Merry Master In The City

Chapter 118 Pick Up Your Clothes!

Feng Ruru saw that Qin Wei was in a daze and thought he was fascinated by himself. It seems that she was right today. In fact, she had wanted to confess with Qin Wei long ago, but she never found an opportunity. Under the stimulation of Mickey Only then did she gather courage, Qin Wei was tall and handsome, and able to follow him, and he had more futures than Teng Wei.

Feng Ruru is very confident in her figure. She believes that as long as she embarks on her arms, Qin Wei will surely accept the order. Moreover, her length is not bad. Feng Ruru slowly took off her vest, and she expected Qin Wei can accept himself.

Sure enough, Qin Wei's hand was put on Feng Ruru's clothes. Feng Ruru had a secret joy in his heart. It seemed that he liked himself.

But what happened next made Feng Ruru anxious to find a place to drill down.

"Put your clothes on." Qin Wei glanced at Feng Ruru, who was about to take off his vest, and he understood what this woman was thinking. She was too smart, and she was smart enough to do everything. He Mu is very similar.

"Why ?!" Feng Ruru asked unbelievably.

"You are Tengwei's girlfriend, so I can't be with you." Qin Wei arrived directly, and he didn't want to be inked with this woman.

Snapped! Feng Ruru was desperate, and she dropped her waistcoat on the ground, revealing her shirt inside. She was venting her dissatisfaction.

"I have already said that I have nothing to do with Tengwei, we have broken up!" Feng Ruru was a little excited. Although she is not a rich second generation like Liu Yihan, she is still a middle-aged family. Rain was raining, and she was outstanding in school. The boys approached her proactively. This was the first time Feng Ruru confessed to the boys and was rejected!

"Even if you don't have any relationship, I won't be with you, because I don't like you." Qin Wei resolutely said that he didn't leave Feng Ruru with any face. If this thing passed to Teng Wei's ear today, let What he thought, so Qin Wei didn't plan to tell him about it.

"Oh!" Feng Ruru sneered, and said, "Don't like me? Don't like me, do you still go to the parking lot to save me ?!" He didn't plan to come to rescue Tengwei. It was Tengwei who said that he was also in the parking lot.

"You think too much, I just want to save Tengwei." Qin Wei was already a little angry, he even began to hate the person in front of her, she was too self-righteous, too powerful, so smart that everything is calculated.

"What is worse than Mickey ?!" Feng Ruru shouted. In her consciousness, she always regarded Mickey as her own rival. When she saw Qin Wei taking care of Mickey carefully, her heart He was screaming, I could not get what Feng Ruru wanted!

"She is better than you everywhere. Compared to you, she doesn't have so much snobbery. She is simple." Qin Wei did not hesitate to praise Mickey.

"Simple, huh, what a joke, is there still a model? This is the best joke I've ever heard!" Feng Ruru said with ridicule, Mickey was younger, more beautiful, and better than her. Feng Ruru was very Jealous!

"You think she's dirty and impure, that's because your heart is dirty." Qin Wei said angrily, unbearable unbearable, unbearable, unbearable? I have seen shameless, I have never seen such shameless.

Qin Wei didn't plan to give her time for reflection, because he knew that a selfish woman like Feng Ruru would not reflect on herself at all, so he went on: "I'm clearer about what kind of person Mickey is. , She is a hundred times cleaner than you! At least her money is earned by a penny, and you? Oh, it's just a parasite that wants to be on the list! "

Qin Wei's scolding was over, and this feeling was really good. He was vented on Feng Ruru over the past few days at Han Luoxue. Qin Wei felt that he was a noble man, and he was still in trouble. It seems that his realm is again One level up, Mad! Who else dare to say that I am a satyr!

"Qin Wei, you dare to scold me!" Feng Ruru's eyes were red and red, and those who were sent home were not insulted. She also suffered such insults where she had been bred from Xiaojiao.

Qin Wei looked at Feng Ruru and said blankly, "I like women, but I don't like women like you. Please pick up your clothes and leave from me."

Qin Wei issued a customer order!

"You!" Feng Ruru burst into tears!

"Qin Wei! I don't want anything that Feng Ruru can't get!" Shouted Feng Ruru, and the anger almost turned on the induction lamp of the whole building.

Qin Wei glanced at Feng Ruru, then said indifferently, "Did you not hear what I said? Do you want me to say it again!"

"Qin Wei! You wait for me! Someday I will make you regret it!" Feng Ruru picked up the clothes on the ground and ran out of the door! She will never forget this shame today!

call! Qin Wei was relieved when he saw Feng Ruru gone. Is this woman faulty, thinking that men all over the world should not marry him? He even gave me a beauty game? Do not look at his virtue, far worse than the aunt downstairs!

Qin Wei closed the door and walked back to the living room. This morning, he got stuck in the needle, and performed a beauty plan at night, just like making a movie.

"Oh, I didn't expect you to be a gentleman!" Han Luoxue sneered as he opened the bedroom door.

"Well, isn't my image in your heart instantly becoming tall and mighty! So let's say, looking for a boyfriend must look for me, absolutely safe and reliable!" Qin Wei opened the refrigerator and took a can of beer With a sip of beer, Qin Wei's resentment was dissipated.

"Don't be narcissistic. If you really did something that woman shouldn't do just now, the silver needle in my hand won't spare you!" Han Luoxue said coldly, reminding Qin Wei.

Qin Wei relied on the door frame, and said, "Is my aesthetic so low in your eyes? If you take off your clothes and stand in front of me, then I would definitely not be a gentleman, hey!"


The silver needle in Han Luoxue's hand flew out instantly!

Nima! Come again! Qin Wei's first reaction was to close the door!

Dangdang Dangdang!

Hiding behind the door, Qin Wei only heard three silver needles pierced the door one by one. It was dangerous. Qin Wei patted his chest and secretly said that he had lost money because he was hiding fast. Qin Wei opened the door and saw three silver Needle, three points for entry, we can see the strength of Han Luoxue, how much this little girl hates herself!

"Don't dare talk nonsense, I'm sorry you're welcome!" Han Luoxue finished, and slammed the bedroom door shut.

When have you been kind to me? Of course, this sentence, Qin Wei can only think about it in the heart, so that Han Luoxue heard, he has to eat and walk.

Qin Wei drank a sip of wine, but now he has no good life.

"The host is calling!" Just then Qin Wei's cell phone rang and Qin Wei looked down. It was Mickey's phone.

"Hey, why do you think you called me?" Qin Wei answered the phone and smiled.

"Qin Wei, can you accompany me back to my hometown?" Mi Qi said anxiously on the phone.

"What's wrong?" Qin Wei said.

"It's my brother's business," Mickey said anxiously.

"Okay, I'll pick you up at school now!" Qin Wei said.

Qin Wei put on her clothes and shouted towards the bedroom door: "Sister, I need to go out, I can't take care of you these days, the money is in the drawer, what do I need to call by myself, I hope to see you again You can make a living! "

Nima! Finally, I can live without having to look at this little girl's face every day!