Merry Master In The City

Chapter 110: Sound the East! (under)

"What? What are you talking about?" Shidi couldn't believe what Qin Wei said. At this sight, he could get in the car. He lost his keys. Are you fucking playing me?

"Fuck!" Brother kicked Qin Wei's leg to vent his dissatisfaction. Could it be said that we should go back?

"Ah!" Qin Wei screamed and fell to his knees, embarrassed and said, "Brother, I didn't mean it. Who doesn't want to go home quickly, how do I know that the keys will be lost, it must have been the forest just now At that time, the key fell off. "Qin Wei pointed to the forest road not far away. Although Qin Wei was knocked down by the other party, he still ensured that Han Luoxue was not harmed.

"Let's fuck nonsense, find me!" Scolded the brother, and it was dark that day, and the mountain road was even harder to walk.

"Brother, look, I've brought this demon girl here for you, let me both go. My car is here, and you also see that this is the camp for our company outing. I am really a clerk. It ’s just that you ca n’t afford to spend your energy against me, let me go! ”Qin Wei snotted and shed tears, and looked at Han Luoxue behind him, all of them said that the man does not cry easily, his Why are tears worthless than mineral water?

"Fuck it nonsense, hurry up and find me the car keys!" The brother cursed, as if you were not obedient, I was hitting you.

"Brother, I want to find it too, but I'm carrying a demon girl, and you just kicked me so hard just now, I can't even stand up because of pain, how can I find it? If you really want me to go, then I might It took half an hour to get there! "Qin Wei touched his knee and said, that foot almost hit his own knee, otherwise it is estimated that this leg will be used up!

"Brother, go and look for it, and try to get back quickly. I'm watching them here." The brother ordered, and he gave the errand to the brother and left the easiest thing to himself. .

"Brother ... this ..." The brother stopped talking, as if there was something unspeakable.

"What's wrong?" The brother looked at him sulkingly and asked, "Say anything!"

My brother swallowed his throat and said, "Brother, you know me. I have night blindness. When I get to the dark place, I can't see anything. You see it's going to be dark this day. If I go to find the car key, it's dark. It must be a piece of paint that I can't see anything, so let me look for it, too! "

"What you said makes sense." The brother nodded after hearing what he said, and he was with him. Of course, he knew that he had night blindness. It seemed that he had only gone by himself.

The brother pulled the brother aside and didn't want Qin Wei and Han Luoxue to hear it, so he whispered, "I'll go find the key. You are optimistic about the two of them, don't let the demon girl run away."

"Brother, don't worry, this demon girl's legs are broken. Even if no one looks at her, she can't run. Is she going to lie down and go back to Changshengmen? That clothes must not be worn out!" His brother laughed, he You can imagine Han Luoxue's demeanor. As long as it can make Changshengmen lose face, he is willing to do it.

"Don't be too embarrassed, I will go here, you are waiting for me to come back," the brother instructed.

"You can rest assured, brother, I will definitely look after them!" The brother patted his chest, and it was not difficult to see the two wastes. I see that the brother is just a trifle, and the brother secretly said in his heart.

Qin Wei was not idle when the two men in Songwumen muttered, because just now he deliberately walked to the car carrying Han Luoxue, and then was deliberately knocked down by the other party. Now that he is secretly taking advantage of the other party's attention He opened the door of the cab. If he gets into the car now, he can run away immediately, but there is also Han Luoxue with inconvenient legs, so this plan can only be defeated.

Qin Wei had to find another way, and he sat back to where he was just now, so as not to make the other party doubt, it was a shortfall!

"Falling snow." Qin Wei got close to Han Luoxue's ears and asked with a small voice: "How is your body recovering?"

"Not so?" Han Luoxue replied coldly. Every time Qin Wei talked in her ear, she felt uncomfortable and had a strange feeling spreading all over her body. People feel very uncomfortable. Han Luoxue, who has not been in love, doesn't know what's going on, so she hates Qin Wei for being so close to her.

"Don't you say that you can restore your physical strength as long as you don't bother?" Qin Wei almost jumped high, Nima, the emotional Lao Tzu carried you from the side of the mountain to this side is making you play? These mountain roads for more than 20 minutes, let me wipe them, my legs are about to bend, not to give you a chance to restore my strength, you actually told me how bad? !!

"Restoration is restored, but it is still impossible to deal with the two of them. After all, I have recovered 30% of the internal force now." Han Luoxue said without feeling embarrassed.

"Well, how about one?" Qin Wei asked in a hurry. He deliberately set the other side apart, presumably the brother gave it away in order to escape.

"No." Han Luoxue shook his head and said, "I have injuries now, I can't move at all, do you think I want to fall into their hands!"

"Isn't it already connected to your leg, why can't I move it!" Qin Wei said.

"..." Han Luoxue gave Qin Wei a white look. She didn't want to talk to him anymore. She said that she had hurt her muscles for a hundred days. If this leg is broken, can it be connected immediately? Would you please have some common sense? She was speechless.

"If the two of us join forces, can we deal with that two goods?" Qin Wei pointed to the teacher and brother not far away.

"It depends on your kung fu." Han Luoxue said.

"How to say?" Qin Wei asked.

"Although he has learned martial arts, but judging from the light skills he used to track me, he is really not good at learning. He is nothing. His brother may be better than him. If I were not injured, deal with both of them. No problem. "Han Luoxue told Qin Wei the results of his analysis.

"Do n’t blow it up, let ’s get one first and talk about it. The second cargo brother needs ten minutes to go back and forth. When he ca n’t find the key, he will come back naturally. The time given to us is fifteen minutes, so we must hurry up. Action. "Qin Wei told Han Luoxue about her thoughts, and he hoped that she would cooperate with herself.

"How to act?" Hearing Qin Wei's words, Han Luoxue was also interested.

Qin Wei gave a glance at Han Luoxue. Isn't the pretty woman's IQ so low? How obvious this is, and I need to explain it to you?

"Come on!" Han Luoxue urged.

"We gave him a blow to the door! You have already heard that the master has night blindness and cannot see it in the dark. I can call him over. Then you will stab him with a silver needle, and then I will hit him and hit him. Unexpected, shouldn't it be okay? "Qin Wei asked excitedly, this is his plan.

"It should be fine, as long as you are fine, I will be fine." Han Luoxue said.

"I can have any questions. I can do martial arts. The world is the first. There is nothing left to do. When that brother goes away, we will start!" Qin Wei did not forget to brag about himself. Han Luoxue filtered directly and ignored it.

It's dark, and Qin Wei can't see the figure of the older brother.

"Are you ready?" Qin Wei whispered.

"Um." Han Luoxue nodded.

"Then I shout." Qin Wei said.

"Um." Han Luoxue nodded as acquiescence.


Qin Wei shouted to his brother!