Merry Master In The City

Chapter 114 Beauty Bodyguard!

"What?" Qin Wei also felt incredible and asked Han Luoxue to be a bodyguard for me? There is also such a good thing, then my ass must not always be punctured?

"Second Master, I will not be his bodyguard!" Han Luoxue glanced at the proud Qin Weidao, looking at his satyr-like look, he had no good intentions.

"Master, you still hurt me!" Qin Wei grinned, very cheap, accompanied by beautiful women, fools do not want it.

"Falling snow, I haven't told you something yet." Han Nian walked to the bed and said, "Qin Wei is vital to our Changshengmen. We don't know where the Fire Dragon Club is or how they will come. Is it because Qin Wei arrived in the s city that if Qin Wei falls into the hands of the Fire Dragon Club, the entire martial arts will be drunk. "

Han Luoxue raised his head, reluctantly: "But second master, I don't want to see him, I don't want to watch for a minute or a second!"

"Falling snow, you must protect Qin Wei's safety." Han Nianxing said solemnly, at this moment Qin Wei seemed to see a hint of majesty from the face of the old man! Not to be offended!

"But Ershibo, why should I protect him!" Han Luoxue said.

"Just because he can wake up your master!" Han Nianxing said, and he directly told Han Luoxue the reason, hoping that she would take the overall situation seriously.

"Really? He can save my master?" Han Luoxue's eyes flashed, as if she had seen some hope, Master has been in a coma for 20 years. She searched for methods from an early age, but it was all useless. Master wakes up and she will agree to whatever she wants to do.

"Sister Shi, Uncle Er will not lie to us." Han Qianer said with a smile, she believed that even if there was a little hope, she still had to work hard for it.

"The demon blood in Qin Wei's body is the thing of the sun, the one in your master is the yin cold poison, and the yin and yang reconcile, hoping to unlock your master's poison." You'll meet Qin Wei. Isn't it easy to break through the iron shoes and find nowhere?

"You mean changing blood?" Han Luoxue curiously asked.

What? Change blood? !! Qin Wei's frightened boss could squeeze in a goose egg, which made Han Qianer on the side look at the joke, and his mouth giggled.

"Brother, you don't have to worry, it's not as scary as you think, just put your blood into Master's body." Han Qianer smiled, unexpectedly he was so timid, he was scared when he heard the word "change blood". such.

"Oh, you can't finish it early, even dare to see my joke!" Qin Weibai glanced at Han Qianer.

"Hey, you didn't ask, you were just thinking about it." Han Qianer smiled. Although she and Qin Wei met for the second time, she knew that Qin Wei always liked to think about things.

"Falling snow, you have injuries now, and you have difficulty moving. You can't perform your tasks. You might as well just heal yourself here, and protect Qin Wei's safety by the way. When I'm done with it, I'll take Qin Wei back to the Changsheng Gate and heal your master." Han Nianxing reasoned, he knew Han Luoxue's temper, and was stubborn since he was a child, so he had to make sense, otherwise she would get horny.

"I see, Master Er." Han Luoxue gritted her teeth. Obviously, she was unwilling to admit it. She had to be a bodyguard for a satyr, how could someone like Han Luoxue be willing.

"The two of you go out first. I'm going to heal Luoxue. Her internal strength is too great." Han Nianxing said.

Healing? !! Isn't it like the TV show, isn't this too ... Qin Wei started to want to go wrong again, and drooled it out unknowingly.


"Brother Qin Wei?" Han Qianer whispered Qin Wei and said, "We should go out."

"Qian Er?" Qin Wei whispered to Han Qianer's side, "Don't you worry about your sister?"

"Worry, what can I worry about? With the second master, the sister will definitely recover quickly, but you are sloppy, with a blue nose and a swollen face like a panda!" Han Qianer said without laughing at Qin Wei, she didn't know why, and Qin When Wei is together, the mood will be particularly happy, and the words will be very much, usually inside the door, Han Qianer will not say anything.

"It wasn't for saving your sister!" Qin Wei gave a blank glance at Han Luoxue lying on the bed, secretly unhappy, rubbing it, I would save you if I didn't look at you with a bit of beauty What a joke!

"Oh!" Han Luoxue snorted coldly and ignored Qin Wei. The atmosphere of the two was very strange.

According to Han Nianxing's instructions, Qin Wei and Han Qianer both left the bedroom. The two sat opposite each other on the sofa. Han Qianer applied a special medicine to Qin Wei's face.

Han Qianer's little hand gently touched Qin Wei's face, and Qin Wei felt refreshed. The skin of this shallower man didn't know how much better than those women who rubbed cosmetics all day long, plus the unique fragrance of Han Qianer, Qin Wei feels that what he is enjoying now is like an emperor's treatment. Qin Wei just looked at Han Qianer in this way, from a perspective of appreciation.

for a long time...



"Your saliva comes out!" Said Han Qianer and giggled.

"Swee Rui, Swee Rui! Who is called Xiao Shimei, you are so beautiful, my brothers are so fascinated!" Qin Wei pulled two facial tissues, wiped the corners of his mouth, and grinned, Qin Wei did not know what the psychology was, and he When the lady was with me, she wanted to stir her mouth, and when she was with Han Qianer, Qin Wei couldn't help but want to tease her. He felt that Han Qianer laughed sweetly ...

"Hate it!" Han Qianer Jiao shouted, then lowered her head unconsciously, and then, a flush of red appeared on her cheeks, and she was shy. In the Changsheng Gate, no brother or sister had praised herself like this because there were teachers and uncles The existence of Han Qianer never felt how beautiful he was.

When Qin Wei saw this scene, he was so excited that he smiled: "shallow, I gave you a business card last time, why didn't you call me?" This is the most sad thing about Qin Wei, this Xiao Nizi didn't send me a message, which made me wait so long.

"Not that I don't want to call you, it's that I'm on the mission outside, and besides Ershi Bo ..." Han Qianer said here, turned his head and looked at the bedroom, very careful: "He Ershibo doesn't Let me call you, "

"Why?" Qin Wei immediately asked: "Is there a rule in your door regulations that prevents you from calling?"

"That's not true. The second teacher was afraid that I would be fooled, so he didn't let me call you." Han Qianer snickered, and looked very cute.

"I rub!" Qin Wei immediately jumped off the sofa. Is this Nima still my master? It actually prevented me from hooking up with my sister, no, it prevented me from communicating with my sister. It was too much! Seeing that I wouldn't find him!

When Qin Wei was going to go to the house to find Han Nianxing's theory, Han Nianxing pushed the door and made his debut: "Qin Wei, the falling snow will be taken care of by you, don't let her get hurt!"

"Wipe! What else do you say, even if I look at her a little bit, I will take care of her!" Qin Wei stretched his neck to poke inside and saw that Han Luoxue had fallen asleep.

"What time did you fall asleep?" Qin Wei looked at his watch and whispered, "Generally pigs go to bed early!"


A silver needle flew out of Han Luoxue's hands and went straight to Qin Wei. Qin Wei fled into the desert, but it was too late.

"Ah! I wipe!" One second later, Qin Wei shouted out the induction lamp in the whole building, and saw a silver needle tied on Qin Wei's butt, shining brightly under the light.

This night Han Luoxue slept exceptionally sweetly, but Qin Wei had difficulty falling asleep, because Han Nianxing had given Qin Wei a task before leaving to take care of Han Luoxue. This care was at least half a month ...

Qin Wei was in a hurry for his future life, and sighed, "Well! How many stitches will I get on my butt ..."