Feast Of The Mountains And Rivers

Chapter 353: The Lift Card Game

Chapter 353: The Lift Card Game

He held it in the palm of his hand, and the wooden box turned into powder and fell, and Wen Zhen and Yan Sui both looked blankly.

Tang Xianzhi opened his palm, and the last bit of fragmentation turned into the wind. He suddenly smiled: "Xiao Zhen, do you know what medicine this is?"

Wen Zhen did not answer.

If she didn't want to show weakness, she wanted to cover her ears.

"This is Endless Heaven waiting for three volcanic eruptions overseas, sacrificing two lives, and finally collecting the fire of the medicine and the heart-burning volcanic ash. In addition, there are eleven drugs that were only found in ten years, including The four drugs are the last one in the world, and in order to maintain the fire of this furnace for three months, the master in charge of His Highness spent half of his life's power and finally trained this one ... In other words, Once this one is destroyed, it will never be refined, and Yan Sui will never recover. "

Wen Zhen looked at him for a while, then suddenly smiled, "Tanggong Tang, have you heard a word?"


"Everything in this world, except emotions, can find alternatives." Wen Zhen smiled indifferently, "You can not believe this sentence, but I believe it. And I have heard so much of you, the standard scammers Cheating for money and cheating is an indispensable magic weapon. It is generally used to sell the Shiquan Dianbu Pills rubbed from the ash of his home. Sorry to be authentic, "... offer the price."

Tang Xianzhi stared at her. His pair of black and white eyes, when so condensed, would make people fascinated, turning around like a long night's journey, seeing the dawn and moon, the sky was clear, the world was silent at the end of the stars, the light of the world Waving and swaying, the passing wind carried countless night dreams.

But there was a slight pain in that dream.

Like the most beautiful and soft apricot petals blooming in the early spring, the blood stained.

He used to be a fish-like girl by the lakeside, and finally grew up. Every day Huihui was farther away from him.

She was gradually stunned and powerful, and the world was disturbed, and she could no longer disturb her heart.

As if she knew that he was telling the truth, she didn't show any regrets, and she could tease calmly without giving him a chance.

But she was right.

There are indeed alternatives to everything in this world, except for emotions.

"Since Xiao Zhen doesn't believe it, let's stop it." After a moment, he smiled, "Then the mountains and the water grow, so don't stop there."

The last four words are still in the epilogue. The guard broad sword Jianguang in front of him has already flew up, and after a short time they are connected into a light wall.

That light wall is bright but bright, like a glass cover covering Tang Xianzhi steadily, and the edge of the sword light crosswise, like a huge gear rolling over, wherever it passes, no matter whether it is an enemy or a friend, it will be brought with a bleeding spring. Looking at it from a distance, those blood flowers splattered on the outside of the gear, looking like a half-round sunburn.

This sword array of the Tang family is located in the center of the crowd. It was originally surrounded by His Majesty Ji and the great prince. Once this gear array started, the sword was endless. It was like a giant roller. Regardless of life and death, the people in the Ji family and The prince's people screamed and scolded, and quickly gave way.

Lin Fei ordered: "Fight a gun!"

Dozens of horses rushed forward with a long gun, Lin Fei flew up, shot in the air, and picked up the edge of the gear.

The spear has the best response to this kind of sword formation. The shot came from the wind, and it seemed to pick up one of them's throats, but suddenly a sound was heard.

The music is clear and bright, but the turning point is a bit secluded, and the tune changes are extremely tortuous and subtle. Between turns and turns, you can't hear the popularity, the gear sword array suddenly changes the formation, the broad sword is put up, blocking After Lin Feibai's fierce pick, as the tune changed, the sword gas became a bridge, and he took a fierce puff, almost inhaling Lin Feibai into the array.

Fortunately, Lin Feibai has rich experience in combat. He did not forget a sword across his chest when he shot it. He suddenly collided with a broad sword. Lin Feibai came upside down. Yixi, but saw the sound of a turn, a person quickly turned out, filling the position of the previous person, single sword into double sword, without hindrance.

Tang Xianzhi stood calmly in the array, and a rare Feng Xiao who was volleyed against his lips gently touched his lips. Although he was wearing a commoner's clothing, but the sound was together, he was like Ling Yun. The wind disturbed his long hair, his lowered eyebrows were tender and tender, but his complexion was as cold as jade.

The girl hostage had been restrained and thrown at his feet. The wonderful thing was that when the formation moved, she could automatically remove the girl.

Wen Zhen heard the peculiar sound, and knew that it was not good. Then she listened to Yan Sui and said, "This is no solution."


"Tang Xianzhi's eyes are arrayed, and the whole array is directed by music control. This array only protects him. As long as he is there, this array cannot be broken, but if he is in the array, he cannot be injured without this burst."

"Endless loop."

