Merry Master In The City

Chapter 121 I'm Pregnant With His Child!

Brother-in-law hits a bitch? What kind of play is this? The Liu family was watching a cloud of water, and they started to work without even saying a word, and Mickey didn't understand what Qin Wei was doing. He asked him to help himself, not to let him fight.

"You dare to hit me!" Mi Hui cried, covering her face. Qin Wei and the Liu family were different. He was brought by his sister, so don't be too afraid.

Qin Wei shook his hand and dismissed: "I ask you, what did your sister call you for 10,000 yuan last time?" Qin Wei is very sensitive to this 10,000 yuan, but this is the job that he introduced to Mickey. , 10,000 yuan also has its own part, actually let this kid squander it?

"Who the hell are you, are you in charge!" Mi Hui suddenly scolded, and everyone could see the guilty conscience.

"You said that I am your brother-in-law, you said that I care nothing!" Qin Wei went to Mi Hui's side and said in a small voice: "You better listen to me, don't forget, the money is in my hands, Let me go, let me leave it, do you think your sister is really rich? "

Qin Wei told Mi Hui the stakes, as long as he was not a fool, he should understand.

"Hey, brother-in-law, I listen to you, I listen to whatever you say." Mi Hui immediately changed into a smile.

Qin Wei nodded, be satisfied: "Then tell me, where's that ten thousand yuan?"

"This ..." Mi Hui glanced at Mickey and whispered to Qin Wei: "Let me drink ..."

"Drink ten thousand yuan?" Qin Wei asked with a smile.

"No, no." Mi Hui waved his hands quickly: "It cost more than a thousand pieces to drink, but just broke a cup. The boss said that the cup was antique, so I lost money, so ..."

"Hehe ..." Qin Wei circled around Mi Hui, sneerfully sarcastically: "Master Mi is so smart, your sister is working hard outside, you are really spending time outside, free and easy!"

"Brother-in-law, it's not what you think. It's the boys who counted me together. Later I realized that the cup was not an antique at all, but it was a ten-dollar stall." Mi Hui explained to Qin Wei, he I was really afraid that Qin Wei didn't pay for himself. He couldn't get a penny of his own. He usually lacked money like Mickey asked.

"It turned out to be hindsight!" Qin Wei stopped behind Mi Hui. Qin Wei really felt that Mi Hui was already stupid enough to be stupid. Can you tell the difference between antiques and ground goods? !!

"Brother-in-law, I ..."


Before Mi Hui's words were finished, Qin Wei kicked Mi Hui's ass and kicked him directly to the ground.

"I will teach you lessons for your sister today!" Qin Wei said angrily. He said as he pulled out his belt and drew it on Mi Hui's body.

"This belt is for your sister. She is so hard at work that she can't bear to pay a penny for yourself. You actually took the money to play?" Qin Weiyue said more and more angry, and her hands became more and more forceful. Qi is a girl, of course, she can't beat her brother, but today Qin Wei is going to be angry for her.

Mickey looked at the angry Qin Wei, and Qin Wei's words just made her look red and embarrassed. Now she has no courage to step forward to plead with Mi Hui. No wonder she can only blame her brother for being too frustrated!

Huh! Huh!

Qin Wei's belt threw extremely fast, and the sound of whistling could be heard, and the sound of Mi Hui's body was extremely loud.

The Liu family had been shocked by Qin Wei. No one came forward to speak. Even the old hen who was about to lay an egg stopped giggling. In the yard, only Mi Hui's begging was heard!

"Brother! Don't hit me, I know I'm wrong, I won't dare again next time"

"Brother, please, don't fight!" Mi Hui scrambled, and he didn't dare to fight back, and he didn't have the courage to fight back.

"You dare to run!" Qin Wei stepped forward and fell to the ground, followed by a belt.

"My fucking keeps you from remembering me! Young people don't learn well, learners play with money? How much money do you fucking!" Said Qin Wei pulling a belt on Mi Hui's ass.

