at Tang Wu was so strange.

However, Tang Xianzhi also looks very special. Although he is poisoned, he still has no worries. After all, he is of extraordinary origin and has a profound family heritage. People like him who have washed their muscles since childhood have been very comparable. Not so easy to be poisoned.

In the south and the north and the Tang dynasty, this struggle can only end in death.

The girl suddenly tightened her hands and whispered, "Let your people make way!"

Tang Xian smiled and said, "The girl shakes her hands a little, be careful, hold her steady."

The girl's hand shook again.

Yan Sui suddenly said, "We don't need you to do anything, walk away."

The girl was pale, but stubbornly ignored.

Tang Xianzhi has cooperated very well with the idiosyncrasy: "Let's spread out."

The first dozens of people really dispersed, but Ji Huaiqing's men and farther armoured people did not move. Tang Xianzhi smiled and looked at Wen Zhen, and smiled: "Look. I can't help it."

Wen Zhen laughed: "Or just play?"

Ji Huaiqing sneered: "The people here belong to different forces. It's useless to hold on to anyone. Anyway, you and I want to stay in the mountains. It's better to set off battles and fight with real swords. Why play these women's plans! "

Suddenly there was a rush of footsteps, and a dozen people in black came out of the mountain on the other side, and then followed innumerable dense footsteps, and faintly drank: "Stop! Say! Where is our big head! "

Wen Zhen frowned.

Here comes the Chiaki Alliance.

However, she didn't want to cause melee. With a large number of people, there were also many people who were digging into the air. Yan Sui also thought so, so she didn't notify Qianqiu League.

But people still come.

And it came with a lot of momentum.

In the eyes of Wen Zhen, the dark shadows in front of him seemed to be flustered, but in fact, they were scattered in an orderly manner in all directions, and it was obvious that they intentionally attracted people.

Wen Zhen suddenly said to Yan Sui behind him, "Call Qianqiu Valley!"

Yan Sui rested her head on her shoulder and said lazily, "It's too late."

Wen Zhenshun brushed his hair and said angrily, "Tang Xian intentionally brought it? Why?"

"Maybe it's broken again."

The two met there with a natural look, Tang Xianzhi stood opposite and looked at it calmly.

Watching her facing Yan Sui, she took off the sweet mask she always wore, with anger and anger, dislike of faintness, uninhibited and casual, and nature and nature she had never seen before others. indulgence.

Those who have never picked him, are called free flowers.

He lowered his eyes, the wire in front of his neck was shaking so much that he could push away with a slight push.

He didn't move, a slight smile on the corner of his lips.

Footsteps screamed loudly, and a large number of people turned around the mountain stream, and it turned out that Feng Pian had sniffed near Tan Tan, and saw Wen Zhen, and said, "Big master!"

At the same time, there was a sudden tremor on the ground, the sound of grass and trees, and the sound of numerous horseshoes rolling in. The number seemed not to be very large, but it was very neat and apparently a well-trained army.

The next moment, countless black horse heads appeared behind Ji Huaiqing of Tang Xian. On the front horse head, a black flag with black apricot and yellow flags was picked up, and the unicorn totem on the flag rolled in the wind to jump out of the flag.

Wen Zhen couldn't see, but heard the English exclamation: "The soldiers of the court!"

She was shocked, and suddenly understood what Tang Xianzhi was going to do!

He deliberately delayed the start of the war, deliberately attracted the people of Qianqiu League, and then brought the nearby state army, so that the army of the court would run into his own court official who is the Freemasonry's master!

The Qianqiu League was originally deep in the mountains. Even if someone went to tell the secret, the court sent people to check it. The terrain of the mountain was complicated, and the people in the court could not touch the ground.

But now, he used himself as a bait, taking advantage of her and Yan Sui ’s desire to remove him, leading her and Yan Sui to the mountain pass, and then bringing in all the Qianqiu League people and the imperial army, she could not bring all The disappearance of the imperial army, let alone the gang of Qianqiu Alliance disappear!

Sure enough, as soon as the imperial army came, Ji Huaiqing laughed and smiled. With a wave of his hand, everyone gave way. The first knight rushed in first, and was hitting a large number of people from the Qianqiu League. Ma, he said in surprise, "General Ji, you said that there were mountain bandits in this mountain, and you asked me to kill them together, but you didn't say that there were so many mountain bandits! When did the mountain stay so powerful?"

Ji Huaiqing laughed: "Vice General Sheng originally did not exist. This is not the case. The Xichuan gangsters have flowed to our Cangnan, and the situational figures personally direct and lead. We veterans in the remote and remote areas have nothing to do. It's up! "

"Xichuan gangster? Character of the moment?"

"Vice Admiral Sheng, did you just hear these people calling the girl a big head? I would like to introduce to you, who is the former head of the Xichuan Freemason League, who is called Ping Pian, who was called a big head by us. The chef was born, but step by step, he was passed on as Wen Wen, Master Wen. As for Master Wen ... "He smiled mysteriously pretending," I'm too noble to speak. "

That Vice Admiral Sheng seemed startled, and said for a while: "This ... how is this possible?"

"Cangnan and Dianzhou are both under His Royal Highness King An's. They stayed in the mountains for many years. Where did such a large number of well-trained rivers and lakes suddenly come from? Think of our Dongtang's largest rivers and lakes' Freemasonry, and think about the recent Freemasonry News of the siege of Mt. Wufeng Mountain, and then think about the news of Lord Wen on the mountain when the Freemasonry was annihilated, and the princes and princes who had been fighting for the Wufeng Mountain bandits a while ago ... Mr. Sheng, there is no wind and waves. ? "

Vice Admiral Sheng sat straight on the horse without any extra action. Wen Zhen suddenly stared at the eyes under his armor and squeezed the palm of Yan Sui.