"Yes. What's more, this array moves with the music, there is no fixed change, you listened to this tune several times, and touched the doorway, but he changed a tune, which is a completely new formation method. Tang Xianzhi There are hundreds of kinds of musical instruments, and the tunes are even more powerful on the car. You can easily exhaust yourself alive. "

"But the music can be played a few more times, and these swordsmen outside can't beat endlessly."

"The Tangjia Xiaolou Sword Formation uses broad swords, which are more tightly intertwined, and the defense is tighter, and I suspect that there should be secret methods in this broad sword, which can make Tangjia guards tirelessly and consume the enemy."

Between the two, the gear array had turned around a large vacant area and retreated to the mountain pass.

Wen Zhen prevented the intention of the Qianqiu League to hunt down and her life was precious. She had no interest in filling a bottomless pit with human life.

Yan Sui leaned lazily on her shoulders behind her, without any intention of doing anything, Wen Zhen shrugged and said, "Do you still have a backhand?"

Yan Sui said: "Shh--cake, I'm hungry."

Wen Zhen sneered: "Okay, go back to the five-color dumplings for you."

"Okay. I finished the bowl in three days last time. I'll make more this time."

Wen Zhen's first reaction was that this product was kidding? He didn't wear his clothes for the second time. When would a bowl of dumplings be eaten for three days?

But Yan Sui was a disdainful person. Wen Zhen tilted her head to look at him. The guy still lay on her shoulder and looked at her. The two were so close that each other's breath was on each other's cheeks. Yan Sui suddenly moved forward, quickly lip on her lips.

I clicked it, sucked it, bite it, and then quickly pulled away.

Precise action and amazing speed.

Wen Zhen hadn't responded yet and was snatched a kiss. She stroked the tip of her lip and said angrily, "It's like a thief?"

"No way." Yan Sui's voice smiled a little, "Unhappy, I'm afraid that something will happen if I wait to stimulate the lunatic."

Wen Zhen shuddered and heard a yelling at this moment.

"Brother! Help me!"

Wen Zhen: "..."

Why did Tang Muzhi suddenly come?

In the gear array, Tang Xianzhi did not stop playing, but frowned slightly, looking back to the mountain pass.

One of Tang Mu's dust and blood was jumping from the horse right away and flung straight into the gear array.

Behind her was a group of knights, and the sword in her hand shone coldly.

Suddenly, there was an endless sound. Those Tang Jiakuo swords did not open the formation to welcome their own Miss Six, but accelerated the battle and forced Tang Muzhi out.

Tang Muzhi retired to meet the swords of the others. In Jianguang's sword shadow, she desperately moved away, angered while hiding and hunting: "Brother!"

Tang Xianzhi ignored her at all.

"Brother, I'm wrong! I went back to Xiaolou to admit it! OK!"

Tang Xianzhi found a phoenix and continued to play.

"I swear, as long as you saved me this time, I'll go back with you, what will be arranged at home, what will I listen to!" Tang Muzhi turned around, avoiding a blade of light that was split in the head, but almost did not avoid a tilt Jian Guang, the first part of her busy schedule, her hair bun was chopped apart, and her long hair fell. She looked back violently, and looked at Yan Sui through the formation, "Yan Sui! Do you have any people! I am What's wrong with courting you! You can commit someone to hunt me down day and night! "

He shouted to Tang Xianzhi again: "Brother! I was hunted and killed at home too! You asked me to marry him! I was angered, but the consequences required me to memorize! Why can't you save me? Why should you!

Wen Zhen asks Yan Sui with a stunned expression, "Who is chasing Tang Muzhi?"

"Chinese German."

Wen Zhen: "... What did she do to you?"

"I did what I missed you doing to me but you didn't."

"You really want me to do it, but what I refuse to do is the thirty-eighth operation and the last ten. She did it to you? Yan Sui, you're dirty! I don't want you anymore! Come and die!"

Yan Sui: "..."

The gear array was still backing back, as if it were a robot formation, blocking all the anger of Tang Muzhi.

After the third shouting failed and his arm was cut, Tang Muzhi suddenly threw a knife in his hand and hated, "They force me, harm me, ignore me, don't me, right!"

She slammed into the gear array, "let me die in the hands of my brother and sister!"

The light of the gear array still shines for a long time, each time it will harvest the blood of human life, and will not converge for all the anger and anger in this world.

The twists and turns of the music suddenly took a small turn.

The turn swept past that corner, and the flowing sun-like formation turned around, and a small gap appeared, wrapping Tang Muzhi's body over him.

Tang Muzhi rushed into the array, suddenly his arm was raised, and the underarm streamer flickered. He even turned into a small net like a trick, covering Tang Xianzhi!

Under that net cover, Tang Xian's fingers had been flicked out, and flashes of light shone for a moment, and the net had turned into countless filaments.

