Merry Master In The City

Chapter 109 Sounds the East! (on)

Qin Wei's words awakened the dreamer. Han Luoxue felt that he felt a little sensation in his legs, but he still felt a pain in his heart. Qin Wei's behavior just fainted with anger, he did n’t notice it at all. He turned out to be wrong for Qin Wei, who was just helping himself.

Han Luoxue had a light lips and wanted to say something.

"Don't say anything, they will be suspicious. Now you don't have to worry about anything, just restore your vitality. This is the only way we can escape." Qin Wei whispered in Han Luoxue's ear softly, he was afraid of Han Luoxue What to say will arouse the suspicion of the other person. This brother has a big head and a thick neck. At first glance, it seems that the typical limbs developed are simple and simple, but the brother above is more difficult to deal with.

When Qin Wei spoke, Han Luoxue felt like an electric shock.

"What are you two trying to do! Don't hurry up!" Brother urged on it, apparently can't wait.

"Brother, don't worry, this little girl is too heavy. I can't hold it. They all say that there aren't hundreds of beauties. Why are you so heavy!" I don't think it's laborious at all. Is it that my body's potential has been stimulated at one time? In fact, he did this to delay time and to gain more physical recovery for Han Luoxue.

"What a beauty! She is a demon girl! It is a demon girl of Changshengmen!" The teacher angered and corrected Qin Wei's words. Although Han Luoxue was beautiful, how could he praise the deadly enemy as a member of Song Wumen? He only knew that Songwumen and Changshengmen had deep blood and hatred, otherwise the two ancient martial arts would not meet with each other. As for what happened, as long as the older generation in the gate knew, his junior disciple was also confused.

"Huh! You said that the demon girl is a demon girl!" Qin Wei smiled and didn't argue with his brother. What he had to do was protect this one-sided relationship with himself and treat himself as a sister of the satyr.

Five minutes later, Qin Wei and Han Luoxue climbed out of the deep pit and came to the ground. Qin Wei took a deep breath, and the air on the ground was fresh. He carefully placed Han Luoxue under the tree, and then gasped heavily with his own mouth. This was from his back.

"Brother, look at his bear-like look, and you're breathing! He didn't see me tied up with a sandbag for long-distance running in the mountains to practice light exercises." The younger brother laughed at Qin Wei's small body lattice, and grew white. how about it? Not a fancy embroidered pillow yet!

"Two elder brothers, my car is at the foot of the mountain opposite. I really came for an outing. When I take you there, you will believe it." Qin Wei snorted while sitting on the ground.

"Then don't hurry to take us!" Brother said, what he wants to do now is to leave this ghost place quickly!

"Brother, I'm not in your martial arts. Without your good physique, I didn't expect this demon girl to be so heavy. Why should you lose weight?" Qin Wei cursed at Han Luoxue, but his heart was dark and finally there was Chance to take revenge on your silver needle.

"Oh!" Han Luoxue sneered and ignored Qin Wei. Although she was Bingqingyujie and proud in her bones, she was a woman after all and would pay attention to her weight. She knew Qin Wei was retaliating herself in disguise , Actually dare to call himself a demon girl, Han Luoxue was very unhappy.

"You! No fucking nonsense! Hurry and take me to the car!" Master Shi pointed at Qin Wei and cursed.

"As long as I take you there, will you let me go?" Qin Wei said with an extremely pure expression. I am pure milk and pure. Qin Wei hopes that his acting skills can deceive them.

"Yes, we can do it!" The brother sneered, "Everyone who praises Wumen is a true gentleman, unlike your longevity door, all hypocrites!"

Qin Wei sighed and said, "How many times have I said, I am really not a person at the Changshengmen. Do you want you to be okay?" Qin Wei protested.

"Fuck no more nonsense, hurry up!" Brother could not wait, scolded.

"Let's go, demon girl!" Qin Wei walked to Han Luoxue, squatted down and smiled, not at all worried about her situation.

Han Luoxue stared at Qin Wei fiercely, motionless.

"Why let me invite you in person?" Qin Wei shouted deliberately, which meant to the two second-hand goods.

After talking about Qin Wei, he slammed Han Luoxue on his body. Although the action looked very fierce, he started very softly. Han Luoxue couldn't be injured any more. Qin Wei knew this.

"Shimei, you just lie on me and rest! My body, you can use it!" Qin Wei took care of the two second goods without paying attention to the small channel.

Qin Wei said this with Han Luoxue's ears, and Han Luoxue felt a tingling sensation on her body, making Han Luoxue unconsciously redden her cheeks, but the sky was getting dark, making people look indifferent.

It took Qin Wei less than ten minutes to run from the other side of the mountain to Qin Wei. Now Qin Wei is walking very slowly and very slowly with Han Luoxue on his back. If he can go for one day, he wants to go for one day, and The two goods of Song Wumen urged themselves like a donkey, so Qin Wei was very upset.

"You fucking go quickly, according to your speed, when will you be there!" The scold scolded behind him. The reason why he walked behind was that Qin Wei ran away without paying attention.

"Brother, you two are standing and talking without back pain, I'm carrying a person on my back." Qin Wei said as he walked.

"No fucking nonsense, in the ink, I'm pumping you!" The brother cursed at the back. He now has the scene of returning to the martial arts gate in his head. It must be a lineup welcome. In fact, he found Han Luoxue and others by accident. You will be chased all the way if you are wounded, or you will definitely not be her opponent with the efforts of Han Luoxue.

Nima! Sooner or later, I will let you taste this taste! Qin Wei scolded in his heart.

Qin Wei was carrying Han Luoxue on his back, and Han Luoxue was lying on his back without a word. Qin Wei knew that she was resting. The two bodies were in contact. Qin Wei felt Han Luoxue's figure and whispered: " You looked pretty flat just now, how do you feel so big now. "

"What did you say!" Han Luoxue asked suddenly, opening his eyes, while a silver needle pierced Qin Wei's waist.

"Ah!" Qin Wei couldn't help but scream, Nima, what's wrong with you, how do you always like to pierce with a needle!

"You'd better be honest, or I still have it!" Han Luoxue said angrily, she is not a woman who doesn't understand anything, what Qin Wei means, she is clear, but I still think he is quite honest, Unexpectedly, in the blink of an eye, the nature of the satyr was restored, and no one should tie you!

"You might as well take a break with me, or we wo n’t be able to take a walk for a while!" Qin Wei was slightly angry, and he did n’t have any credit or hard work. This is good, and it's hard to please.

"No need to worry about you!" Han Luoxue coldly.

"Do you think I am willing to control you? If it were not for the face of the old man and Xiaoshimei, I would control you? You demon!" Qin Wei cursed again.

"Ah!" Qin Wei called again, because Han Luoxue stuck another silver needle into his waist, and the same place was stuck, and the painful tears came out! I'm afraid you can't do it yet, Qin Wei said in his heart.

"What are you two doing! Don't hurry up yet!" The brother urged later.

"Brother, don't you think it's here!" Qin Wei turned back and smiled, "This is my car!" Qin Wei pointed to his Chrysler.

"Less nonsense, drive quickly!"

"Oh!" Qin Wei laughed with a companion, then closed his waist and said, "Oh, my car key is gone!"