Merry Master In The City

Chapter 120 Sudden Little Bitch!

Qingshan Village is a small village with mountains and rivers and birds and flowers, which is really different from the city. Even the air is fresh. Qin Wei suddenly came up with the idea that when he was old, he would return to the garden. , More comfortable and comfortable, having a few children, living a life like the fairy of Taohuayuan.

Qin Wei had already driven the car to Qingshan Village at midnight yesterday. Mickey was still asleep. He didn't know where to go, so he parked the car at the village entrance and waited for dawn.

Qin Wei got up early, so I got off the car activities, after all, a few hours of driving is also very tired, and by the way, enjoy the scenery of Qingshan Village.

There are mountains and waters here. If a resort can be developed, it would be a good choice. Qin Wei secretly said in her heart that when she returned to the city, she could discuss with the lady, maybe she would agree with her idea.

"Qin Wei, why didn't you call me when you woke up?" Mi Qi got out of the car and she slept soundly along the way. Despite the mountain road, she didn't feel any bumps at all.

"Seeing that you are sleeping, Harako has flowed out, so I didn't call you." Qin Wei smiled.

"What time is it?" Mickey said.

"More than six o'clock," Qin Wei said.

"Ah? It's so late, why aren't you Hanxing me!" Mi Qi anxiously, those people said yes yesterday, if they haven't arrived in the morning, I don't know what Mihui is doing.

"It's only six o'clock!" Qin Wei was surprised.

"In the countryside, I went to work at six o'clock, hurry up and go to Liu Yishui's house." Mickey jumped into the driveway. Qin Wei had to follow up.

In the courtyard of Liu Yishui's house, an old hen giggled constantly, apparently it was letting the eggs slap.

"Second Brother, look at this day, Mi Hui's family hasn't come yet, isn't it coming?" Liu Ershuidao: "If I say, let's not tell any truth to this boy. The wine is over! "

"It's over? It's over when our sister is beaten after being bullied? That won't work, it will cost him some money!" Liu Yishui said, "Let him make a phone call at home. "

"Ah, okay." Liu Ershui said, ran to the yard and kicked Mi Hui, who had been nesting under the grape stand all night, "Hurry up and call your house, save yourself!"

"Well, I know." Mi Hui nodded, and hurriedly pulled out the phone and dialed out.

"Brother, you can rest assured, my sister will definitely send the money." Mi Hui said as he beat.

"Fuck it nonsense, hurry up and call!" Liu Ershui urged, yesterday he didn't sleep well all night, just to look at the kid, afraid he would run away and not accept his account.

Mi Hui's face was ashes as she held her mobile phone.

"What's wrong!" Liu Ershui asked.

Holding her cell phone, Mi Hui said, "My sister's cell phone is off ... it's off ..."

"If you wipe your uncle, I know that your old Mi's family doesn't accept the account." Liu Ershui threw away the cigarette butt in his mouth and shouted at the room: "Brother, this kid is playing with us, and their family wants to blame him, and I will not hit him Flowering face! "

Liu Ershui rolled up his sleeves and greeted him, and his relatives followed him. They were those of last night. They had long been accustomed to Mi Hui, and took the opportunity to clean him up.

"Brother, don't hit Mi Hui." Just then, Liu Qing climbed into the yard and blocked in front of Mi Hui.

At this moment, Qin Wei's Chrysler also stopped outside the yard, and just happened to be seen by Qin Wei.

"It seems this girl really loves your brother," Qin Wei sat in the car.

"How do you know?" Mickey asked curiously, can true love be seen at a glance?

"Well, pregnant, and running so fast, isn't it really fast?" Qin Wei laughed. It seems that the boy Mi Hui has a set of ways to deal with women.

"What time is it, you still have a chance to joke." Said Mickey opened the door and was about to get out.

Qin Wei suddenly caught Mickey and did not let her off.

"Qin Wei, what are you doing ?!" Mi Qi said anxiously, didn't you see that the other party was going to do something?