Tang Xianzhi's original expression didn't change much. When he saw this filament, he suddenly changed color and drank, "Hold your breath!"

But it was already a step slow, and several swordsmen fell silently, while Tang Xianzhi slammed his phoenix.

A layer of filament was stuck to Feng Xiao, and a row of musical instruments on his waist was inevitable.

Taking advantage of this gap, one of Tang Mu grabbed the girl hostage and threw out the gear array. Caught in Chinese.

In the field, Tang Xianzhi fluttered in his sleeves and grabbed Tang Muzhi.

Tang Muzhi threw the hostages and then retreated, rushing out from those swordsmen to the ground, which is also the weakest point of the current formation.

At the same time her lips moved slightly, apparently controlling the beast. The forest was shaking, and the smell was getting stronger, and there were faint shadows coming from it. Obviously, the beast full of mountains had arrived.

At this time, Wen Zhen and Lin Feibai each ordered everyone to come forward. The Chinese and other people took the hostages and passed them to the security office in turn. They also rushed over.

Immediately on the field, he got into a scuffle.

Wen Zhen also wanted to rush up, but was caught by Yan Sui and couldn't move. Yan Sui also seemed to be getting up for a while, and then pulled by Wen Zhen.

They looked at each other with big eyes, turned away and gave up.

No one is allowed to go into battle, so be a pair of scared ghosts.

Blood flowers splashed, Tang Muzhi was fighting with a sword on his back, and had already rushed out of the sword array. She had just entered the battle, and her figure was deviated. Several big snakes had slid into the array along the gap to entangle Tang Xian's feet.

With a roar above them, a tiger has volleyed across the crowd and crashed into the sword array.

There was a huge noise under the hood, and everyone's eyes were dark. At first, it thought that the sky was suddenly dark, and then suddenly there was a cold between the head and neck, a touch, and a bird feces.

When you look up again, you can see the wings of the flying birds covering the sky and the dark clouds are generally pushed from the sky, and then converge into a constantly twisting tornado, and plunge into the sword array!

There are also countless little beasts, the genus of rabbits, pheasants, and foxes, who stunned left and right, and detoured to bite the sword's feet.

There was a crisp sound, the horns of the deer swarmed towards the sword array like swords, the flying mane of the wild horses shone with sunlight, and the torrents were generally rushing.

In this heaven and earth, all living things, dancing wildly.

Wen Zhen was shocked when he heard the sound, and could not help shaking his head.

Sure enough, Tang Mu's mastery is the most powerful animal control. This is called the animal control.

The scales and half claws that he had stolen learned had been drilled into the ground at this moment.

No wonder she kept blowing the whistle before.

"Is your arrangement?" She asked Yan Sui.

"Well. I promised her, as long as she helped me this time, no matter who the Tang family wants her to marry, I will help her out."

Wen Zhen can almost imagine what Tang Muzhi would say to Yan Sui.

"If I can't marry you, then no one will marry me."

It's a pity that I met this iron heart.

"I always think that the Tang family's attitude towards Tang Liu is strange, and it is strange to raise her like this."

Yan Sui was silent for a while, and said, "She is a poor man."

Hearing such words from Yan Sui's mouth was not easy, and Wen Zhen could not help but be silent.

Whoever is born is not an innocent and innocent baby. No matter what distortions they may have, there may be their own reasons, but there are many factors in the family, the environment, and many other factors.

She lowered her head, a bit unwilling to see Tang Xian's heroes end.

Don't want to see thousands of souls at this moment.

Suddenly she remembered something, her brows frowned, and she asked Yan Sui, "Do you have other arrangements for the people of Manhuazhaizi?"

"What full of flowers?"

Wen Zhen hesitated and said, "I have won the Manhua Zhaizi. I previously ordered the man in the Manhua Zhaizi to lay down, but there seems to be no movement. I thought you had no other arrangements ..."

Her words didn't fall, Yan Sui had risen to her, and rushed to Tang Xianzhi, Wen Zhen only heard him say: "... a group of idiots, no one mentioned me to spend a lot of flowers!"

Wen Zhen froze for a moment, and suddenly knew it was not good.

Sure enough, the moment Yan Sui threw out, Yamaguchi suddenly roared.

The sound was extremely majestic. The thunder and thunder generally rose from the mountains and swayed into the sky. Everyone who heard it couldn't help blanking for a moment, and then their ears were filled with the roar of the sound of the sound of gold stones. The mountain walls oscillated and some martial arts people covered their chests subconsciously.

Suddenly there was no wind moving in the mountains, people looked up and saw an electric light gliding across the sky.

If you look closely, it's not electro-optic, it's still a beast, but it's too fast, the sound is too fierce, and the snow-white long hair is swinging in the wind with a faint pale blue.

