Merry Master In The City

Chapter 103 Summer Confession of Tea!

"Chengyu, here you have grilled barbecue. Take it with them to eat." Qin Wei handed Chengyu Dao his freshly grilled barbecue, saying what created opportunities for himself, rub, Miss NPC came over , How many of you are still hurrying away?

"Brother Qin, we understand. We won't give you a light bulb, let's go." Chengyu plate, smelled, really fragrant, who has such a beautiful barbecue for you!

"Then don't hurry up!" Qin Wei cursed with a smile.

"Success, let's go!" Chengyu laughed and led his colleague to dinner, instead of working as a light bulb for Qin Wei, they also wanted to see if this Qin Wei could handle Liu Yihan. Liu Yihan was in the eyes of a male colleague. It is the existence of a goddess. If Qin Wei can handle it, it is to add glory to the face of a male colleague.

Liu Yihan walked along the grass with a smile and walked all the way, full of spring breeze, the breeze blowing blossoming petals and embellishing the charming face of the young lady, the beauty is like a picture scroll, Qin Wei looks fascinated, he is so uninterested.

Qin Wei felt that he should also leave a refreshing impression to the young lady this summer, so he put a pose on his face, and unconsciously raised the angle of 45 °. He hoped that there would also be flowers to decorate it at this time. Myself, but there are only the jokes of colleagues, and the dog tail grass thrown over.

"Miss, you are so beautiful, just like a hibiscus flower." Qin Wei grinned, and before Liu Yihan opened his mouth, he started his own sugar-coated shell. He knew too much about Miss's temper and always liked it Run on myself, and now I will please her first to see what else she can do.

"Why? Toad wants to eat swan meat?" Liu Yihan walked to Qin Wei's front and saw him pretending to look, Liu Yihan couldn't help laughing.

rub! Qin Wei couldn't help but glance at the young lady, how do you treat me as a toad? Have you seen such a tall and handsome toad? Qin Wei skimmed his lips and said, "I'm not a toad."

"Oh? What are you?" Miss asked, she wanted to hear Qin Wei's self-knowledge.

"I'm Huang Niba!" Qin Wei said.

"Hey!" Liu Yihan almost sprayed blood on Qin Wei's face. What are you? Still yellow mud? Liu Yihan's stomach all smiled and said, "Qin Wei, you can pull it off too!"

pull? Do i have I have always been serious!

Qin Wei looked down at the young lady with a scornful look, and said earnestly: "You are a hibiscus flower, I am a yellow mud bar, and without my fertile yellow mud bar, where is the hibiscus flower that you are all over the country!" pull? If I come around you every day and dare to be a green leaf against you, can you be so beautiful?

Liu Yihan listened to Qin Wei's words for a few seconds, because Qin Wei's shame was beyond his own acceptable range, and then he laughed. It seems that he can have an excuse to laugh at Qin Wei, Huang Niba ? I think it's a good name.

rub! Lao Tzu managed to drag the text, so he couldn't cooperate. Qin Weiqi rolled his eyes and continued to roast the meat on the stove.

"The smell you baked is really fragrant." Liu Yihan sucked his nose and flunked his nose.

"Of course. I have secret grilling materials. If I can marinate them last night, I will make them more fragrant!" Qin Wei looked proud, but the secret seasoning was when he worked for others. I stole it, Qin Wei pondered that he would also open a barbecue restaurant in the future, and the business should be good.

"You craft, you can open a barbecue restaurant, how good it is to be your own boss!" Liu Yihan laughed, she did not expect that she and Qin Wei thought of going together.

"Will you come to be my boss lady then?" Qin Wei looked up. I was in pain for a young lady, but itchy, please come and scratch my expression.

"You are so beautiful!" Liu Yihan saw Qin Wei's grinning look, and couldn't help but give her a blank look.

Qin Wei looked at the young lady and smiled, not going to argue with her, everything went with her. He seemed to be used to it. Qin Wei picked up a piece of barbecue, blew it, and sent it to Liu Yihan's mouth and said, "Lady, come and try Let's see why this meat is unqualified! "

Liu Yihan smiled, then opened his mouth, the meat is the entrance, Liu Yihan felt that it was extremely tender and smooth, and there were some spicy, very delicious.

"Yes, it has reached the level where it can be opened." Liu Yihan nodded and praised, she did not expect Qin Wei to still have this function, it seems to look at him differently.

"How do you think I'm so handsome and handsome now?" Qin Wei was a little proud. He approached Liu Yihan, took out a tissue, and gently wiped off the oil in the corner of the young lady's mouth. This scene happened to be Lu Shuang Hongfei Several of them saw it.

"Be together! Be together!" Lu Shuang shouted, and the excitement was as if she were a heroine.

"Dear one! Dear one!" Hong Fei also yelled in guts, looking good, with free lenses to see who didn't.

Qin Weibai glanced at this group of stinky and lively people, secretly in his heart, don't you just want to watch a good show? I just don't let you see it!

"Miss, let's go over there?" Qin Wei asked with a smile.

"Well," Liu Yihan nodded, he agreed.

"Then let's go." Qin Wei reached out and begged Liu Yihan to go first, then turned around and made a face at Lu Shuang, which means he can't look at it this time!

"Cut!" Hong Fei and his several people booed, and then went on to eat barbecue instead of Qin Wei.

Qin Wei and Liu Yihan walked side by side along the river, flowing water, overflowing with flowers, and occasionally a few birds flew over to add some interest to the two. Qin Wei looked at the flowering Liu Yihan beside him, Qin Wei's heart moved, so this summer, this sunny afternoon, he took the initiative to take her hand.

Liu Yihan smiled, and leaned his head lightly on Qin Wei's shoulder.

The beauty is holding, Qin Wei's mood is quite good. If there is no young lady holding him, he can fly up, he hums the song in a good mood ...

"The mountains are full of wild flowers, and you hide from me to the west."

"I want to hold your hand, let's cross the river together."

"You picked red mangosteen again and gave it to me one by one."

"Happy sunrise and sunset, and stay with me for a hundred years."

Qin Wei hummed the song, took the hand of the young lady, walked past the green grass, walked through the water of the Xi River, picked a dog tail grass, and finally came under the hawthorn tree, Qin Wei bent with the With a ring, she looked at the young lady on one knee, and said affectionately, "Beautiful girl, I seem to be in love with you ..."