Merry Master In The City

Chapter 105: A Fairy Falls From The Sky! (on)

Qin Wei is dreaming of a beautiful dream. Today, she holds a beautiful woman and has a gift. This is really a beautiful thing of falling out of the pie in the sky. She didn't realize she was being tricked, because Qin Wei has arrived at the foot of the hill, which is different from the camp where she is stationed The reason is that this place is densely wooded, and there are trees that have been around for hundreds of years. In the setting sun, the light cannot come in, and the forest looks a little dark.

Nima, it ’s not good to choose a place. I actually chose it here, rub it. How can I find it? Qin Wei secretly cursed in his heart, but he did n’t turn his back on the bow, he could only look for it, Qin Wei lowered his head. I am afraid that the branches will scratch you. After all, the eighty-five-meter man is really hard to find under these dwarf trees.

Qin Wei lowered his head, and suddenly his eyes lightened. He found a delicate red ring gift box under a tree. Isn't this a gift? Seeing that the packaging should not be cheap, Qin Wei was ecstatic in his heart, and he was immediately rushing to the gift box. When he was one step away from the gift box, he felt that something was wrong. On the ground, it actually fell down now, Nima, this is a trap!

Qin Wei screamed endlessly, but he didn't do anything trivial, and he couldn't ascend, leaving his body to fall.

boom! With a muffled sound, Qin Wei fell to the ground.

"I'll wipe your uncle!" Qin Wei couldn't help scolding, Nima, the feeling was that the boys were playing with Qin Wei, and then they came over, but that's not true. If this is really a trap, this pit may be too deep. Come on, Qin Wei lay on the bottom of the pit and looked up. This pit must be at least three meters high. Nima, why don't we go out?

Qin Wei shook his head, trying to find a way, otherwise he would starve to death, but this turn did not matter, Qin Wei actually found a beautiful girl lying on the left! Do not! To be exact, a fairy! Did this fairy fall into the pit? Qin Wei secretly said in his heart.

The woman was wearing a white coat. This white coat was not like a modern robe, like a robe worn by ancients. It was snow-white, like Han Qianer. But this woman was like a fairy, and she did n’t eat fireworks. The key is that she was lying Motionless there, Qin Wei didn't know she was a human or a ghost.

Nima, it ’s not like hell in the daytime. Although it ’s almost dark now, do n’t scare me! Qin Wei thought in his heart.

"Hey! Are you alive or dead!" Qin Wei asked.

The woman in white didn't answer. She just lay there, as if isolated from the world. Qin Wei just looked far away, and felt as if she was a person from two worlds, Nima, how she would be alive and well. !! Qin Wei didn't dare to imagine, but out of curiosity, he approached boldly and wanted to see the face of a woman. He died under the peony flower, and he was also a ghost. Besides, this is still a dead ghost. What is terrible!

Qin Wei approached and stretched his neck to take a look. Nima, it doesn't matter. Qin Wei's sight can no longer leave. It is really beautiful and cannot be described by words.

When the woman struck white as snow, she was astonished, like a dragon, because she was lying on the ground, and Qin Wei could not see how tall she was, but it was estimated to be about one meter seven, because of the light, Qin Wei went again. In the next step, I saw a woman with a delicate face, exquisite and windy, two curved Emei as slender, and her skin was as smooth as jade, but her face was a bit pale, her cherry mouth, Qin Wei approached again It seems that they are not very old, probably in their twenties.

Qin Wei compared with two hands, Nima, this is the standard three courts and five eyes, standard classical beauty, oh no, accurate is the fairy! Get closer, get closer, Qin Wei must take a look! Even if she is a dead ghost! But it's also a pretty ghost who is so embarrassing!

Qin Wei is getting closer and closer, and the skin will almost stick, after all, Qin Wei is not resistant to women!

"You haven't seen enough!" Just then the fairy suddenly opened her eyes, Xingmu opened her eyes and stared at Qin Wei!

"I wiped it!" Qin Wei fell to the ground and was shocked by the sudden noise of the woman, and said, "Are you a human or a ghost?" You can imagine how obsessed Qin Wei was watching.

