Merry Master In The City

Chapter 112 Do you dare to compete with me!

Qin Wei ’s cry was extremely imposing. Not only did he stop the second cargo master brother, but even Han Luoxue was scared by Qin Wei ’s cry. Lao Tzu was able to become a demon. Off, Wanfu Mo open, hit ten! Will I be afraid of you? Qin Wei thought in his heart!

The younger brother stood in front of Qin Wei. He didn't understand what Qin Wei shouted? Is it a slogan? Do you still use slogans before fighting? !! Really funny?

"What the hell do you care about you? I don't want to dismiss you!" The brother shouted, and rushed to Qin Wei with resentment!

"Wait!" Qin Wei shouted, Qin Wei shook his hand, and squeezed his face again. This Nima is wrong, why am I not enchanted? What about good blood boiling? What about the good magic blood? Is it because I'm not in the right mood, then I'll do it again.

Qin Wei took a deep breath and shouted again: "I! Want! Enter! Magic!"

There is silence ... quiet even the sound of the wind can be heard ... and Qin Wei is still Qin Wei ...

Han Luoxue was once again speechless by Qin Wei's behavior. What was he doing? There is no such martial art in the Changsheng Gate? Han Luoxue was helpless, very helpless, and felt that Qin Wei was like a monkey being played.

I wiped it! what happened? Can't I wake up the demon blood in my body? Then am I not going to be beaten? Qin Wei's heart is already full of sores. I remember the old man said that he still can't control the demon blood in his body temporarily. Does it mean that my demon is like the six-pulse divine sword of Duan Yu? Nima! This download is bigger than the download, Qin Wei has a headache, how can I deal with these two goods without being enchanted!

"Haha, let's get into the magic! I'm waiting to see a good show!" The younger brother saw Qin Wei shouting an inexplicable slogan over and over again. He was amused by his funny behavior, and he leaned back and forth.

"Waste is waste! Entering the magic is also waste!" Said his brother, although he didn't know what Qin Wei's mouth was, he seemed to be very powerful. I think he just talked about it, in fact, everything No, if you were a master, you would have been stunned by that punch.

"Brother, we have something to say, don't do it, it's uncivilized, don't you say?" Qin Wei immediately smiled when he saw something bad, and said apologeticly.

"Speak well? Why didn't you say it when you attacked me just now? Why didn't you say it when you hit me? If I don't give you some color to see, you don't know how powerful I am!" Wei smashed it.

"I'm going, don't you have night blindness!" Qin Wei quickly dodged. Didn't these two goods have night blindness? How can I know my position accurately?

"Didn't your Changshengmen teach you to listen to the sound?" The brother and sister fisted again and again, and said that you are not the Changshengmen, and you will not save the demon! What did you say this time, how could I believe what you said.

Listening to identify the position? So if I don't say anything, he doesn't know where I am? Qin Wei said in his heart, so he held his breath and didn't let himself make any movement. Now you don't know my position.


The younger brother hit Qin Wei's face with a punch. Nima, I didn't say anything. You fucking knows my position? Qin Wei's eye hits Venus, which is much heavier than his own punch.

Without waiting for Qin Wei's response, the second punch of the teacher's brother turned to Qin Wei. Qin Wei's instinct instinctively ran away, but if I could not fight, I ran! As long as I got in the car and saw you catch me, Qin Wei got up and ran to the cab!

"Want to run! The beauty you want!" The mentor turned into two steps to chase forward, stretched out his hand and pulled Qin Wei away, flew out, and said arrogantly: "If it weren't for my right hand injury, where would you have escaped . "The direction of Qin Weifei going out!

rub! It seems that he is not his opponent yet, but it is not the way to spend it. Waiting for his brother to come back later, he and Han Luoxue will be finished. What can we do? In a hurry, Qin Wei grabbed the stone on the ground and threw it in the opposite direction.

clang! The stones fall! His brother ran in the direction of the sound of the stone, but he immediately responded. No, he just threw Qin Wei to his left. How could he appear on the right? This must be a trick to get away from the mountain!

This is the opportunity, Qin Wei got up and ran to the cab quickly, as long as you get in the car, what else can you do? It was too late, Qin Wei had already come to the cab in a blink of an eye and was ready to get in the car!

"It's not that easy to run!" Just when Qin Wei was just sitting in the cab, he felt that the master had dragged his own clothes. Nima seemed to be flying out again, and Qin Wei had given up struggling.

"Qin Wei, use" Changshengquan "to deal with him!" Han Luoxue said as soon as Qin Weifei went out.

Yes indeed! How come I didn't expect it!

thump! Qin Wei once again had a close contact with the fragrant dirt! Qin Wei did not drag this time, and quickly got up to make a big stride to the car. This is a great escape effort, Qin Wei felt that he was faster, but he obviously forgot that the other party also had a light work.

When Qin Wei ran to the car, his brother followed him and stopped in front of Qin Wei. In other words, Qin Wei was stopped by Song Wumen again.

Seeing this scene, Han Luoxue really wanted to find a seam to drill in. It's too shameful, all the people in Changshengmen let you lose it!

"Qin Wei, I asked you to use" Changshengquan "to deal with him, not to let you escape!" Han Luoxue said helplessly, he was already angry with him and had no internal strength.

"Wipe! Then you said it early!" Qin Wei reacted now, dare you not let me run away, but let me and him? Really think of me as you?

"Come on, I want to see the effort of your longevity gate, the province's you say I can't win!" The younger brother also came to interest, one injured can not move, the other is waste, what is terrible.

"Qin Wei, deal with him as described in the boxing, see Zhaozhao Zhaozhao, eyes sick, hands fast, cough ..." Han Luoxue coughed in anxiety.

"Come! Waste! Do you dare to compete with me?" Asked the younger brother, anyway, these two people are already unable to run away, so let yourself play and see if your kung fu has improved.

"Qin Wei used Wanzhang Boxing to restrain Wumen's boxing." Han Luoxuedao, this is a trick in Changsheng Boxing. Han Luoxue knew the master's level, so he pointed out for Qin Wei.

"Qin Wei, do you dare?" The younger brother laughed, not arrogant, but now he is learning and selling? The people at Changshengmen are really waste!

Qin Wei took a deep breath. He knew that this was his only chance. If he didn't seize it, after a while, the brother would not be able to run if he wanted to run!

"I can compare with you. How can I make you dare?" Qin Wei said earnestly, and he was not as good as him, so he had to do it in his own way so that he wouldn't suffer so much.

"What method?" Asked Shishi.

"It's very simple, that is, we won't move, we will punch each other, whoever moves one step will lose, how do you think? This method is still civilized, do you dare?" Qin Weidao said.

"I have nothing to dare, you come first, I'll see how strong you are!" The younger brother came across to Qin Wei and struck a horse. Isn't that a punch?

"Okay, then I'll come first."

Qin Wei took a deep breath and shouted, "Wan! Zhang! Fist!"

Han Luoxue turned his head at this moment, not to look at it. If this punch can't shake the opponent, then the outcome can be imagined!

"Ah!" Just as Han Luoxue turned his head, his brother sent a mournful sorrow!

"Qin Wei! You are so despicable!" Shi's brother was lying on the ground, covering his crotch with pain. He didn't even have the strength to stand up, and Douda's sweat dripped down his face. Thinking of Qin Wei would be so despicable!

How could Qin Wei manage to deal with this second cargo, ran a leg and ran into the car, got into the cab, rolled up the dust with one throttle ...

"Wipe your uncle!" Qin Wei couldn't bear to open the window and cursed!

After scolding Qin Wei, he drove in the car and disappeared into the night, leaving only the man rolling on the ground with pain.