Merry Master In The City

Chapter 111 I Want To Become A Demon!

"Brother! Come and take a look!" Qin Wei stood up and limped toward the younger brother.

"What's wrong?" His brother warned.

"Come and see this demon girl, she doesn't know what's going on, she's so cold, just like the ice cave!" Qin Wei shouted to his younger brother, this is a way to figure out how to lure the enemy deeper, and hope it can work.

"It must be that you broke your leg just now, it hurts!" Said the younger brother, is there any fuss, is it yelling, it is rare and strange. The younger brother despised Qin Wei in his heart. What he hated most was the small white face of Qin Wei. After a while, the brother took the car key, and Lao Tzu kicked you away, and you walked back.

Nima! Qin Wei couldn't stand the two goods, and scolded in his heart. It seemed that this method would not work, and he had to think about one.

"Brother, please take a look. What if something really happens, I'm innocent!" Qin Wei was crying anxiously.

"Look at your wrinkles!" Shi despised him, but Qin Wei's words seemed to remind him that if the brother came back and saw something wrong with the demon girl, he would surely blame himself. He could have done something for Song Wumen. A good opportunity, if you destroy it in your own hands, and the brother goes back to confess to Master, would he not become a sinner.

No! I have to go and see, my brother thought secretly in my heart, my future is still important!

"Don't stand still, I'll take a look." The brother shouted, and he motioned to Qin Wei to stand still and not to move, showing that he still didn't believe Qin Wei. .

You are not stupid, Qin Wei scolded in his heart. I won't move if I don't let it pass. The black light is blind. I don't think you can see the road. Qin Wei laughed in his heart.

Brother Shi stepped toward Han Luoxue step by step vigilantly, but he apparently forgot the fact that he had night blindness. His eyes were so dark that he couldn't see where Han Luoxue was, walking around was like hiding in a hide and seek.

Qin Wei's analysis is correct. My brother has been inking for a minute and I haven't figured out the position of Han Luoxue. I will wipe it. I want to find you at such a speed. After a while, your brother came back. It is estimated that you have not touched it yet Wouldn't the plan be a mess? Thinking of Qin Wei here is a bit of a hurry.

"Brother, go right ahead!" Qin Wei reminded intentionally.

"No fucking nonsense!" After listening to Qin Wei's words, the brother scolded: "Hurry up and help me!"

"Well, I'll be here." Qin Wei walked over with a smile. This was a good opportunity for him. As long as he grasped it, he could escape.

The younger brother held Qin Wei's arm tightly in one hand, and he couldn't see clearly. He was afraid that Qin Wei would run away. This was the only way. Qin Wei led his younger brother to Han Luoxue step by step. Qin Wei was very cautious every step.

"Brother, here it is." Qin Wei smiled.

"Yeah!" Brother Shi nodded, squatting down, he was going to check on Han Luoxue.

When the younger brother crouched down and placed her hand on Han Luoxue, she knew that the opportunity was coming, because each other's two hands were useful, and there was no time to defend. Thinking of this, Han Luoxue raised his hand and exerted all his strength. Silver needle.

This silver needle shone with silver light in the night, and was particularly dazzling, screaming and stabbing at the master. The master felt a silver light in front of his eyes, and then there was a sting in his hands!

"Damn, I've been fooled!" Shidi instinctively let go and grabbed Qin Wei's hand. It turned out that Han Luoxue's silver needle was so strong that half of the silver needle got into Shi's hand, that is, his right hand. Fighting power has been lost.

Qin Wei immediately punched his brother according to his face. The brother had no time to defend when he was in a hurry. He was attacked by Qin Wei and felt immediately dark. Qin Wei's strength was not small because Qin Wei knew this was his last Opportunity.

"Luo Xue, you are shooting him!" Qin Wei said happily. His own plan was successful. Can he not be happy? He didn't expect that Han Luoxue, the young girl, was so heavy. It seemed that she was light on her. Yes, if according to Han Luoxue's strength, a few stitches are coming, then this second product is not enough to be afraid!

"Cough." Han Luoxue coughed again at this time and shook her head, "This is my last silver needle."

"How could it be the last one? Didn't you just pinch me one by one?" Qin Wei said that he didn't believe Han Luoxue, and he suffered several silver needles in such a while. You actually told me Are you gone? Who believes? !!

Han Luoxue gave a white glance to Qin Wei and said, "The silver needles are used on you. Where do I still have them?" After speaking, Han Luoxue coughed and coughed. It was obvious that she had lost her internal force. Having spent all her internal strength, she is so weak in her body that she has no strength to speak.

Nima! Qin Wei doesn't believe Han Luoxue, are you my little sister? Are you really my colleague? The silver needle is not used to deal with the enemy, but actually used to pierce me? Qin Wei was almost not fainted by Han Luoxue, but at this time, he couldn't care so much. Qin Wei knew that Han Luoxue was very weak, so he quickly opened the door and held her in the back seat of the car. Then Qin Wei Plan to drive out of the camp.

When Qin Wei opened the door of the cab and wanted to leave, he suddenly felt that there was a force behind him. Qin Wei looked back and I went. Is n’t that the master? Did the punch stun him?

"Damn, I just want to run!" The shouting shouted, and his left hand was pulled at random, and Qin Wei was thrown out. It can be seen how strong the man is. If not for the shot of Han Luoxue just now, what happened to Qin Wei? May succeed.

Qin Wei drew a beautiful arc in the air, and then fell to the ground, rubbing, Qin Wei and the fragrant soil gave a close kiss. Now Qin Wei finally knows the gap between himself and those in the martial arts. They are all the waste of Duan Qi. They have no ability. According to Han Nianxing, they are ordinary people.

But this teacher is not the same. He can throw himself out with one hand, but it is not easy to deal with it. After this is done, the calculation of the damage is wrong, and the stealing of the chicken will not rot. Qin Wei regretted in his heart, knowing that he should have hit a few more punches just now, and hit second goods down.

"Fuck! Just your two dared to dare to fight in front of me, and don't urinate and take pictures of yourself!" Scolded his brother, and now he doesn't care about the pain in his hands, only knowing that these two people can't run Already.

Seeing that Qin Wei was no longer threatened, the younger brother prepared to open the door and get Han Luoxue down.

Nima, this is what he wants to do to Shimei! At this moment, Qin Wei used the car key in his hand to remotely lock the car door!

"Grass! Why can't this door be opened!" The brother dragged the door and cursed. Just now I saw Qin Wei open the door clearly. Is it the key?

"Haha, you are stupid! This is high-tech, you don't understand!" Qin Wei stood up and cursed, he is not afraid of the other at all, because he has a killer who hasn't made it!

"Fuck! You damn dare to scold me and see that I won't kill you!" Said the brother and sister to Qin Wei originally, the speed is extremely fast, even the wind can be heard.

Qin Wei stood still, waiting for the opponent's attack.

suddenly! Qin Wei stretched out his right fist, raised it high, and was very domineering. He shouted, "I! Want! Enter! Magic!"