Merry Master In The City

Chapter 115 I just want to hug you!

The weekend outing let the employees of Dongshan branch relax physically and mentally. When it was time to work, they were also full of energy and came to the company early. In fact, they came to the company so early just to see Qin Wei's jokes and see Qin. How did Wei get home yesterday?

"Hey, did you hear that, yesterday Qin called Hong Fei and said he was out of the pit." Lu Shuang laughed.

"Yeah, Brother Qin called me yesterday. I don't know what happened, it is probably playing on us." Hong Fei laughed. He wasn't worried about Qin Wei's revenge, because he knew Qin Wei was a character after a long time together. Very hearty people will not be angry about such a trivial matter.

I wiped it! Just as everyone was talking, Qin Wei slowly twirled his ass into the company's door.

"Vice General Manager Qin, you are here!" Lu Shuang shouted for the first time, and her shout shouted out all the employees of the company, and everyone stretched their heads to see Qin Wei.

"What to see, go back to work quickly!" Qin Wei gave a white glance at them, wondering if he was looking at his joke.

"Brother Qin, what's wrong with your butt?" Hong Fei whispered.

"Wipe, you still say, it's good to not find your kid to settle accounts!" Qin Wei despised, if not a few of you fired together to lie to me, can I fall into the pit, can there be a series of encounters last night? !!

"Oh, isn't it just for you to find a gift, as serious as that?" Hong Fei smiled and hit Qin Wei's shoulder with a smile. This time, he almost didn't knock Qin Wei. When did Qin Brother become so vulnerable? Hong Fei said in his heart.

In fact, this is not Qin Wei's physical weakness, but because of the needle just finished in the morning. Qin Wei, who had got up to work in the morning, went to the bedroom and called Han Luoxue to get up. Whoever thought that he had just opened Han Luoxue's quilt, he was killed by Han. A falling silver needle stuck into the buttocks, and Qin Wei came by car. On the way, sitting on the buttocks was extremely painful.

"By the way, Brother Qin, President Liu is waiting for you in the conference room." Hong Fei said.

"Did you say something?" Qin Wei asked.

"Where does a little clerk know about your management?" Hong Fei waved.

Qin Wei knew that he asked and asked in vain, so he moved his butt carefully and stepped towards the conference room. As soon as he entered the conference room, he saw all the company's management sitting in chairs.

What day is it today? Difficult to understand what valuable business? So many people need to come to the meeting. Qin Wei secretly said in his heart that he simply greeted everyone and went to his place, but as soon as he walked in front of the chair, he found that Chen Ming was already sitting on the chair.

"Deputy general manager, your position is over there!" Chen Ming pointed to the position next to Liu Yihan with a smile, Qin Wei was promoted to become the deputy general manager, and of course he became a sales manager. Of course, Chen Ming was in a good mood. Everything is thanks to Qin Wei, so he has planned to follow Qin Wei.

"Haha, Qin Wei, didn't you have fun yesterday and forgot about your promotion?" Zhou Ran smiled. Although he was not satisfied with Qin Wei, but after all Liu Dongshan spoke in person, no one dared to object.

"Yeah, do you still want to be your sales manager?" Qi Lang followed, with a smile on his face.

"Haha, I'm sorry, everyone laughed. Oh, my age is too old, and my memory is not good." Qin Wei smiled and walked to his position and made it.

The stabbing, the pain from the buttocks, made Qin Wei unable to bear his teeth.

"What's the matter with you?" Liu Yihan asked in a low voice, she saw that Qin Wei was uncomfortable. After all, the two people are now male and female friends, and care should be done.

"It's okay, I just dropped my butt yesterday." Qin Wei smiled and motioned to her not to worry.

"Rogue!" Liu Yihan faced her mouth without making a sound. In front of so many people, she still had to save face for Qin Wei.

rub! Did you say that to your husband, see how I clean up you for a while. Qin Wei despised Liu Yihan in his heart.

