Feast Of The Mountains And Rivers

Chapter 354: Mutual Favor

Chapter 354: Mutual Favor

I haven't taken the pulse before, I think it's because of old injuries and illnesses, and it's meaningless to see a doctor. At this moment, thinking of the meal after Tang Xianzhi held her wrist, she became curious.

She frowned for a moment.

After thinking for a while, she felt that she might not be as accurate in her pulse. After all, she was not specialized enough in medicine at first, and she wanted to hold her for a while, and suddenly Yan Sui's hand stretched out. "What are you doing What about the pulse? "He said that his fingers would catch his veins.

Wen Zhen didn't really want to care about him at the moment, but at the moment had to grab his wrists with his backhand and laughed: "Send them to the door, don't touch them."

She touched her fingertips on Yan Sui's wrist, and her face really changed, but she only closed it, and said, "Thin. Did you eat well?"

"You can feel thinner when you feel the pulse, but your medical skills are getting smarter."

"Who said no!" Wen Zhen groaned over with a smile, "miss me?"

Thinking he wouldn't answer, Yan Sui laughed, and he stroked her fingers lightly, "think."

"Know what's wrong?"

Yan Sui smiled again: "I know. But I won't change it."


"In Chinese, it ’s your freedom to have or not to have a child. What should I do? I should n’t stop it. I thought, that ’s right, it ’s not right. If it matters to your life, I still want to stop it. And no throne can be inherited, how can a child's life be more than yours? "

"Who said that you can inherit the throne? But then again, I really don't want to have a throne. See if this is a life for people?"

"You have to live a life that is not a person. You are running to the ends of the earth and turning upside down, you have to run with me and make trouble with me, do n’t expect me to feel guilty and let you be free because I pull you into the muddy water . "

"Ha, it ’s not because of you that I ’m upset. I want to go into the palace and go to the chapel. I want to eat Wanmin for food. I also want to do it. Whenever I meet, it ’s my own choice. Do n’t I put gold on my face. "

Yan Sui smiled silently, and gently stroked Fu Wenzhen's hair. The two turned their horses and walked back. Leave the battlefield to Lin Fei, Bai Feng, Ping Hang, and a few others.

Yan Sui's guard and Miaoyin took a few people to consciously follow, and in the distance, a embarrassed Tang Muzhi, holding a blood-stained knife, also followed. Chinese was about to stop. Tang Muzhi, with a ruthless expression, lifted the knife coldly. When Chinese saw Wen Zhen with her back turned away, she suddenly waved her hand and immediately retracted the knife.

Tang Muzhi froze, looked at the back of the two supporting each other, bit his lip, seemed a bit hesitant, and eventually followed.

As soon as Wen Zhen went back, Wen Yandan took a good bath and dispensed her medicine, and then people quickly rushed to boil the medicine.

While she was busy with Yan Sui, Yan Sui was also looking into her eyes, her fingers pinched in shape and dangled in front of her, and asked her, "How many fingers are these?"

Wen Zhen rolled her eyes and replied indifferently: "This is more than heart!"

"Better than the heart?" Yan Sui apparently didn't expect her finger to have an unexpected answer.

Wen Zhen squeezed his heart with his hands and shook the blank space: "In our case, this is our unique gesture, called heart."

"represents what?"

"Sir, you are annoying. Get out of here."

Yan Sui's lips ticked, and she pinched her fingers in front of her, "Is it?"

"Ah, you hate me so much." Wen Zhen smiled, stood up and left. "Bye bye."

As soon as Yan Sui pressed, she held her shoulder, Wen Zhen whine, and held back the back of his hand, Yan Sui smiled slightly, looked around her shoulder and neck, and then sighed again, saying: Needle. "

Wen Zhen had anticipated it and shrugged to indicate that it was all right.

This time because of an accident, it seemed that the needle could not be smoothly smoothed, and the needle could only be broken, and the child would be disabled for a while.

Yan Sui thought for a while, and then suddenly smiled again: "Although you would be angry to say that, but I still feel that you have been blind for so many days, you can't see someone's mouth and face, which is also very good."