Yan Sui immediately held her palm with her backhand, rubbed her fingertips lightly, and then slid her long fingers into her wrist flexibly.

Wen Zhen pinched his palm fiercely, this guy who always takes advantage!

That Vice Admiral Sheng suddenly said, "I want to see for myself!" After dialing right away, Ji Huaiqing smiled happily and motioned for the person behind to move the wheelchair to make way for the road.

Vice Admiral Sheng brought a few knights to gallop, and in the blink of an eye, he had to cross Ji Huaiqing.

Tang Xianzhi suddenly said, "General Ji is careful!"

But it was late.

Vice Admiral Sheng suddenly twisted his waist, and the spear behind him shot out like a poisonous snake. In the sunlight, it turned into a white electricity, swept the ground, and picked up on the edge of Ji Huaiqing's wheelchair. He was picked off by this gun, rolled around in midair, and slammed into Yan Sui heavily!

At the same time, Yan Sui's sleeves rolled up and the sword came out!

His sword was white to transparent, apparently thin and light, but when it was shot, there was a sound of wind and thunder when splitting the wind, and the grass on all sides was pulled away by the air machine, and then turned into a blue color under the skein of the sword. Debris, the brittle branches of several dead trees close to each other, and a brown powder fell to the ground, and the bluish crumbs immediately hung it, as if springing back.

Sword to Ji Huaiqing's heart!

It's wonderful to cooperate with "Vice General Sheng"!

The gun tip and sword light fly rainbow, connecting together, such as Hongqiao appeared in the sky!

All of a sudden everyone looked up at the white rainbow.

The girl holding Tang Xianzhi also looked up subconsciously.

Tang Xianzhi suddenly flicked his finger, and the wire across his throat flew out, towards Ji Huaiqing's ankle, and Huo Huo got entangled.

The girl was frightened and wanted to draw a knife. Wen Zhen's shout sounded at the same time: "You run away!"

It's still late.

A pair of cold fingers had strangled her throat like lightning.

Wen Zhen shouted loudly.

It was known that this girl could not control Tang Xianzhi, and Tang Xianzhi did not resist, simply because he wanted to take this girl as a hostage at a critical moment.

Therefore, Yan Sui told her to go away. In fact, she saw this. However, not everyone has the wisdom of His Highness.

Tang Xianzhi stretched out his hand and dragged it with no firepower. Ji Huaiqing's body turned strangely in the gap between the guns and swords of the two masters, turning at a peculiar angle. He actually came out of that gap and was dragged back by Tang Xianzhi Underground, then he screamed, and his left arm and the foot bound by Tang Xianzhi with wire fell off.

The left arm was injured by the two men's weapons, and their feet were severed.

Blood bleeds all over, Ji Huaiqing passed out, he was also stingy, gasping before passing out: "Withdraw, withdraw--"

His Majesty's soldiers of the Ji family rushed over, picked him up, and sent him to his camp.

Vice General Sheng raised his hand and threw away the helmet, exposing Lin Fei's cold and sharp face. With a wave of his hand, the people he brought stayed at the end, locked the mountain pass, and blocked the way of these people.

Tang Xianzhi said with a smile: "Okay, okay, admire, admire. I didn't expect to be sent here to contact the soldiers of the Jianzhou State Army, but Lin Hou was cut off halfway."

Lin Fei said coldly, "I knew that someone would use her identity as an essay. My people have been following the news of all parties in Cangnan, and have been waiting for a long time."

Wen Zhen laughed.

Lin Feibai has a family background and knows the movement of the barracks best.

With a wave of her hand, she said, "The Qianqiu League will obey orders. None of the people present will stay."

At this point, both sides were already on Taniguchi ground. The number of the two sides was more than that of Qianqiu League. The opponent's advantage was cavalry, but they lost the battlefield advantage of high-altitude dives, and their rear road was blocked.

Tang Xianzhi gently struck the young girl's throat with his finger and said, "Wen Zhen, don't you care about this life?"

His words did not fall, Yan Sui flashed in his hands and went straight to the girl's brows.

He laughed: "She cares, but I don't care."

Tang Xianzhi seemed to have been prepared for a while, holding the young girl back, and his guard surged up to protect him in the middle.

Those people are very ordinary in description, but the sword in their hands is very strange, the sword body is wide, the top is carved with exquisite patterns, each pattern is actually a blood groove.

Yan Sui said lightly: "Tang Xianzhi, do you think you can still go out today?"

"Only this woman is not enough." Tang Xianzhi found a small wooden box in his arms and shook it. "What about this?"

Yan Sui said: "Medicine? Are you old and forgetful? You don't remember where I came from?"

"I know, the elixir I give you every year is enough for you to eat as a bean. But this one should still be different, or why should we send the dark guard babble?"

"You can ruin it at once." Yan Sui smiled. "In fact, you still give me and Wen Zhen now, and we will not use it again. After all, people who understand life will understand it. "

"Destroy it." Wen Zhen answered sincerely, "I admit it is a good medicine. But it has been used up from now on. No one dare to use it, so don't take it out of the world.

People all around were facing each other sternly. Listening to the conversation between the three men, they were all sighing.

I've been used to threats, and have never seen such a response.

It turns out that the way to victory is not to follow the usual path.

Tang Xianzhi was silent for a while, smiled, and said, "I'll ruin it."

(End of this chapter)