Merry Master In The City

Chapter 108: The Deadly Enemy of the Changsheng Gate! (under)

Nima! This kid moves really fast. Before my words are finished, he has already jumped off! Qin Wei said in his heart, and at that moment the younger brother was in front of himself.

"Brother, it seems that the demon girl is not badly injured. As for this man, I heard it just now. I heard that it has only recently joined the Changsheng Gate. Even a junior disciple is not counted. If you clean him up, you will not take it." Just leave it to me! "The brother patted his chest.

"This elder brother, have something to say, don't do it, I'll say I'm really not a longevity person." Qin Wei grinned. If he laughed twice, he could make a good impression on the other person, then Qin Wei He will grin to his ears.

"You fart, I just heard your conversation with the demon girl, you are Han Nianxing's apprentice!" The younger brother grabbed Qin Wei's collar and said, "I'm not a fool. I want to fool me. I'm practicing."

"You really heard it wrong, I am a sales manager of the company!" Qin Weixin vowed, in order to convince the other party, Qin Wei did not hesitate to come up with the sincerity to deal with the Miss, only hoped that the other party can believe in himself.

"Sales manager? Then why are you here?" Asked his brother vigilantly.

"I followed the company for an outing. I was fooled here by my colleagues and then fell here!" Qin Wei was afraid that the other party would not believe it. He picked up the gift box on the ground and said, "I just fell in for this." "Qin Wei said.

"Really?" Brother Shi didn't believe Qin Wei's words.

"Really, look at me like a martial arts man." Qin Wei said.

Qin Wei's sentence aroused the attention of his younger brother. He looked at Qin Wei. Although Qin Wei was very tall, he looked a little thin, and he was too far away from a person like him who practiced martial arts all year round.

Qin Wei, I did not expect that you would be such a villain, I really do n’t know how the Second Master could accept you as an apprentice! Han Luoxue looked at Qin Wei's flattery, and felt ridiculous. No wonder the gate of longevity would fall, just because there was such a villain.

"You're not Changshengmen? What is this!" When the brother looked at Qin Wei, he found the "Changshengquan" from his closet! So he asked.

bad! I was too anxious just now, and forgot about it, Qin Wei's head was moving quickly, so she said, "This boxing method was given to me by the demon girl! She said that if I save her out, she will take this book Give me the fist! "

"Brother, don't talk nonsense with him, deal with that demon girl first!" Shouted the brother. Because this pit is more than three meters high, you must leave a person on top, otherwise why the people below will not come at all.

"I know, I'll go now!" Said the younger brother, and promised that the demon girl finally got her wish for a long time, actually caught her in this trap where no one knew what to dig!

Han Luoxue knew that the hope was slim, but she was still willing to give it a try. She hid three silver needles in her sleeves. As long as the other party was close, she would use all her strength to shoot the silver needles. Even if the jade was burnt, she would not give it. Changshengmen is ashamed. If it wasn't for her and the fire dragon club's internal injuries, she would really like to see them.

The younger brother released Qin Wei and walked towards Han Luoxue. This woman was the target. I heard that Han Luoxuesheng of Changshangmen was very beautiful, and she was famous in the country. Today, she was well-deserved at first sight. This is a pity. The master of the door didn't know how he got it!

He got closer and closer, and the silver needle in Han Luoxue's hand was ready! In this case, it is cost-effective to replace one by one!

At the moment of death!

Qin Wei suddenly met the man and said, "Wait!"

"You fucking dodge me!" Brother Shi suddenly became furious, and he didn't clean up you just now, you actually hit the muzzle!

"Such a beautiful girl, what do you want to do to him!" Qin Wei said in front of Han Luoxue, how to say that these are all his sisters, younger sisters and nephews of the old man. She was bullied by other martial arts. Besides, she is also a longevity person,

"We're going to take her back to Wumen! Why don't you want a hero to save the beauty?" The younger brother asked.