Wen Zhen couldn't help laughing, and shook his head again. This guy was so jealous that he was big enough to open a vinegar factory.

"You're OK. Tang Xianzhi figured out that I'm by my side now, and I can only be secretive, and always be careful of the perpetual calculations. What's so good about it? Would you like it?"

"If you plot me, it's because you care about me. What's wrong with me?"

Wen Zhen thought of eating the five-colored dumplings for three days, and sighed with a headache, "It's better than me if you suddenly have a few more ** in bed."

"If cats and dogs need explanations, it is too insulting to yourself." Yan Sui said, "And you should know that Tianjifu has already been intervened by Ji Huaiyuan. He has not really been trusted by the boss. On the contrary, the boss and Ji Huaiqing are still linked. Several women originally wanted me and Ji Huaiyuan to defend you. As a result, they were actually Ji Huaiqing's people. They deliberately acted like that, and later came to kill you and Lin Feibai, to provoke you and my relationship ... but I How can your cake be so smart? "

"No, women in love are very stingy. Because the more you care, the more you will suffer. If one day I am indifferent to these, you are really over." Wen Zhen gently nodded his forehead, "You are too strong, so It ’s too self-confident. You count most things in the world, so you do n’t think others need to explain. But do n’t forget that not everyone knows the world as you do, and not everyone can really be here. You count, for example, this time, Tang Xianzhi's dog, haven't we counted? "

"Yeah, yeah, it's all too self-righteous of me. Take a snapshot and look in the mirror to see your mother-in-law's face exactly like Chinese." Yan Sui smiled and struck her shoulder. As soon as her fingers touched her shoulder well, Wen Zhen shook. "I just advised you not to play smart, you come again! I will deal with the broken needles by myself. You do n’t need to spend real power, you still have to die! Or do you think you will die and I will be buried with you or Keeping festivals all my life? "

"Never." Yan Sui pulled her fingers off her shoulders and pulled her to sit under the porch. This is the deepest courtyard in Qianqiu Valley. Most of Qianqiu Valley is now an ordinary dormitory. The female-dominated courtyard is still there, which is not special, after all, women have different identities. After Yan Sui came, he was an enjoyment party. He actually sent someone to separate a few courtyards from the rooms reserved for Wen Zhen, re-decorated, paved a floor of sandalwood, and transplanted Liushan. The unique four-season tree attracts springs, builds rockery and clear ponds, and specializes in specialization.

The four seasons tree is just like its name. The leaves will change color with the four seasons. It is tender and green in spring, thick green and green in summer, and turned into a golden color with red edges in autumn. The back is white, with a slight black edge, and the yellow part turns white in winter. The red edge faded and looked like a huge Xuemei from afar.

At this moment, the climate is late autumn in the local area. It is the time when the four seasons trees are the most beautiful. The wide leaves with a golden color and red edges inhabit the dark brown tree body like countless butterflies, and the leaves are plated with golden awns, and then dappled on The dark red dust-free promenade was also covered with a layer of dark golden red deciduous blankets, which stretched to the edge of the blue-gray leaky rockery. Some of the fallen leaves lay above the clear pond, and each leaf carried a pale golden color. The light spot, sky light wafted along the water light, shining a pool of white rainbow.

The crystal bell hangs between the gaps of the rockery, and the wind passes.

For example, Yan Suisi, Li Li is deserted, she is noble and gorgeous, she is extremely gorgeous, and there is a kind of quiet beauty that is untouchable in the world.

On the rattan table under the promenade, there are chess pieces, but not ordinary Go, but checkers that Wen Zhen has played before, but that piece is shiny and bright, and one of them is bright. Through the sunlight, you can When I saw the colorful landscape projections on the desktop, there were micro-carvings at the bottom of the chess piece, which carved the famous landscape of Dongtang Mountains and Waters. The transition between them was full of love, not to mention the infinite ingenuity. Although Wen Zhen couldn't see it clearly, she could still feel faintly. She picked up one and touched it, and felt the strokes. Each one was different, and she knew that each piece of this chess piece was carved by Dongtang master craftsman, and a master only carved it. One, so different in style, is even more precious.