"Brother-in-law, I will never dare again!" Mi Hui lay on the ground and begged for mercy, the fiery pain from his buttocks, he felt that his buttocks were about to mature.

"You fucking have enlarged the belly of men and women. Put on your pants and clap your hands and just want to leave!" Qin Wei drew another belt on Mi Hui's ass.

Qin Wei is not acting hard on the Liu family, but it is real. He feels that a person as large as Mi Hui is not sensible and does not realize the hardship of Mickey, so he should fight. He hopes that his belt can Give Mi Hui a bit of memory, save him next time!

"Sister, please plead with my brother-in-law for me, my butt is almost opened and spent!" Mi Hui's howl rang through the yard.

Mickey turned her face aside and said, "Good fight." She had lost confidence in this brother. Mickey thanked Qin Wei for her initiative. She began to reflect on herself. Maybe she was really used to Mi Hui. That will make him so corrupt.

It ’s over, it ’s over, Mickey does n’t plead with herself, who can plead with herself! Mi Hui secretly said in his heart.

"Sister ... brother-in-law ..." Liu Qing called Qin Wei softly.

Although Liu Qing's voice was not loud, Qin Wei heard it. He stopped the belt in his hand and looked at the pretty girl in front of him.

"Can you stop hitting him?" Liu Qing whispered, after all, Qin Wei's posture just startled her, after all, Qin Wei wasn't Liu's family and would not spoil herself, so she didn't have the confidence to speak. .

Qin Wei looked at Liu Qing and asked, "Why?" Generally, if she is an ordinary woman, she would rather have someone to clean up a miserable person for herself, but she even pleaded for him?

"Because ..." Liu Qing hesitated looking at Mi Hui lying on the ground, but finally made up his mind and said, "Because I was pregnant with his child ..."

"Little girl, why are you so obsessed and ignorant! He's just a scumbag!" Liu Ershui pulled Liu Qing back to his side, and when he knew that Mi Hui entangled his sister, he told Liu Qing to leave Mi Hui like this The rogue went a little further and did not expect that he said the same as he did not.

"Brother, Mi Hui, he is not such a person!" Liu Qing insisted, and the lover's eyes came out. She believed that Mi Hui was not an unskilled person, but he had not found what he wanted, he Don't know what it is to call yourself.

"Just take it! There will be a day when you suffer!" Liu Ershui turned his head into the room, and didn't care about this mess.

"Don't you dislike him?" Qin Wei asked in front of Liu Qing.

"We in the country pay attention to marrying chickens and chickens, marrying dogs and dogs, and if you abandon him, you won't be with him." Liu Qingdao.

"We can give you money, and you can find a good person." Qin Wei said.

Liu Qing shook his head and said, "I don't want money, I just want to live with him."

"Oh my mother, I'm a silly girl!" Liu Ershui, who just walked into the room, was almost dizzy when he heard Liu Qing's words. Live with this man, don't you just wait to drink the northwest wind!

Qin Wei nodded, then went to Mickey and muttered something to Mickey.

A sudden flash of hesitation flashed in Mickey's eyes and asked, "Will this work ?!"

"If this doesn't work, do you think Mihui has hope?" Qin Wei directly said, he just wanted Mihui to be a responsible person, not a parasite.

"But I don't know if Mi Hui will agree." Mi Qi worried.

"What other qualifications do you think he has? He needs growth, not doting, and men must learn to take responsibility, otherwise he will never grow up!" Qin Wei said, if he did not want to make Mi Qi tired This is the most direct method.

"Okay." Mi Qi nodded, looking at Mi Hui who was helped by Liu Qing, she agreed.

"Who in your Liu family speaks the most?" Qin Wei asked in the yard.

"It's my third brother." Liu Qing pointed at Liu Yishuidao. He usually decides the big things in the family.

"You talk?" Qin Wei asked in front of Liu Yishui. The man in front of him looked like a full-fledged cropped man with dark skin and burly body.

"Counting" Liu Yishui nodded.

"Okay, let's go out and say ..."