Merry Master In The City

Chapter 104 What a Summer Tea Gift!

"Miss, I seem to be in love with you, be my girlfriend!" Qin Wei knelt down on one knee, looking at Liu Yihan with a sincere look, Qin Wei swears that he has never been so sincere, he is also thoughtful, Can not go on with the endless ambiguity of the young lady, you must quickly decide!

Liu Yihan looked at Qin Wei who was kneeling in front of himself, and smiled without saying a word. No one knew what the young lady was thinking now, but the arc of that mouth had already betrayed her.

amount? !! The young lady kept smirking. This is ... stupid? Qin Wei thought in his heart, can't, it must be that the young lady was touched by herself, unable to speak, and it seemed that she had to work harder to win it again.

"Miss, when I was poor, it was you who was with me. Although we were not familiar at that time, it was your salary of a few hundred dollars that made me regain confidence in life. When I was sick and injured, I was with you Mine is you. Although it was because of you, I was willing, no regrets. If there is another time, I will still do that, because in this life, I want to protect you from the wind and rain ... Qin Wei's eye circles were a little reddish. To touch the young lady, she had to touch herself first!

Qin Wei thought that his words were enough to impress Liu Yihan, but what surprised him was that the young lady still looked at herself silently. Qin Wei blinked, couldn't she move out of this life and couldn't move her? It seems only come out of my life.

"Miss, in fact, you don't know anything." Qin Wei sighed and looked at the green grass, his eyes blurred, as if his thoughts had drifted far away, and said, "Five hundred years ago, I was a long-time worker in your family. When I peeked at you by the window, I fell in love with you deeply. Don't blame why I didn't tell you, because I couldn't send you a text message without a mobile phone at that time, so I ... "

"Qin Wei, will you always guard me?" Liu Yihan suddenly interrupted Qin Wei's words and asked. She listened to Qin Wei's words and thought of the two of them. In the office, in the parking lot, all the past flowed. On my mind.

"Miss, you are my face, my tenderness and my eyes, I will always guard you, and will not let you suffer any grievances and injuries." Qin Wei stood up, holding Liu Yihan's hands seriously.

"Really?" Liu Yihan asked.

"Miss." Qin Wei said urgently: "If you cry, I wish it was the toilet paper in your hand, if you woke up, I wish it was the scum in your eyes, and if you died of the heat, I wish that you were the only one left It's not three feet! "Qin Wei shouted loudly, his voice spread long and long.

"Pervert!" Said the young lady.

"Haha, then you just agreed." Qin Wei now has a cool word in his heart. Before Liu Yihan reacts, Qin Wei embraces Liu Yihan and earns several laps in excitement. !!

"Wow!" Just on the grass not far away, Lu Shuang and Hong Fei also excitedly roared and shouted. It turned out that they had been following Qin Wei quietly, just to see what happened to Qin Wei and Liu Yihan. Now that Qin Wei has been successful, they are also very happy. Qin Wei went out of the sales department and later met other colleagues in the company. His face also had face!

"Qin Wei, let me down, they all saw it!" Liu Yihan whispered in Qin Wei's ear, but her heart was sweet. She was very happy to come to this outing and let her get what she wanted Want happiness.

"Then let them look good." Qin Wei hugged Liu Yihan and felt the softness of her body. Qin Wei felt like she was dreaming now. Is the young lady mine? Qin Wei has been muttering this sentence repeatedly.

"Well, don't make me cry anymore, you know?" Liu Yihan stared at Qin Weidao.

"Don't worry, I will never make you sad and cry again, I will definitely hurt you well, just relax and wait to be your boss lady!" Qin Wei suddenly tapped on the lips of the young lady, this time it was My own woman, if you do n’t want to be as close as you want? Your good day is coming!

"Wow! Kiss me!" Hong Fei shouted in the distance, and the shouts could even reach Qin Wei's ears.

"Qin Brother, even if you are in love, you have to eat first. Where can you talk if you don't eat!" Chengyu ran over and shouted at Qin Wei. If there is a firecracker now, he will definitely give it a point.

"Yeah, before we come back for dinner, we'll all finish it for you!" Lu Shuang shouted with his hands next to his mouth.

"Qin Wei, let's go back, don't let them wait." Liu Yihan said.

"Okay, listen to you all." Qin Wei took Liu Yihan's hand, and two people walked to the camp. Qin Wei not only took the hand of the young lady, but also touched it by the way. It used to be sneaky before, now let go It feels different when I touch it, it is really refreshing and smooth!

Qin Wei and Liu Yihan walked back to the camp. I saw that my colleagues had already lined up in two lines. The men's team and the women's pair, Lu Shuang and Hong Fei were at the front of the team!

"Warmly welcome the two newcomers back to our team!" Hong Fei yelled loudly, and shouted out, and was particularly imposing, almost frightening Qin Wei.

"Let us warmly applaud the newcomers with applause! I hope they will love each other forever!" Lu Shuang also followed, and the two of them sang and agreed, obviously both planned!

I rub! What is this doing? Qin Wei and Liu Yihan looked at each other and did not know what to do, because the scene was too similar to the wedding scene. Nima! Don't use purple sauce! Qin Wei secretly said in his heart, blind date? Did n’t you kiss the young lady just now? Are you going to kiss again? Then kiss it once, anyway, you don't suffer, Qin Wei thought to myself.

"Two lovers below, please accept our most sincere blessings!" At this time Chengyu didn't know where it came from, and spilled a handful of wild flowers on Qin Wei's body. They did not dare to pretend to be with Liu Yihan, after all, That was the general manager of the company, so he had to take Qin Wei.

Nima, Qin Wei suddenly felt a scent of dirt coming out of his face, using wild flowers? Your blessing is too cheap! As soon as Qin Wei opened his eyes, he saw Hong Fei throwing a bunch of wild flowers at himself, and it seemed that they had just picked them. Qin Wei could not avoid shouting loudly: "Miss, come and save me!"

Qin Wei's words drew everyone to laugh, and Liu Yihan also enjoyed it, making the outing a lot of fun ...

Everyone was upset, and they sat down to eat barbecue, while Hong Fei and Chen Ming drank with Qin Wei. They drank very easily. They spent a few hours unconsciously in the laughter and talked about the furnace. After so long, it was time to go back to the city, and Liu Yihan drove back in advance because of something in the company.

At that moment, Lu Shuang suddenly came to Qin Wei and said, "Qin Brother, we just prepared a gift for you and President Liu, and hid it under the opposite mountain. Do you dare to get it?" Said Lu Shuang pointed to the hill road not far away.

"Yes, Brother Qin, this is our intention!" Hong Fei laughed.

Qin Wei, who drank a few bottles of beer, suddenly said, "What dare you, I'll go, I can't let you down!" After Qin Wei strode across the hill like a meteor!

Qin Wei drifted away, and Lu Shuang and Hong Fei laughed a lot, saying: "Brother Qin is gone, let's quickly withdraw."

A few people packed up their equipment and returned to the city secretly, but Qin Wei didn't know he had been tricked yet, and was looking for gifts with joy ...