Merry Master In The City

Chapter 116 Mysterious Woman!

The Bishuijiayuan villa group, the Song family's young master Song Fenggang bought a luxury villa here for social entertainment.

Bishui Home, you can see from its name, each villa here is equipped with a separate swimming pool, as well as tennis courts, the interior decoration is even more luxurious. The sofa alone costs 300,000 Song Feng. How much love,

"Song Song, you are really a big master. Such a villa should be worth 18 million." Zhang Qiang followed Song Feng's flattery. He just recently climbed the Song Feng ship. Zhang Qiang is also a Boss, but the financial resources are really limited. He wants to get to He Mu's thigh, but He Mu simply ignores him. He can't help but go to Song Feng.

Those who have money don't want to make more money, Zhang Qiang is playing his own wishful thinking, and if Song Feng can mix up a famous person, he won't bother to run and run.

"What does this money count in my eyes?" Although Song Feng was smiling, his words were domineering and arrogant.

"Yes, Song Shao is right. I'm afraid this amount of money is not enough for your eyes." Zhang Qiang followed with a grin, but scolded in his heart. He was standing and speaking without back pain. He had no savings and could not even buy half a villa. on.

"Zhang Qiang, as long as you follow me to do things well, the money will not lose you." Song Feng sat on the sofa and said,

When Zhang Qiang heard this, he immediately frowned, nodded and said, "Song Song, rest assured, I will be loyal to you!"

Song Shao nodded and said, "How are you doing?"

"It's all clear." Zhang Qiang said: "This Qin Wei, who has just won the championship in the game, is indeed a favorite of Liu Dongshan, and I heard that Liu Dongshan wants Qin Wei to be his son-in-law, so he has been promoted. he,"

"Oh?" Song Feng took a sip of tea, his eyes playing with taste: "Let Qin Wei be his son-in-law? What about Mu Mu? Isn't this eight years to be done?"

"Who said no? This thing has become a high-level joke in the city. Do n’t want to be a grand master. You really want a poor boy. I really do n’t know what Miss Liu ’s family thinks. What do you think? If you say that the two groups are united, then no one can compete with them in the city. "

"Strong and strong alliance?" Song Feng sneered: "Do you think he will be the one with He Shaotu's character? He has already planned for Dongshan Group. I'm afraid Liu Dongshan has seen through his thoughts. Will make such a choice. "

"Song of Song is really thoughtful and can see through everything." Zhang Qiang did not hesitate his praise, no wonder the Song family can not fail in the d market mall. With such a successor, the Song family should flourish.

"Since Liu Dongshan and He Shaotu do not intend to unite, isn't it exactly to create opportunities for us?" Song Feng said with a thoughtful smile: "Clams and mussels compete for the benefit of the fishermen. If there is a conflict of interest between Dongshan Group and He Group Then, can we not take advantage of it? "This is Song Feng's intention to come to S City.

Your He and Dongshan Group have set up camps in City D. This is not because we do n’t take our Song family Cheng Yuan Group into consideration, then do n’t blame me. It is my favorite thing to do business, and Song Feng is in my heart. He would not say these words to an outsider.

"By the way, He Shao, I heard that the trouble Qin Wei encountered in the department store last time was the ghost behind someone who seemed to be Duan Qi and Zhang Guangwei." Zhang Qiang said, this is what he and Zhang Guangwei drank. When I overheard it.

"Zhang Guangwei?" Song Feng asked with a bowed head. He had seen Duan Qi in the car yard and had investigated it.

"Originally the general manager of the He's Group, who lost to Qin Wei to participate in this competition, was reduced to sales manager by He Mu, Zhang Guangwei also complained," Zhang Qiang said.

"That matter is also related to He Mu. If you want to intensify the contradiction between He Liu and Liu He, you can start with Qin Wei and He Mu. I think He Mu will not swallow this tone." Song Feng laughed. Dao, although he doesn't know He Mu, but he knows the man's heart, like the one who doesn't lack money, the only thing he cares about is the woman, and he can make a fuss about Liu Yihan.

"Zhang Qiang." Song Feng stood up and walked to him and said, "This time you will give me a good investigation of the business relationship between Dongshan Group and He's Group and the recent expansion plans. As long as you do things well, I I won't treat you badly. "

"Hey, then I'm here to thank Song Shao." Zhang Qiang couldn't stop talking.

"There is nothing for you here, so you go back first." Song Feng issued a chase order, just like him, it was so straightforward.

"Okay, then I won't disturb Song Shao." Zhang Qiang greeted with interest, and then left.

Oh, Song Feng looked at the back of Zhang Qiang's departure, sneered, and said, "But it's just a dog, money, what do you think?" Song Feng said to the jade screen he just bought.

"It's his pleasure to be a dog under Song Shao!"

A strong man came out from behind the screen, and the scar on his face made people look shocking. He was Song Feng's bodyguard, and he has been with him for more than ten years.

"Haha." Song Feng laughed loudly, "You still understand me!"

"Following the young master for a long time, he naturally learned it." Qian Yi smiled, and following such a young master did have arrogant capital.

"What do you think of the two groups against He Liu?" Song Feng asked incomparably, and he rarely talked to Qian Yi about these things.

"It depends on what you mean, which one you want to start with!" Qian Yi respectfully said, "But from which one, as long as you say a word, I will do my best to do it for you!" Qian Yi With firm eyes, he was grateful to Song Feng. If Song Feng did not save himself then, I am afraid he would starve to the street and serve the Song family.

"I'm not in a hurry to deal with it, let He Mu explore the way for us first, and we can just wait and see how it changes." Song Feng was confident.

"It seems that the master has come up with a countermeasure!" Qian Yi said. He still knew Song Feng. He was never sure what he would never do.

"In a good plan, it's not as fast as change, don't you say?" Song Fengdao, isn't this Mu Mu the best example? Song Feng now really wants to meet this young master.

"Master, do you still go to that charity party?" Qian Yi asked.

"Go, why don't you go?" Song Feng's eyes played with taste: "This is a good opportunity for us to be in the limelight, isn't it?"

"Then I'll arrange it," Qian Yi said respectfully, and then backed out.

He Mu? Qin Wei? Oh, I can't wait to see a good show, Song Feng secretly in his heart, then picked up the phone and dialed out.

"Hello?" The call was answered, and a woman's voice came from inside.

"I'm going to a charity dinner in a few days. You will accompany me." Song Fengdao, although short, was a commanding tone.

"Okay," the woman agreed.

"Come to S city tomorrow." Song Fengdao said, but he still didn't say anything.

"Okay, I see." The woman replied lightly, making people unpredictable.

In a luxury villa in the city of D, the woman hung up the phone. She walked to the TV and looked at Qin Wei in the TV. She said to herself, "You still love to be in the limelight, as you were then."

Although she smiled, she was extremely sad and bitter ...