Merry Master In The City

Chapter 107: The Deadly Enemy of the Changsheng Gate! (on)

Qin Wei lifted his head, and a man was looking at himself just above his head. Nima, actually found it so fast. If the stunning women fall into their hands, they must be worried about their lives. Nima, Qin Wei, what should you do.

Qin Wei turned her head and said to the woman, "I can help you bones, do you believe me?"

The man looked along Qin Wei's eyes, and when he saw the stunning woman, he rejoiced: "Brother, the demon girl is here, I found it, you come soon!"

"It's too late, they're here, Qin Wei, tell me, where did you get that medicine bottle?" The stunning woman said anxiously, even if her legs were good, and her internal strength hadn't been recovered, she couldn't beat the other two. .

"Given by others." Qin Wei said, he did not know the identity of the woman, and would not easily disclose the things about the Changsheng Gate. In case she had resentment against the Changsheng Gate, would n’t she have been up and down from the enemy, and there was no place to run .

"Who gave it?" The stunning woman then asked, breaking the casserole to the end, and would never give up without asking.

"A girl!" Qin Wei was anxious. When is it? You are still asking these questions. Is it because you like me when I am exploring my girlfriend? Hey, Qin Wei felt so dark at the thought of this place, and it seemed that my charm was unparalleled. Or do you want to find the younger sister and sister for this medicine? It seems that this medicine is very valuable! It seems that he has to ask for more with Qianer in the future, and he can earn a lot by selling it. Qin Wei is still playing his own abacus at this time!

"Is that girl called Qianer!" Said the stunning woman anxiously, where she was joking with Qin Wei.

After hearing the woman's words, Qin Wei scratched her eyes and said, "How do you know the name of my sister?"

"Your sister? You said that you are your sister ?!" The radiant woman's eyes were round and she didn't dare to say: "Are you the person of Changsheng Men? Who is your master?"

"How do you know the Longevity Gate?" Qin Wei was even more incredible. She never revealed anything about the Longevity Gate. How did she know?

"Tell me quickly, who is your master!" The stunning woman does not care about Qin Wei's question. If Qin Wei does not answer, she will not give up.

"Why is your woman so persistent!" Qin Wei didn't understand it, even if he knew it at this time, what would happen?

"Tell me!" The woman asked.

"Han Nianxing ..." Qin Wei murmured softly. I guess she couldn't hear it, Qin Wei thought in her heart.

"You are actually a disciple of the second master? How is this possible?" The stunning woman couldn't believe it. Han Nianxing had a great reputation on the rivers and lakes. His thousand-mile transmission was a peerless study. Just in the s city, if Qin Wei could reach the second master with a thousand miles of transmission, he would be saved.

"Are you also a disciple of Changshengmen?" Qin Wei asked, and he could hear it from the woman's mouth, so he asked.

"My shallows and my disciples are both disciples." The stunning woman nodded.

"Then you are also my sister? Second sister?" Qin Wei smiled and said, it wasn't the original one, this is all right, but there is another question in front of myself, if the two men above know that they are the Changshengmen Will the people also kill themselves.

The stunning woman was speechless when she heard Qin Wei's second teacher and sister said, "My name is Han Luoxue."

"Haha, it's Shi Xuexue, I'll just say that you are so beautiful that the fairy Xia Fan can be the demon girl they say, which is too much!" Qin Wei grinned, falling snow? The name sounds good, the skin is like snow, the clearness in the bones, and the name match!

"Is the Second Master uncle teaching you a thousand miles?" Han Luoxue asked anxiously.

Qin Wei shook his head, which was an answer to Han Luoxue.

"Is there to teach you his mastery, to defeat the arrows?" Han Luoxuedao, which was founded when Ershibo fought the evil sect 20 years ago. At that time, it was famous in Wulin, as long as Qin Wei learned it. In this effort, the two people who wanted to bring down Song Wumen were easy!

"You have said that it is a mastery, how did the old man teach me, he just accepted me as an apprentice!" Qin Wei helplessly said, you really treat me as you, a martial art master?

"Then what will you do?" Han Luoxue Road, who was injured just now. The two men chased after him, but neither caught up. It can be seen that the two of them are not as good as themselves. If they were not too careful, how could they fall into the pit? , Broke his leg.

"Changsheng Boxing!" Qin Wei pulled out the "Changsheng Boxing" given to him by his old man. He has already learned this book in his chest and practiced it every day.

"..." It's Han Luoxue's turn this time. "Changsheng Boxing" is the entry-level boxing method of the Changsheng Gate. Even the seven or eight-year-old children in the gate can play. The opponent is a person who has trained martial arts since childhood. Can three-legged cats compare with humans? Besides, I have suffered internal injuries and have no fighting power at all. It seems that I really want to fold here this time.

Can only listen to fate, Han Luoxue sighed ...

"Brother, there is a man here!" Shouted at the brother who ran over.

"Oh? Why are there men ?!" Brother came over to see, as expected, Qin Wei was blinking and staring at himself.

"Brother, I heard that he was talking to the demon girl just now. This man seems to be a person from Changshengmen." Shidi said.

Although the conversation between Qin Wei and Han Luoxue was very quiet, the brother-in-law of Song Wumen heard some.

"If that's the case, it would be great. Capturing two people in Changsheng Men at a time, this is the first thing for us to praise Wumen!" Said the brother.

"In this way, you can become the chief disciple in the door. As long as you are working hard, you can become the big disciple, that is the future doorkeeper!" The old boy slaps his horse, and if the brother becomes the doorkeeper, he will follow in the future. Apparently he had forgotten his place in the door, but it was only the first grade.

"Hey, what deep hatred does this Changshengmen and Songwumen have to be so vicious?" Qin Wei whispered to Han Luoxue.

"This is an entanglement between the two factions. They are all old things more than 20 years ago. It's not clear in one sentence or two!" Han Luoxue said, she was telling the truth, only that Song Wumen had kept his eternal life. As a deadly enemy, the gate has been fighting secretly for more than 20 years. Han Luoxue did not know the secret.

"Brother, go down and catch the two of them. We will bring them back to the door and dispose of them!" The brother ordered.

"Brother, what if they don't follow us!"

"Then kill these two evildoers!" The brother said.

Nima! Enraged by this little girl, Qin Wei shouted: "Two brothers, you have misunderstood, I am not a long-lived person at all!"

Plop! The younger brother has jumped down ...