Merry Master In The City

Chapter 117 Feng Ruru's Visit!

Qin Wei didn't expect that Han Luoxue's legs recovered so fast that he could walk down the ground in a few days, but he walked very slowly. Qin Wei wanted to help her, but they didn't appreciate it and stared at Qin Wei. Qin Wei could only obediently return to the sofa and watch TV.

If it wasn't for Han Luoxue being injured at home, Qin Wei wouldn't have gone home so early. After all, with this effort and the young lady, how good you are, I have to rush back to Han Luoxue to deliver food, hey .. . Life is bitter!

Han Luoxue sat at the table for dinner. She ate very elegantly, taking a bite, and she was as beautiful as a picture. She looked fascinated by Qin Wei. Qin Wei vowed that this was the best girl he had ever seen eating!

"Falling snow, why did your leg recover so fast?" Qin Wei said, this is his best curious, the old saying is good, hurt his muscles for a hundred days, only a few days, I can go down to the ground, I have to Just ask and see what medicine Han Haner gave him.

Han Luoxue didn't say a word. Since the second teacher went away, Han Luoxue has been cold to Qin Wei. To be precise, he doesn't even have a smile.

"Falling snow, you're wrong. Brother Shi asked you, how can you not answer, how can you know what you're thinking if you don't answer?" Qin Wei asked, didn't you ignore me? I will ask until you speak.

"By the way, Luoxue, you have n’t told your brother about your last question. Do you have a boyfriend? Is it normal for a boy to be married and a girl to be married? Is this the best thing? If not, I can introduce one to you, and be sure that you are satisfied! "Qin Wei stood up and wanted to be close to her, so he walked towards Han Luoxue with a smile.

When Qin Wei went halfway, he suddenly found that Han Luoxue had a silver needle in his hand. Not good! This is going to tie my rhythm again! Qin Wei screamed in secret, then turned around and backflip, demo, let you tie me! Let me hide from this, Qin Wei feels secretly in my heart.

"Yeah! Slap!" A silver needle whistled past, slamming into Qin Wei's ass.

"Nima! If you don't take you to play like this, can you still play happily! Do you know this sneak attack, do you know how you look like this?" Qin Wei is about to cry, and I will let it go, but Ni Ma can't stay in the same place, it will hurt!

"It's just that your IQ is not enough." Han Luoxue shrugged. She had already seen Qin Wei's intentions, so she deliberately waited for Qin Wei to make a needle after landing.

"I have enough IQ and can take you out of danger?" Qin Wei was very unconvinced.

"They just aren't as despicable or shameful as you." Han Luoxue said, she returned to the bedroom after eating the bowl of rice. Before entering the bedroom, she still told Qin Wei: "I want to go back to the bedroom to cultivate, nothing is wrong, don't come Bother me, otherwise the silver needle in my hand will not let you go! "

"Wipe! Why do you think you are who you are? All around you." Qin Wei glanced at the bedroom, despised Han Luoxue, and then deliberately turned the TV to loud, I let you rest Take a break!

"Ding!" Just as Qin Wei scolded and grinned, the doorbell rang.

"Who!" Qin Wei shouted in the room, and according to his house's sound insulation effect, this decibel would definitely be heard outside.

"Qin Brother, it's me!" A woman's voice rang outside the door.

This person's voice is familiar. Who is it? Qin Wei put a question mark in his heart, and then went to open the door. When Qin Wei opened the door, he was dumbfounded. Feng Ruru, how could she come to my house? Didn't she break up with Tengwei?

"Brother Qin, can I go in and sit?" Feng Ruru said with a smile. She was wearing a very refreshing dress today. She wore a denim vest and shorts. She had a rock style.

"Oh, of course, come in." Qin Wei let Feng Ruru enter the room without much thought.

"I didn't expect you to be quite clean here. Which younger sister cleaned it for you?" As soon as Feng Ruru entered the room, he looked around, sending out some emotions from time to time, and heard Qin Wei in the fog.

"Ru Ru, what's the matter if you come to my house so late?" Qin Wei directly asked, to be honest, his impression of Feng Ruru has not been very good. If it was not for the relationship of Teng Wei, such a woman would even watch Not a glance.

"What? Brother Qin? I can't come to sit here with you all right?" Feng Ruru said something, she was so savvy, how could she not hear Qin Wei's meaning.

"No." Qin Wei waved and said, "After all, you are Teng Wei's target. It's not good to run my house in the middle of the night."

Even if you run to my house, you still wear so casually. Am I a casual person? This is an insult to my personality! Qin Wei looked at Feng Ruru, this woman has a good figure, Teng Wei, your kid secretly having fun.

"Qin Brother, didn't Teng Wei tell you?" Feng Ruru turned and asked Qin Wei.

"What to say?" Qin Wei asked.

"Teng Wei and I have broken up." Feng Ruru said with a smile. The kind of smile that seemed to Qin Wei to be particularly annoying was as if he had dropped off a kind of burden.

"This is the original, Teng Wei said to me." Qin Wei shook his head and said, "But I would like to persuade you, fall in love, when there is no quarrel, I will call Teng Wei a while and let her give You apologize for it, it's almost OK, can you get through? "

"Yes? How?" Feng Ruru asked, looking at Qin Wei.

"This is a matter for the two of you, so I'm not in a position to join together." Qin Wei laughed very far. Don't you run to my house in the middle of the night just to tell me about this, Qin Wei is dissatisfied.

Feng Ruru walked to the sofa and sat down, "I said we broke up with him, and the two of us will never be possible again."

"Ruru, I have to talk about you. You know Teng Wei's affection for you. If he didn't want to take you seriously, he would not tell his father to marry you." Qin Wei advised If two people can reconcile, it is best, as Teng Wei's brother, Qin Wei does not want him to be hurt.

"I know that Teng Wei is good to me, but I don't want to be with him anymore." Feng Ruru firmly said, how can such a good woman find a counselor!

"Why?" Qin Wei wanted to know why.

"Because Teng Wei is too weak." Feng Ruru looked at Qin Wei and bit her lip. She was hesitant to say what she said.

Qin Wei laughed after hearing: "This is the character of a person, Teng Wei is a person who does not like to cause trouble, you can't blame him."

"Don't blame him? Brother Qin, you know that when Xu Tian told me to be his girlfriend that day, Teng Wei didn't even dare to put a fart. Is such a man a man!" Feng Ruru was a little excited, she couldn't stand Teng Wei In a whim, she wanted to find a real man, a man who stood up to the ground!

"Then what kind of man are you talking about?" Qin Wei laughed. Although he laughed, his heart was already a little angry. After all, Teng Wei is his own good brother. Saying him like this is not the same as burying me. .

"A man like Brother Qin is a man!" Feng Ruru said, standing up and walking towards Qin Wei.

"I, haha, you can stop joking." Qin Wei laughed, watching Feng Ruru step by step towards himself, Nima, this atmosphere is a bit wrong!

"Brother Qin, do you know that when I saw you for the first time, I fell in love with you, your deep eyes, handsome face, and even your scornful Hu Zhazi, let me do it for you Fascinated, don't you know, the person I love is you. "Feng Ruru went to Qin Wei and put his hands on his shoulders.

I rub! Qin Wei almost vomited blood. How is this line so familiar? Wasn't it often used when I was a girl, did she want to soak me? !!

"Brother Qin, let me be your woman ..." Feng Ruru said, and untied his waistcoat ...

Oh damn! Don't bully your friends! Qin Wei now has countless Teng Wei running in his mind ...