If this thing were to be brought to Tianjing, it would make all the noble officers and nobles crazy. Here at Yan Sui, it was only a small gift he had left in a small courtyard in Liushan in order to compensate her.

Wen Zhen touched it all the way, although it was not clear for the time being, but she also knew that the scenery carved by this chess piece must have been seen by her and Yan Sui.

The chess pieces were warmly held in the palm, and it felt straight into the bottom of her heart. She smiled slightly, listening to the sound of the collision of the pieces one by one, while taking the topic just now, "Nothing?"

"You know I don't need anything." Yan Sui picked up the leaves that fell on the porch, looked for a piece of linen paper, and spread it on the promenade. "I don't think you would think of any funeral, no festival. You There are still many things to do. You want the world to enjoy delicious food. You want the dining table of the people in Dongtang to be more abundant. You want to be hungry in the world. You want peace in the world. Then you can be healthy. You have to do it. There are so many things, you will be busy all your life, you will not throw your life away for anyone, but you will not think about the love thing again, the world is big, the years are short, it is enough to pass. "

Wen Zhen did not expect that he would say such a word, but every word of this word came into her heart, and she could not refute it, but her heart seemed to be a wave of waves. She was pale.

It should be said that he knew too much or too little.

Let her sigh from time to time that there is no way to cross the ancient and modern times, but also sigh from time to time to know her friend across the millennium.

Yan Sui's tricks generally take a small box from a small drawer under the table, which contains scissors paste and other debris, and take out a jade plate. While busy, catch the leaves under the falling gallery, put it on the jade plate, and use the jade The pestle is gently smashed.

Wen Zhen faintly saw that he was busy, very curious, after all, this finger has always been non-touching, and has never been handmade, too troublesome and dirty. Tang Xianzhi once made a portrait of her eggshell, and was mocked by him. Brother shouted for a long time.

But she didn't ask, she just sat with a smile, and occasionally moved, she was stopped by Yan Sui, and she didn't move.

The two were sitting opposite each other, and the leaves of the Four Seasons tree fell from time to time. The two men's sleeves and sleeves were not moving. Yan Sui ignored it and suddenly reached out to pick a leaf between her hair and sniffed. "I have your fragrance." . "Then no longer picked up the leaves in the air, but only picked from Wen Zhen.

Wen Zhen raised his hand, took some from him, put it in front of him, and said, "Is it handmade for me? Then I also hope to have your breath."

Yan Sui looked at her, her lips turned, and she was as good as a stream.

A round of Longi was picked out at the corner of Wu Qing's eaves, with colorful leaves under the eaves, such as rain, and the dark red promenade can be seen by people. Fluttering butterflies.

Beautiful painting.

Tang Muzhi sat far away on the threshold of the yard, with his elbows on his knees, watching the scene.

Her lips moved slightly, a whistle rolled faintly, a kingfisher hovered above her head, foxes slept under her feet, and several white rabbits rubbed beside her.

She stared blankly at the pair, watching the two take care of each other and pamper each other.

Her eyes were a little empty, as if she was looking at everything, but she was thinking nothing.

The conversation on the gallery has also turned to her.

"Why did you bring this woman in?"

"I don't want to bring this light bulb, but her mind, if she is left in the country and retrieved by the Tang family, if it falls in the hands of someone who has no thoughts, then be provoked and used, it is difficult to guarantee It's a trouble. "

"Isn't it trouble to bring it back? She follows her like a barnyard dog. In case you can't control the jealousy of what happened, you can't blame me."

Wen Zhen was silent for a while, and said, "I hope that she can touch the scene to have a human relationship, understand the world, don't go mad and crazy, so you can count yourself as a virtuous person. Of course, you can rest assured, since I dare Let her come, and let her no longer be a demon. "

"You seem ruthless, in fact, you worry too much." Yan Sui Han smiled and made his handiwork. "Actually, if you kill, you will be a hundred?"

In the distance, Tang Muzhi lifted his eyes and looked at it. Seeing that smile on the lips of the man embellished the bright sun, it seemed to be talking about the most affectionate things in the world.