"How can I have that ability, so you can see if it works. I'll help you persuade her to let her go back with you. Can you take me out of this pit in a while, I don't want to be stuck here!" Begging each other with both hands.

"This ..." Brother looked up and looked up, apparently asking for his opinion.

"Sister Brother don't talk nonsense with him, hurry up!" The brother reminded above, it is clear that his IQ is obviously higher than his brother.

"You don't believe me, okay, I'll show it to you!" Just then Qin Wei ran to Han Luoxue's body and grabbed her leg. "If you don't want to go back with them, I'll take This leg is broken for you too! "

"You!" Han Luoxue didn't expect that Qin Wei was actually such a person. She was already hurt. She was so energetic that Qin Wei couldn't have the strength to speak. She didn't expect Qin Wei to become the other's running dog so soon!

"You don't want to live and don't involve me, but I have nothing to do with you! You can't go back!" Qin Wei shouted loudly, he was really tempered, he came here for an outing, and didn't want to meet him Such a thing is like the movie, who can think of it.

"You want to be a traitor, I won't be the same as you!" Han Luoxue said angrily, how passionate she was, how could she easily bow her head, and for the wall grass like Qin Wei, she looked down on Qin Wei from her heart and herself There are also three silver needles in his hand, and he is enough to shoot Qin Wei away now.

"The silver needle is used to treat the enemy, not to deal with the same door." Qin Wei blinked to Han Luoxue and whispered: "We are grasshoppers on the same rope now. If you want to live, listen to me! "

"You!" Han Luoxue used only strength.

"What the hell are you doing there! Isn't she a gang with her!" The brother said angrily, because Qin Wei was facing away from him, he couldn't see what Qin Wei was doing.

Qin Wei suddenly squeezed Han Luoxue's legs with both hands and shouted, "I have already spoken all the good things. Since you don't listen, then I can't help it! Don't blame me!"

After talking about Qin Wei, she tried hard and only heard a creak, like the sound of a broken bone, followed by a scream of Han Luoxue. When she looked at it, she saw the same sweat on her forehead! See how painful it is!

"Qin Wei, I hate you!" Han Luoxue bite and scolded! She did not expect that Qin Wei would treat herself this way! I would have believed him, I knew I should have shot him!

"Haha, brother, this time the demon girl has broken both legs, we can rest assured that she can't even run if she wants to run!" The younger brother laughed.

"Good job, get her up!" Said the brother, and he didn't expect victory to come so fast!

"Let that kid get the demon girl up!" The brother said.

"No, you have to get me up first, otherwise you go up, regardless of me, then I'm not a loser!" Qin Wei jumped like a child!

"It's fucking troublesome!" Scolded his brother. After he wanted to get the demon girl up, regardless of Qin Wei's, he did not expect that he actually saw through his thoughts.

"I have a car over there. If you want to walk back, you can leave me here." Qin Wei said, he knew the other party had begun to believe in themselves, and they could not go back with Han Luoxue all the way.

"Brother, let him come up first!" Brother pointed to Qin Weidao, this boy is useful when there is a car, Song Wumen is eighteen thousand miles away from here, is it really going to go back with her?

"It's really troublesome, you go up quickly!" The brother scolded.

"Wait, it's still the lady's priority, after all, you broke someone's leg!" Qin Wei grinned.

"It was you who broke it, it really lay on us!" Said his brother.

"If it weren't for you to say that I am the Changshengmen, I can break her pair to prove that I am not the Changshengmen ?!" Qin Weiyi said excitedly about the tongue twister, where is his master who is his opponent.

Qin Wei turned his back to them, walked to Han Luoxue's side, put her hands in her waist, and hugged her.

"Let go, let me down, don't touch me!" Han Luoxue struggled with only strength.

Qin Wei suddenly approached Han Luoxue's ear and said, "You stupid woman, haven't you noticed that I've got your legs connected ..."