"Now that everyone is here, let's have a meeting." Liu Yihan said.

Liu Yihan stood up, looked at the people around him, and then fixed his eyes on Qin Wei: "The purpose of our meeting today is to welcome Qin Wei to be promoted to our company's deputy general manager. Let us welcome the new applause. Deputy General Manager. "

After Liu Yihan finished speaking, there was a warm applause in the conference room. Chen Ming participated in such a meeting for the first time.

"Qin Wei at Dongshan Company not only has outstanding performance capabilities, but also achieved good results in the city's competitions, winning glory for the group. Qin Wei, please say a few words for everyone." Liu Yihan said, then turned to look at Qin Wei.

Let me speak? Qin Wei thought for a while and thought, "First of all, thank you for your support and the trust of President Liu. I hope that in the future work, we will be able to get along with each other. At the same time, I will also serve Dongshan with all my heart. I don't want the company to appear in the first place. Two Zhang Yong! "

There are some words that the young lady wants to say but is embarrassed to say, just like Zhang Yong, and Qin Wei doesn't care about it, just to tell the managers to let them not move those crooked thoughts. This is also what Liu Dongshan arranged for himself. The reason for this position in the vice president.

Qin Wei's words, everyone listened to their thoughts, but Liu Yihan was still warm in his heart, knowing that Qin Wei is thinking for himself, this is enough.

"If there is nothing, everyone will go to work." Liu Yihan said.

"Mr. Liu, let's go to work." Chen Ming smiled. He hasn't calmed down until now, and the joy still affects himself.

"Huh!" Liu Yihan nodded.

"Qin Wei, wait for my office trip," Liu Yihan said.

"Um." Qin Wei nodded.

Qin Wei limped out of the conference room. Now he is the vice president. Of course, his status is not the same as before. Everyone went to say hello to him. He came to his new office. This Nima treatment was really different, bright and spacious. Not to mention, the decoration is completely high!

Qin Wei picked up the phone and called the manager of the advertising department: "Manager Wang, when did you plan to shoot the mv of the hi girl underwear company last time?"

"It's the last few days," Manager Wang said respectfully.

"That line, I just asked, if there is any advertisement in the company that needs a female model, I will go directly to Mickey, and I think she is in good condition." Qin Wei smiled, this is his purpose, But he promised to help Mickey get more advertisements.

"Vice President, rest assured, I will definitely do well." Manager Wang agreed with a smile.

Qin Wei's heart was so secretive that it really was not the same as the manager's treatment. Oh, the young lady seemed to call me to go to his office. Qin Wei quickly got up and went late, but she didn't have any good fruit to eat.

Qin Wei walked into Liu Yihan's office, closed the door, and restored the old hippie smile. "What did the young lady ask me?"

Liu Yihan turned to look at Qin Wei and said, "Are there a charity dinner in a few days, you and I will attend."

"Isn't it just a dinner party, as far as pulling me?" Qin Wei smiled and walked to Liu Yihan's lead. He looked at her with tenderness in his eyes. This was his lover who had waited for three years.

"This is not an ordinary dinner. There will be many commercial characters at that time, but your father-in-law deliberately named you for you to go!" Liu Yihan said with a smile, just like a flower. Since the two have established a relationship, there is no need to be What's hidden, all she has to do is enjoy the joy of love.

"Ah, then I'll have to freshen up, and then hook up with a beautiful girl." Qin Wei said with a sullen look.

"Go, don't come back when you go!" Said the young lady.

"Hey, that's what I said, you just listened." Qin Wei smiled. "Miss, look out the window."

"Huh?" Liu Yihan turned around and looked out the window, but there was nothing outside. Qin Wei, what did you show me?

Just when Liu Yihan wanted to speak, Qin Wei suddenly stepped forward and hugged her. Qin Wei leaned her head against her ear and whispered: "Don't talk, I just want to hug you brightly ... "

Liu Yihan was shocked. At this moment, she is no longer the general manager, just a woman who has waited for 26 years of love ...