Merry Master In The City

Chapter 101 Shameless!

"Break up? How could you break up well?" Qin Wei curiously wondered that Feng Ruru did not have a good face when he came here just now. It seems that he had a quarrel with Teng Wei. The quarrel between couples is normal. No big deal.

"Yeah, Ruru keeps saying that I'm in a hurry, saying that I'm sacking, and I blame me for not calling you." Teng Wei told his pain, and now he has forgotten the pain in his body.

"Is it really because of this that I broke up with you?" Qin Wei took Teng Wei's shoulders, motioned him not to be so excited, and made things clear. In Qin Wei's impression, Feng Ruru is a very smart girl, So her reason for breaking up will not be so simple.

"Ru Ru said that I'm not as good as you, I'm not as handsome as you, I'm not as good as you at work, and I don't earn as much as you. Even if I am bullied, I still call you to cheer for me." Teng Wei tells the truth He said that he and Qin Wei are good brothers for more than ten years, and there is no need to hide something from him.

"..." Qin Wei didn't know what to say. Could he apologize to Teng Wei himself? I'm sorry, it ’s my brother. I ’m too good, so you are inferior in comparison. Qin Wei is very confused. At the same time, his impression of Feng Ruru is greatly reduced. It seems that this is a girl who only admits money, but does not recognize others. She broke up well, but what worries Qin Wei is that he can see that Teng Wei moved sincerely with Feng Ruru. This is the most troublesome. Teng Wei has a straight heart and wants to get out of a relationship. A lot of time.

"Brother Qin, what should I do? I already told my dad to marry Ru Ru, and he was already planning a wedding." Teng Wei had no idea for a while and wanted Qin Wei to give himself a plan.

"..." Qin Wei had no choice but to get married soon? Isn't this kidding? In order to make Teng Wei not so sad, Qin Wei simply diverted his attention and said, "Tell me, what's going on." Qin Wei pointed to Teng Wei's face, the meaning was obvious.

Qin Wei's words made Teng Wei forget the emotional trauma, but remembered the physical pain, he covered his face and said, "I drink with Ru Ru at the bar, and then I do n’t know what happened. Xu Tian and they are also The bar, and then came to find something on purpose. I called you and didn't get through. They used this reason to beat me up. Xu Tian was still playing with me in front of me. "

"Then how did you do that?" Qin Wei asked.

"I ... what else can I do? I can only look at Xu Tian ... Brother Qin, I'm not you, I'm not as powerful as you, and I can't fight like you ... So ..." Teng Wei looked With the eyes in Qin Wei's eyes, he didn't choose to continue because he had no courage to continue.

"So you persuaded it, right?" Qin Wei asked, his tone a little heavy.

"Yes ... I counseled ..." Teng Wei didn't dare to look at Qin Wei, only to bow his head, like a child who did something wrong, waiting for the reprimand of his parents. Not much great, but the first time he was bullied, Qin Wei took the lead for himself. This was a habit from more than ten years of age, how did he change it?

No wonder Feng Ruru will break up with you. Any woman can bear such a man, Qin Wei will not fall down, because Teng Wei's nature is like this, timid and cowardly, this cannot be changed by anyone. The only thing Qin Wei can do is As a child, I took the initiative for Teng Wei, but we had to change it.

"Who hit you today?" Qin Wei asked directly. He wanted to know who made Teng Wei like this, and how much they hated themselves.

"Xu Tian, ​​as well as those people who were in the parking lot that day, they said that they had long been resentful to you, and they always wanted to get revenge on you, but they just didn't find the opportunity." He was bruised and bruised, but he didn't blame Qin Wei and his brotherhood, which Feng Ruru didn't understand.

It's Xu Tian again. You didn't find you. How dare you dwell with me? It seems that it will not work without giving you a lesson. Qin Wei patted Teng Wei's shoulder and said, "Xiao Wei, I will handle this matter, do you believe me?"

"Brother Qin, I believe in you, I have always believed in you!" Teng Wei smiled, as if the two returned to ten years ago, Teng Wei knew that Qin Wei had never let himself down.

"Let's go and take you to deal with the wound to save the infection." Qin Wei staggered over Teng Wei, not to say much, this is the man's affection, this is his good brother, even if he was beaten for more than ten years There was no complaint, the two walked away in the dark night, and drifted away ...

Also on the way home, Feng Ruru was treated much better. Mickey followed Qin Wei's instructions and drove her home.

"Are you Qin Wei's girlfriend?" Feng Ruru asked first. Although she was not familiar with Mickey and even jealous of her, this did not prevent her from wanting to know anything from Mickey. She was such a person. Woman, turning your face is faster than turning your books.

"You seem to like Qin Wei very much." Mi Qi drove the car. She was very cold about Feng Ruru. To be precise, she thought the problem was very rude. She was not familiar with Feng Ruru, so she was very disgusted. What is Qin Wei's relationship with you?

"Not like it, but I like it very much. Which woman like Qin Wei doesn't love it? He is handsome, humorous, successful, and knows how to please women." Feng Ruru apparently said these words. She has regarded herself as Qin Wei's girlfriend. She is a woman who dares to speak and dare to do it. Since seeing Qin Wei at ktv that day, she has loved him at first sight.

When Mi Qi heard Feng Ruru's words, she was very disdainful: "Don't forget that you have a boyfriend." Mi Qi reminded Feng Ruru, don't eat the bowl and look at the pot.

"What about having a boyfriend? Besides, we have already broken up." Feng Ruru spread his arms and looked indifferent. What he cared about was this. Now that he has broken up with Teng Wei, he is a free man, so who do he like, It ’s okay to be with anyone, no one is talking about it.

"Break up?" Mi Qi didn't understand Feng Ruru's words. She thought she was ridiculous. She said that she was going to get engaged with Teng Wei that day.

"Just now, just divided." Feng Ruru said calmly, now she feels very relaxed, without Teng Wei's restraint, she can find a better one herself. If you can be with Qin Wei, you will have light on your face.

"Is it to be with Qin Wei?" Mi Qi asked directly.

"Yes." Feng Ruru nodded: "Qin Wei is excellent, I like it!" When she saw Qin Wei win the championship on TV, she thought about pursuing him.

"Excellent? Ha ha, if you met Qin Wei five years ago, would you still think he is excellent?" Mi Qi asked, Qin Wei also got better in these two years. In the past, he and Teng Wei It ’s almost the same, excellent? Oh, this is just a rhetoric, Mickey is very disdainful.

"I won't love Qin Wei in the past, I will only love Qin Wei now." Feng Ruru laughed. She understood Mickey's meaning. She was fancy about Qin Wei's money, and Feng Ruru's meaning was clear. I will only be with the rich Qin Wei!

When the community arrived, Feng Ruru also got out of the car and turned around, "Although Qin Wei asked you to send me back, I still want to thank you for our family Qin Wei!"

"Hehe." Mickey sneered, without speaking, she didn't know what to use to describe Feng Ruru, shameless? It seems too light.

Only with the rich and noble, can not share sufferings, this is Mickey's evaluation of Feng Ruru.