Merry Master In The City

Chapter 102 What a Summer Tea!

Although s city is not an international metropolis, sparrows are small and have all the internal organs. Because of the terrain, s city has good scenery all year round, so Liu Yihan chose to take his staff to go outing on weekends, summer The outings are much more beautiful than the spring outings. At least many flowers and trees have grown very lush. The air in the suburbs is even more fresh, and the smell of mud is spreading out, making people feel refreshed.

Qin Wei and Liu Yihan led the staff to the foot of Daqing Mountain early. The scenery here is beautiful, but few people know it. Qin Wei deliberately found it by driving on it. There are also streams under the mountain. They are a good place for an outing.

There are no managers and general managers here. Everyone is equal and all friends, and Liu Yihan is also very happy to chat with Hong Fei. Liu Yihan usually works besides work. How can I have time to relax and relax now? Although Liu Yihan was having a good chat with others, Qin Wei was still peeping at him from time to time.

Qin Wei is not Liu Yihan. He has so much leisure to play. He is now preparing the barbecue shelf, otherwise everyone will be hungry at lunch time.

"Brother Qin, this ... can you do it?" Lu Shuang came over and watched Qin Wei fiddle with the assembly shelf and asked. Although she believed in Qin Wei's business mind, she really questioned Qin Wei's ability to operate. .

"Rest assured, no problem, just a moment later." Qin Wei grinned, and then busy the guy in his hand.

"But ... you said that ten minutes ago, otherwise, manager, leave this to me." Lu Shuang went to Qin Wei and took the assembly shelf from his hand. Is this so complicated? Can't install it for so long? Lu Shuang said secretly in his heart.

"This ... can you?" Qin Wei said, and did not know where the equipment Miss had obtained was all in English, wasn't it bullying myself to understand the bird language.

"Of course, my uncle's house is dedicated to opening this specialty store, and it's dazzling. Anyway, these things are almost the same, it should be fine." Lu Shuang started to start, and didn't read the manual at all, and assembled directly. It was done in less than five minutes, which made Qin Wei very shameless, quite shameless.

"Lao Qin, are you okay? No little girl understands it!" Chen Ming fished in the distance, not forgetting to ridicule Qin Wei after seeing this scene, since he was promoted, the relationship with Qin Wei is even better. He understands that only if he has a good relationship with Qin Wei can he be promoted. This is not the time Qin Wei has just been promoted to vice president, he proposed to the company that Chen Ming be promoted to sales manager, and everyone has no objection. status.

"Haha, Swee Swee Swee, I'm not very good at assembly." Qin Wei said embarrassed, rub it, everyone knows in his heart, why bother to say it, hurting feelings.

"Manager." Lu Shuang approached Qin Wei, mysteriously said, "I found out that President Liu seemed to be interesting to you. She didn't look at you right." Lu Shuang didn't just talk about it, she also observed for a long time. Now, although Liu Yihan is usually harsh on Qin Wei, his eyes are full of care.

"You've all discovered this?" Qin Weixuan wondered. He thought that only two people knew about the young lady and his affairs. Now even Lv Shuang can see it, how poor the acting skills of the young lady is. You have to talk to the young lady yourself. According to Han Nianxing, it is to keep a low profile.

"Everyone found it, you still covered your ears and stole the bell!" Lu Shuang laughed, and then reached out to Hong Fei and pointed them out, only to see the kids laughing at him and Liu Yihan, and the young lady followed. Laughing, what is the rhythm of this Nima?

"Manager, Mr. Liu is a good girl. Don't miss it. If we can take Mr. Liu down, we will follow along with you." Lu Shuang grinned, probably because the scenery of Daqingshan is good, Lu Shuang's My courage is also a bit bolder, and I dare to joke with Qin Wei.

"I'll deduct your salary any more!" Qin Wei pretended to be angry, but he and the young lady really should have a result, not so ambiguous.

"Hey, I just said that, you are really angry with the manager." Lu Shuang ran away with a smile. Although Qin Wei was already the vice president of the company, she also called the manager to scream for a while and did not change.

"Lu Shuang, how is it?" Hong Fei called Lu Shuang and asked.

"The manager didn't say anything, and said that if I say anything else, my salary would be deducted." Lu Shuang muttered, and he was kind, but was regarded by Qin Wei as a donkey.

"He just talked right and wrong. You didn't see him look at President Liu's eyes, and his eyes were all shiny. How could it be boring? Rest assured, when we have lunch at noon ..." Hong Fei whispered something to Lu Shuang, It looks very mysterious, like some conspiracy.

After listening, Shuang Lu looked up and asked, "Can you do this? Is it reliable?"

"There's something like that, just do it then." Hong Fei was well-informed, men and women a little bit, broke through that layer of window paper and said nothing.

Lu Shuang was dubious, but he still chose to obey. After all, Hong Fei was experienced in this aspect. People were married and the children were almost out.

Lu Shuang helped Qin Wei to assemble the barbecue rack, and Qin Wei took out the barbecue and everything. These were prepared by the young lady. The young lady can look at the food that is of the highest quality, so it is said that this delicate beef It will cost several hundred yuan a catty. Nima, I will eat to death when I see it. I'm rubbing the red wine brought by the young lady! Lafite? Nima, what a special outing, isn't this just for burning money?

Nima! At that time, Lao Tzu must have opened his arms and drank hard. He didn't have enough money to deposit, so he had to let his stomach enjoy it.

"Haha, everyone, look, I'm fishing!" At this moment, Chen Ming shouted happily. It turned out that he had caught a big fish. This morning's work was not in vain, but he was rewarded.

Several good believers rushed to see, and there were also some people who were ridiculous. After all, Chen Ming is now also a manager level, how can those small employees compare.

Chen Ming took off the fishhook and threw the fish into the bucket, and said, "This is all right. You can have grilled fish at noon!"

"But who will bake it?"

"Let Qin Wei bake it." At this moment, Liu Yihan gave an order, and no one talked much, and a few of the kids hid aside and chuckled. President Liu ordered no one to resist.

"Nima!" Qin Wei Yangtian sighed, did this come out for an outing, or do labor, again set up a tent, and grilled fish, really took himself as a errand, Qin Wei cast a Liu Yihan Poor eyes, who knows that the young lady even covered her mouth and laughed. Nima, it turned out that all this was planned.

Forget it, since it's already this way, I recognize it! Qin Wei turned on the crazy dog ​​mode and started grilling meat. Fortunately, the meat prepared by the young lady was already packed, and it was ready to be grilled directly. Qin Wei took out his secret barbecue sauce from the trunk of the car. After brushing on the beef, after a while, the meat was fragrant and attracted everyone to watch.

"Qin Brother, why is the meat you copied so fragrant, what's the secret?"

"Brother Qin, I just saw that you used special seasonings. Could you tell me, my aunt's family runs a barbecue restaurant, can I let her learn from you?"

"It turned out that you came to steal the teacher. Be careful the general manager knows that your salary will be deducted!"

Several people laughed and laughed, it ’s really lively. Qin Wei likes this atmosphere. The birds are fragrant and the most important thing is that people relax a lot. Through the crowd, Qin Wei saw Liu Yihan walking towards herself with a smile on her face Is the most beautiful scenery this summer ...