"Last chance. I'm still anxious, I'll kill you." Wen Zhen also smiled a little softly this time. Somehow, I always felt Tang Muzhi was a bit pitiful. However, I think she is still useful, maybe it is a breakthrough for the Tang family.

Yan Sui's fingers pressed against the leaves with a sound. He took the broken leaves and removed them with gold rims, soaked in a special potion, and then stuck a little bit to the sackcloth. He moved quickly and a golden color appeared. The contours and lines are very smooth.

Wen Zhen gave him a hand, divided a leaf into several parts, and then divided them into piles according to color.

Suddenly I heard the movement over there, turned around and saw Tang Muzhi just got up and went out.

At the same time, the sound of Zhong Ming sounded, it was dark, and the cafeteria was open for dinner.

Although most of the people were still fighting outside, the canteen was still open for order. When Tang Muzhi followed, he didn't catch up with lunch. He only had some afternoon tea and snacks. After eating the snacks, she heard the bells. , The subconscious passed.

This meal was dinner. She came back with Yan Sui Wenzhen. The Chinese and other people did not introduce her. The people in the cafeteria thought she was also the guard of Yan Sui or Wen Zhen, and didn't ask much.

Qianqiu Valley is currently the main guard of Yansui, a few people in Manhuazhaizi, a small number of left behind. They are enthusiastically holding special bowls in line, and there are some nearby villagers inside. They were the injured Aborigines who were trampled when the High Priest of Qianqiu Valley came to chaos a few days ago.

Now those people have completely forgotten the previous rejection of the people in Qianqiu Valley, and they happily stood in the line holding the bowls. A few people who are teaching Qianqiu League speak local and some are telling the guards themselves. Sister, sister, niece, and a few girls from Manhuazhaizi are secretly sending autumn waves to Chinese-German. Chinese-German does not squint, holding the basin completely when they don't understand, can't understand.

Tang Muzhi thought that he had followed Qianqiu Valley, and someone would follow her all the way, but the result was not there. When she came over, the Chinese and others looked at her and said nothing, she stood there blankly and didn't know how to cook. I don't know what that weird plate is in everyone's hands.

A girl looked at her with a probe and said, "Are you new here? Come, get a bowl here." He took her to a table next to the table, in a large basin filled with hot water, and took out the hot bamboo. Take the wooden dinner plate and hold her in her hand, and ask her to stand behind her. Look at the blackboard in front of her and ask her: "What do you want to eat? Let's fight the table. Today we have crispy fried fish, steamed chestnut meat, There are braised pork trotters, stir-fried vegetables with dried mutton, shredded plums, sweet and sour gluten, ham and cabbage, soup with hot and sour soup, and dessert with butter and radish. What do you choose? "

Tang Muzhi: "..."

Why, Wen Zhen is so stingy, is n’t this order for everyone?

She wanted to refuse. She had never been to a table with anyone except for a few meals with her parents and elder brothers, not to mention that this dress and dress look like a decent person. This looks and looks. , The third-class servants sweeping the floor can not be taken into account. Not to mention having dinner with her.

But the ghost was terrible, and the rejection to the mouth turned into a nod. The girl was eager to ask her to order, and she sneered in her heart. Wen Zhen could not disappoint her origin. Look at this shit, everyone Can it only be one vegetarian? Who can be kept in this Qianqiu Valley?

She did not hesitate to betray the small building, ran thousands of miles to stay in the mountains, holding a glimmer of hope, begging Yansui for a look, and was blown again indecently. By this time, she was already blank in her heart, knowing that it was impossible, but she was not reconciled to this. Possibly, she made the last transaction with Yan Sui. After completing this transaction, it would be very difficult for her to return to the Tang family. Since then, she has really been alone and is a ghost nowhere to go.

After all, I am still unwilling, I do n’t understand why a person like Yan Sui is so desperate for an ordinary woman like Wen Zhen. This kind of unwillingness made her follow up, and did n’t know what she was going to do. I just wanted to see it clearly this time. To see what exactly it is.

Or so, can we completely extinguish the wildfire in my heart.

After playing for a long time, this chapter will talk about love first.

(End of this chapter)