When the roar rang, the field changed.

The whirlwind of birds suddenly exploded into the sky, spreading out into countless black spots in the air, and fell for a while because the birds were more frightened.

The beasts blew up their pans, rushed out of the sword array in panic, and chaosed in the crowd, and many of them were trampled to death.

Suddenly agile snakes swim faster, but instead of attacking people, they are desperately searching for gaps and want to swim out of the crowd again.

And when Dianguang fell, the tiger looked back fearlessly, and before rushing out of his throat with an unwilling roar, he was grabbed by the white beast's big head.

Then everyone watched, the huge tiger was caught by a beast much smaller than it, thrown into a colorful wind, hit the center of the crowd fiercely.

The mountain tyrant was smashed dizzily like a rugby, and the people who were fighting were even more unlucky and killed several times.

Almost immediately, the crowd around the sword array was dispersed. The beasts who were inexplicably mad had turned their muzzles and started attacking Lin Feibai and others who were the most struggling. Tang Muzhi yelled loudly and turned a sudden reaction. The serpent biting her kicked off.

Then Wen Zhen heard a whistle. This tone is familiar.

Tang Xianzhi called the whistle of that useless fat dog!

Then she flashed the white light again in her chaotic vision, and the speed of words was indescribable, and Tang Xianzhi's figure calmly passed over the crowd and fell towards the white light. At this time, Yan Sui had arrived at the scene, but was far from Tang Xianzhi. He patted Lin Feibai in the back of his hand, Lin Feibai shouted, and threw a sword in his hand. This sword also had the potential of the thunder and lightning that appeared in the previous white shadow, and the rolling wind made the people around him unable to open his eyes. A flash of light flashed, and it seemed that it would be in the back of Tang Xian. The white shadow continued to rush forward while issuing a series of billowing growls, and two deer leaped from left to right and hit each other. The antlers arrived and held the sword. The antlers were all broken instantly and fell an inch behind the dust of Tang Xian.

The next moment, Tang Xianzhi had fallen on the white shadow, and immediately went out of the mountain pass.

Wen Zhen raised his eyes. In the hazy field of vision, he saw the man slowly raising his hands, the strangely shaped phoenix flute in his hands, the two rows of long and short tubes of the flute, such as the double-winged Lingyun, and the man stood on the undulating white shadow on his back However, it is as stable as a rock. The flute on the fingers and the flute on the flute are all clearer and clearer.

He seemed to ride the electricity, the wind, the world's big dream, and every inch of flying clothes was written to go to the cloud, not to enter the world.

With a flash of white shadow, Wen Zhen could no longer see Tang Xianzhi.

There was only a chaotic field, and there were many people who wanted to chase, but the roar continued, and most of them were entangled by all kinds of crazy beasts.

Wen Zhen sighed softly.

In this battle, each of them hid a stack of hole cards. After you lifted me, I lifted you, and my fraud has reached the extreme.

However, in the end, no one expected that Tang Xianzhi still had such a card.

Who knows that the fat dog that is stubborn and lazy is running around?

The problem is that the information is not equal.

She had been secretly whistling before.

He also secretly signaled Miao Yin, who was among the people in Qianqiu Valley, to let them find ways to let go.

But whether it is a beast-controlling or a tapeworm, Tongtong has not moved.

I thought it was suppressed by Tang Muzhi, and thought that the Manhuazhaizi had not been let go until it was notified separately.

Who knew Yan Sui didn't know Manhuazhaizi at all.

Reminiscent of the abnormal silence of Wen Yandan, Wen Zhen finally understood that the dog around Tang Xian could be alive and well.

That's right, Wen Wendan has seen many beasts, so why fear a common dog?

Look at the running speed of that weird dog. No one can catch up with this staying mountain.

If you ca n’t do it, give up. Obviously, Yan Sui Lin Feibai and her are the same judge, because Lin Feibai quickly called back the guard, began to shrink the team, and withdrew most of the people responsible for interception, blocking the entire mountain pass.

Although Tang Xianzhi successfully escaped again, the remaining swordsmen of the Tang family's sword formation, Ji's secretly trained horses and cavalry in the valley, and His Royal Highness An Wang's staff in Liushan, have already hit, and naturally cannot stay.

Lin Feibai was good at fighting this kind of thing, and he calmly took over. Wen Zhen also gave the people of Qianqiu League to Lin Feibai. In addition, the bear army that came afterwards was the iron blood soldier. Opportunity training.

Slacking down, she felt tired and thought of the previous thing. She passed a hint of doubt in her heart, dropped her sleeves, and gave herself a pulse.

The fat dog is for the pheasant.

If you know nothing about Pheasant, please refer to Qian Jin Xiao.

The lift card is lifted, is there a ticket? Let's have a ticket, let's be happy together.

(End of this chapter)