"Have you ever wondered why your brother is so jerk." Qin Wei asked, he could help Mickey for a while, but he couldn't help her forever, just like Mickey was helping her brother, Qin Wei hoped she could understand this truth.

"His nature is such that he can't change it." Mickey said, her brother knew her too well.

Qin Wei shook his head and said, "No, it is because he has no responsibility. He is a man. You have done all the things that a man does. Is there any responsibility on him?" Qin Wei's meaning is obvious, that is, you gave this brother Spoiled.

"Did you finish talking? Get off the bus after you finish talking." Miki said anxiously.

Qin Wei grabbed Mickey and said, "What are you worried about?"

"Everyone is here yet, so what are you waiting for?" Mickey didn't understand.

"They are right now and take the initiative. Let's drag it and rest assured that I have it." Qin Wei signaled Mickey not to worry.

"Okay," said Mickey, and Qin Wei also made sense.

In the courtyard, the old Liu family looked at the rare car, and Liu Yishui came out of the house.

"Brother, who is this?" Liu Ershui pointed at the car.

"This is my sister. It is my sister who is sitting in the co-pilot. I said my sister would not care about me." Mi Hui stood up from the ground excitedly and waved her hand.

"Second water, check it out." Liu Yishui.

"Um." Liu Ershui glanced at Mi Hui and walked towards Qin Wei.

Qin Wei laughed in the car and said, "See, they can't hold their breath."

Alas, Liu Ershui knocked on the car window and said: "Since it is here, get off the bus and wait for us to ask you ?!" Liu Ershui despised, these people in the city like to pack calves. The car is amazing!

"I'm Mi Hui's sister. Just tell me anything." Mi Qi got off the driveway.

"Did the money bring you?" Liu Ershuidao, this is the thing he cares about most.

"Take it." Mi Qi glanced at Qin Wei.

The younger brother was unscrupulous. It turned out that her sister was also being raised. Liu Ershui glanced at Qin Weidao, and he despised Mickey from his heart.

"Since the money has been brought in, come in." Liu Ershui glanced at Qin Wei.

"Sister, come and save me! I don't want to be beaten!" Mi Hui shouted to Mi Qi, yesterday Liu Ershui had beaten himself, and his face still hurts.

"This is your brother?" Qin Wei said.

"Aren't you asking nonsense," Mickey said.

"It really doesn't look like you. There is no masculinity." Qin Wei slipped his lips. He looked at Mi Hui, a man of about one and a seventy-five, who was thin and had a woman willing to give him a child, at least to explain Mi Hui is not bad, but he has been hiding behind Liu Qing, making people feel very weak, do not know why, Qin Wei suddenly thought of Teng Wei.

"You are Mi Hui's sister." Liu Yishui said to Mi Qi.

"I am," Mickey said.

"Now that you are here, things are easy to handle. Your brother has made my sister's belly bigger. What do you think of this?" Liu Yishui threw the problem directly to Mickey.

"We lose money," Mickey said.

"Five thousand yuan, one point is not less." Liu Yishuidao, fifty thousand yuan in Qingshan Village, is not a small sum, and can buy half a daughter-in-law.

"Qin Wei." Mi Qi turned to Qin Wei for help.

Qin Wei was close to Mickey and whispered: "Don't worry, if you don't want to live so tired in the future, listen to me."

Qin Wei walked towards Mi Hui.

Mi Hui looked at Qin Wei, who was wearing a famous brand, and was looking at his car. This look was a big money. Mi Qi had no money. He must have paid for it. This was his own savior. Brother-in-law! "

"What's your name?" Qin Wei asked with a smile, and he smiled brighter than Mi Hui, all shining in the light of the rising sun.

"Brother-in-law!" Mi Hui grinned. Whoever has the money can save me, who is my brother-in-law!

Snapped! Qin Wei slapped him on Mihui's face.

"You! Why are you fucking hit me!" Mi Hui said, covering her face! Who is this man! I don't even know!

Qin Wei changed his joke in the past and changed his personality, saying, "Aren't you calling my brother-in-law? Why? Brother-in-law shouldn't hit a little bitch!"