"Have you seen enough! Keke!" The woman was clearly suffocated by Qin Wei, moved her breath, and could not help but cough twice.

"It turned out to be alive? I thought you ..." Qin Wei didn't say more. He thought that the fairy now was a little more popular, and maybe she was angry, but it didn't matter, it was stronger than just now.

The woman glared at Qin Wei and seemed to want to kill him with his eyes. Qin Wei also glared at the woman. He wanted to melt her with tenderness, but Qin Wei was defeated because the woman's eyes were a frozen arrow that could shoot herself , Qin Wei can only choose to escape, his eyes moved down, Nima, this beauty is actually flat-chested ... Qin Wei stays on the woman's chest ...

"Don't you dare to watch! I won't pack you!" The woman shot a silver needle from her sleeve as she spoke, like Qin Wei shot!

Qin Wei has never seen anything like this, but before he responded to the silver needle, he stuck it on his nose!

"Ah! I wipe!" Qin Wei couldn't help screaming, but he was relieved after a second, because Qin Wei didn't feel any pain at all. After the needle touched his nose, it fell off and didn't pierce. Into his own flesh, it turns out that this chick is not strong enough!

"Don't call! Keke!" The woman saw Qin Wei shouting and stopped immediately, because she was too anxious, she coughed even more, and her face became paler, as if she would use her own energy!

"Are you injured?" Qin Wei approached with a kind look.

"Don't come over! Pervert!" The woman warned, she used all her strength to move her body and wanted to stay away from Qin Wei.

"Who do you say is a satyr!" Qin Wei said unwillingly, and he kindly wanted to care about you, and actually called me a satyr!

"You're not a satyr, you stared at me for so long!" The woman argued reasonably. Although she closed her eyes just now, she could feel every move of Qin Wei. He had been staring at himself, and just now Actually in front of her face, looking at her chest, this is intolerable for women.

"I'm not a satyr, I just want to see if you are a human or a ghost!" Of course Qin Wei won't admit it, which satyr you've seen say he's a satyr! Besides, I pay close attention to my impression in front of beautiful women.

"You nonsense ... you!" The woman did not say a few words, her face became paler, apparently being coughed by Qin Weiqi, and coughing again.

Qin Wei saw that she could cough if she couldn't say two words, and her body was undulating, and she kept a posture for a long time. Qin Wei then responded and asked, "Are you injured?"

The woman ignored Qin Wei and turned her head to the side. She felt that the man in front of him was a shameless satyr. If it wasn't because he was injured, a needle could clean him up! Where else would he be bullied!

"Don't you say so? Okay!" Qin Wei sneered, then tidy up his clothes and walked towards the woman. What about you being so beautiful, I won't eat yours, don't tell me, right? , Then I will see for myself!

"What are you doing!" The woman watched Qin Wei approaching her with vigilance, while moving her body backwards, but because her leg was injured, she couldn't move at all, she could only rely on the strength of her upper body to support herself.

"Run! This fart is bigger, and I can see where you can go!" Qin Wei said loudly, completely changed from the giggling look just now.

"Don't come over!" The woman panicked.

"Oh, shout!" Qin Wei mocked, who can you shout in this deep mountain old forest, Qin Wei walked to the woman, crouched down, grabbed the woman's leg, but just took it, Qin Wei knew the woman's The leg might be injured, it should be a fracture, otherwise she won't be able to move. Qin Wei had learned a little massage with an old man before, so he wanted to find out exactly where the injury was, so he turned his hands up.

"You!" The woman couldn't bear it anymore, saying that time and time later, a silver needle shot out, and unlike the previous one, it was stuck directly on Qin Wei's ass.

"Ah, it hurts!" Qin Wei jumped directly from the ground in pain, showing that the force of this needle is different from that just now.

"Don't shout ... cough ..." Due to the excessive force, the woman coughed more than once, showing that it really hurt her vitality.

"You don't let me shout!" Qin Wei not only shouted, but shouted so loudly!

After hearing Qin Wei's words, the woman's eyes widened suddenly, just like the enemy!

"Brother! I seem to hear someone shouting!"

A man's voice came from overhead!