Merry Master In The City

Chapter 106: A Fairy Falls From The Sky! (under)

Qin Wei heard the shout of a man above his head, and was overjoyed. Now, do n’t worry about how to get out. Just yell a few times and call them to let them save themselves. Think of this, Qin Wei took a deep breath and prepared Call for help!

"If you dare to shout, I'll kill you with a pin!" The woman seemed to see Qin Wei's mind, and at the same time held up the silver needle in her hand, the silver needle was dazzling and flashed Qin Wei's eyes.

"Ha ?!" Qin Wei immediately closed his mouth and said nothing, didn't I just shout? Why are you piercing me with a needle? Qin Wei touched his buttocks with his hands. Does it still hurt? Damn, why is this chick so hot?

When the woman saw Qin Wei not speaking, he gave him a glance, put away the silver needle in his hand, turned his head to the side and ignored Qin Wei. If he dared to move his mind, he would use this silver needle to kill him. , Even with him.

"Beauty, what's your name?" In order to reassure a woman, Qin Wei deliberately squatted beside the pit, far away from her. Qin Wei was not in a hurry. To be with such a stunning beauty, the first thing was her contact information. !!

The woman closed her eyes and slapped her eyes, and did not care about Qin Wei at all. Her temperament was so cold, she didn't like to talk to people, and it was better to restore her vitality if she had the skill to speak.

"Beauty, my name is Qin Wei, hey, meet me, but to be honest, your leg is not bad, it may be a fracture. If you believe me, I will help you, I have learned from an old man before A few hands. "Qin Wei said with a smile, saying that he was walking towards the beauty, wanting to be close.

"Don't come over!" The beautiful lady lit up the silver needle in her hand again! It was a warning to Qin Wei, she did not believe that Qin Wei was a gentleman!

"..." Qin Wei was speechless. Why is this little girl so fond of moving needles, she is not a nurse, Qin Wei has suffered, so she crouched back to the pit obediently, watching Laozi draw a circle of curses you! Qin Wei secretly said in his heart.

"Beauty, how should I call you? It's not always appropriate to shout like this, right?" Qin Wei whispered.

"Beauty, why are you here? Did you fall in like me? Did your leg break like this?" Qin Wei said with an expression that I guessed.

"No, right, I think you are also a kung fu man, how could you be so careless?" Qin Wei shook his head as he said.

The stunning woman glanced at Qin Wei. He was right. He did fall into this place and broke his leg. If it was not because of internal injuries, how could this three-meter-high be trapped by himself? I was closing my eyes and meditating to restore my vitality. Who knew that a Qin Wei who descended from the sky disturbed his thoughts and made himself lose all his achievements. It is also light to pierce him with a needle! Never seen such shameless!

"Three brothers, it seems that I heard someone shouting just now."

The voice from above was the man who had just spoken.

"Fifth Master, let's look separately. The demon girl should not run far after suffering internal injuries. It is near here. This is a good opportunity for us to contribute to the martial arts. We must not let it go!" Another man said, compared with the master , This man's voice seems much thicker, it seems that the internal strength is good.

"Yes! I'll look for it!" Said his brother.

"Remember, weeding and rooting out! The evildoers must not stay alive!" The brother asked.

So they are also in the martial arts? Men's conversations were all heard by Qin Wei, the demon girl? Could it be her? Qin Wei turned her head and looked at the woman. What looks like a fairy, do you actually say that she is a demon? Don't let me see you, I must see you lazily pumping you!

and many more? Not alive? No wonder the little girl didn't let herself be called. She was afraid that she would really attract the wolf. It seems that this woman really suffered internal injuries as they said. Unfortunately, such a beautiful woman, Qin Wei shook her head and sighed.

"What's your sigh!" The stunning woman scolded, but her voice was low and only the people in the deep pit could hear it.

"Sigh for you, such a beautiful girl, I do n’t know what to do if they get caught ... Unfortunately ..." Qin Wei sighed again, he really felt sorry for her, but also for I regret myself, I haven't gotten to her yet, anyway, this deep pit is not a hidden place, and sooner or later will be found by the other party.

"You're embarrassed to say that if it weren't for you, I would have recovered half of my internal strength! Keke ..." After hearing the words from Qin Wei, the stunning woman said, "I would still be afraid of them with this half of my skill? "The amazing woman is very confident in this sentence, and she is convinced of her skills.

"Cut." Qin Wei said with a white glance: "Are you joking? What if you recover half of your power? You can't move your legs, but still want to win them?"

After listening to Qin Wei's words, the stunning woman snorted, Qin Wei was right, her leg was broken, and she must not have escaped.

You gave up treatment, I can't stay with you, I have to save myself! So Qin Wei took out his mobile phone and was ready to call Hong Fei and ask them to save themselves.

"Oh my call, my colleague will come and save me. You are so high-minded, and it's not likely to be saved, right?" Qin Wei shook the phone intentionally: "But if you can ask Me, I will definitely save the hero. "

"Oh!" The stunning woman snorted coldly, and did not put Qin Wei in his eyes at all. How could he believe it? Men are fickle!

Nima! I didn't expect that this little girl was quite deliberate, so she didn't eat her own set, waited for me to go out and see how I mocked you! Qin Wei thought in his heart.

Qin Wei dialed Hong Fei's mobile phone. He was afraid that the woman was piercing herself with a silver needle, and he covered her phone with her hand in a small voice: "Hong Fei, your boy will hurry to save me! I'm in a pit!"

"Brother Qin, don't make a joke. We have all been there. There are no pits. I know that you were put together by our heart. I was upset and wanted to call us back so we wouldn't be fooled!" Hong Fei laughed on the phone.

"Why am I kidding you? Come and save me, or I'll deduct your salary ... Hey! ... Hey!" Qin Wei said, but he couldn't hear the opposite, and he almost lost his breath at the sight of the mobile phone. Dead, the critical moment actually turned off without power! What is rhythm? Am I really stuck here? Tonyma was stunned.

"Nima, let you run out of electricity!" Qin Weiqi held the phone still on the ground and stomped on both feet. There was no electricity, what's the difference with the waste!

"Oh, it seems that your wishful thinking is a failure!" The stunning woman sneered, taunting Qin Wei.

Qin Wei blushed and ate. I do n’t have any previous rhetoric. I think Qin Weitang ’s seven-foot man is going to be trapped here. Even though there is a beautiful girl with me, I have never even touched him. This is too uneconomical. No, I have to think of a way!

Qin Wei suddenly asked with a clever idea: "Beautiful lady, if you recover half of your internal force, can you get out of this pit?"

"What do you say?" The stunning woman asked back.

"Hey, I see you as a fairy. Adding your silver needle strength, I think there should be no problem!" Qin Wei smiled, he didn't dare to provoke her now, after all, he didn't have that effort, only Can beg her.

"Even if I recover my strength, I can't move my legs and I can't win them!" The stunning woman glanced at Qin Wei, repeating what Qin Wei said just now.

Nima, is this the rhythm of gunpowder, Qin Wei said in his heart, but with a smile on his face: "I can help you bone, you can rest assured, I have good medicine for healing here, you You can be assured! "Qin Wei was afraid that the woman would take out a small porcelain bottle from her arms if she did n’t believe it. This was left to him by Han Qianer. As long as she could heal the woman, she would be able to get out of this pit. Qin Wei wanted to .

The stunning woman suddenly lighted up before seeing the small medicine bottle and asked, "Where did you get this medicine bottle ?!"

"this is me..."

"Brother! I found it, they are in this pit!"

When Qin Wei just wanted to speak, he was interrupted by the voice from his head!