Merry Master In The City

Chapter 119 Mickey's Request!

At the gate of s University, Mickey stood anxiously waiting in the night. She also just received a call from Mi Hui to ask her to prepare money.

"Mickey, come out so late?"

"Which handsome guy are you waiting for?"

People in the past greeted Mickey and did not forget her joke. Mickey was originally a school flower at school. Adding the confession in front of the dormitory building that night made it difficult for her to become famous. Ambiguous relationship with Qin Wei, now she has become a celebrity in the school.

"Well, waiting for someone." Mi Qi replied, she was not joking now, she just hoped that Qin Wei could come quickly.

Suddenly, a white Chrysler came towards himself in the night. I do n’t know why. When Mickey saw Qin Wei ’s car, she seemed to see a hope. Only Qin Wei could help her now.

"Get in the car!" Qin Wei held the car very well and opened the window to say hello.

"Um." Mickey immediately got into the front passenger seat.

Qin Wei glanced at the sad face of Miqi and asked, "What's wrong? What's so anxious."

"It's Mi Hui, my younger brother, the girl's belly has been enlarged, and then regardless of others, the woman's family is unwilling to lead people to the house." Mi Qi said.

"I remember that you didn't charge him last time." Qin Wei asked, and he clearly remembered that Mi Qi had hit all the advertising expenses home.

Micky sighed: "The money did hit back, but Mi Hui spent all the money, not the girl at all!" She no longer knew how to describe her current mood. If she met Mi Hui, she Want to dump him eight pieces!

boom! Qin Wei hit the steering wheel with a punch!

"What a fucking asshole!" Qin Wei scolded, playing with his sister's hard-earned money, it was a fucking thing!

"Qin Wei, can you lend me some money? I will pay you back when I make money later"

"How much to borrow?"

Before Mickey's words were finished, Qin Wei asked.

"Girls need 50,000 yuan for their family!" Mickey said, let alone 50,000 yuan, that is 5,000 yuan is an astronomical number for her. She didn't know why. The first person she thought of was Qin Wei.

"No problem, I have it here." Qin Wei nodded and agreed.

"Thank you, I will definitely give it back to you after I make money." Mi appreciated that she did not expect Qin Wei to be so refreshing and agreed to her request.

Qin Wei shook his head and said, "It's all friends. You say you're out of sight if you say that. You shouldn't pay it even if you pay the money back. You should let your brother pay it back." Nothing, living on others like a parasite.

"I really don't know how to thank you." Mi Qi sincerely said, Qin Wei really helped her a lot, and made her feel warm, but she had a lot of guilt.

"Let's make a promise, I don't mind." Qin Wei said with a smile. He didn't want to see Mi Qi's face frowning. It was really distressing. She was very tired, but she still had to show it to everyone. He looked at Mickey's tired face. It turned out that her strength was all pretended.

"Okay," Mickey said flatly, "as long as you don't dislike it."

"Ha ?!" Qin Wei was confused, what and what is this, disgusting? What's wrong with you?

Mickey glanced out of the window and said, "In fact, I am a person who came out of the small village. In order to escape from that place, I studied desperately. I thought I could say goodbye to the past after passing the s university, but Finding all this is just futile. "

"Every time he asks me for money, I tell myself this is the last time, but when he opens his mouth again, I still can't help paying him. This is cheap, right?" On the chair, she did not dare to look back at Qin Wei, she did not want Qin Wei to see her weak side.

"I look forward to a new life. I want my grandma to live a good life with my hands. That ’s why I work hard. If my looks and body make money for me, I am willing to pay, so I choose to do it. When I got a model, I was forced to frame you that time. Mi Hui asked me for money again and again. I can only do this. Sometimes I hate myself. "

When Miki said these words, she kept looking out the window, because she cared so she chose to escape.

"Actually, you are already very good. Don't let yourself be so tired. You pay for your labor and get paid. Who dares to say anything in your back?" Qin Wei comforted, and Mickey once said that her experience inspired her. She Why not inspire yourself, why must you be arrogant?

"Qin Wei, do you know? I'm really tired, I really want to sleep." Mi Qi leaned on the chair and said.

"Sleep when you are tired, rest assured, there is me." Qin Wei comforted, and he was a little distressed to Mickey.

"Well, my hometown is in Qingshan Village, City L." Mi Qi told Qin Wei the address of her home, then leaned on the seat, closed her eyes, and unknowingly went to sleep.

Qin Wei looked at Mickey's sleeping sound and felt very cute, curled up like a kitten. Such children are eager for love. Qin Wei searched the city for navigation, and then drove to the target. Qin Wei The escutcheon is very stable, very stable ...


Qingshan Village, Liu Yishui's house, although it is midnight, it is still brightly lit.

Several men were sitting around the yard, and the man squatting in the middle was Mickey's brother, Mi Hui.

"Third brother, do you think their old rice family will really send money to our sister?" A very rough man shouted into the room.

"Don't give money? Mi Hui has made our sister's belly bigger, so don't give us up. Doesn't he lose money?" Liu Yishui was sitting in the room smoking a cigarette, and there were only a few of them. Liu Qing was the only one. Girl, naturally is the pearl of the old Liu's family. I never expected that something so shameful would happen, so how will the old Liu's family see people in the future.

"Brother, if they don't pay the money, it will depend on the account?" The man asked next.

"Then hit Mi Hui and get pregnant!" Liu Yishui said, smoking hard.

"Don't! Don't hit me! My sister will definitely give me money! Don't hit me!" Suddenly Mi Hui crouched on the ground and shouted from the ground. He didn't want to be beaten. These people were crops. Man, how could that small body withstand its own hands,


A man slapped his fan on Mihui's face and said, "Don't hit you? You made my sister's belly bigger, you know not! Don't hit who you hit!"

"If you make your sister bigger, see what else you have to say!" Another man cursed next to him. The three of them were brothers. The one who loved them the most was the younger sister. Now the younger sister is aggrieved.

"I don't have a girl!" Mi Hui squatted on the ground. He was afraid of being beaten and could only hold his head.

"Brother, don't let them embarrass Mihui!" Liu Qing held Liu Yishui's arm.

"It's OK if he's not in trouble, then wait for his family to send money, and then I'll pay you no, I'm just such a girl, I can't make you lose!" Liu Yishui said.

"Girl, it's not me who says you, how can you look at such a waste, any man in the village is better than him!" When Liu Yishui mentioned this, he was furious and this Mihui was a rogue what!

"Brother, Mi Hui, he is really good to me." Liu Qing justified.

"Okay? Good to you, let go of you, and go out and drink? I tell you, I must listen to this!" Liu Yishui said.

"You guys are optimistic about him in the yard. If his sister doesn't give him an apology tomorrow, you will try to punch him!" Liu Yishui said to the yard.

"I see, third brother!"

"Sister! Come on!"