Merry Master In The City

Chapter 125 Eight Thousand Blocks!

The next day, Qin Wei and Mickey rushed to the s city. They had work to do, and Mickey University also had classes to attend. Do n’t delay. If you are delaying for a few days, the year-end award is estimated to be out of play. This is comparable. As a sales manager, she has many bonuses. Qin Wei is not stupid and can't stand the money. Besides, the young lady has given an order, how can she disobey him.

From Qingshan Village to s City, you will pass by the county seat, which is obviously more prosperous than Qingshan Village. At least it is crowded, and it is also the nearest county seat to Qingshan Village.

"I didn't have a meal in the morning, would you like to find a restaurant?" Qin Wei asked Mi Qi, he didn't know if Mi Qi was hungry, anyway, he was hungry.

"You look for it, I can eat anything, not picky eaters!" Mi Qi said heartily. Originally, Grandma was going to cook Qin Wei once, but Qin Wei didn't eat, she said, hurriedly back, Mi Qi knew that he was Unwilling to let grandma cook, think of it here, Mickey feels very warm, it turns out that someone besides me will still feel bad for grandma.

"Then this one." Qin Wei pointed to the opposite.

"Is there a restaurant?" Mickey said.

"What's wrong?" Qin Wei asked.

"It's nothing, I just think this restaurant's name is strange!" Said Mickey, where could there be a restaurant with such a name.

Qin Wei smiled and said with a mockery: "Is this IQ or a college student? Did n’t your teacher tell you to think differently? Please use a different thinking to please the customers, maybe this restaurant That's the purpose of the boss. "

"You know, you know everything, my teacher Qin Da, if you don't want to be a teacher, you will blind your mouth." Mi Qi gave Qin Wei a white look.

"I'm going to your school. The little girl hasn't been around my buttocks all day, so I'm so tired. I'm a low-key person." Qin Wei shook his smart hair. At a certain moment, Qin Wei feels that he is much more handsome than the movie star, especially the moment he shook his head, the handsomeness burst.

"I'm not going to eat, you go." Miki suddenly said.

"Why? Didn't you just say it well?" Qin Wei said, but he was feeling that the woman was really fickle. The first second promised to be good, and the next second changed.

"Because your words make me want to vomit, I can't eat anymore." Mickey said.

"..." Qin Wei said he was speechless, rubbing, it turned out to be an idea that hurt me.

"Haha." Mickey was very happy to see Qin Wei's appearance of eating crickets. She won it, whoever told him to play with herself last night, deserve it!

Qin Wei and Mickey walked into the restaurant. This restaurant looks like a hundred square meters. This is nothing in the city of S, but it is already a good hotel in the county seat. Qin Wei found a window near the line of sight. It ’s better. You can see people coming and going. It ’s not yet noon. Not many people eat. There are seven or eight young people sitting at the table not far from Qin Wei. They seem to be big customers.

"Xiao Bao, here is the guest. You have to hurry up and say hello." A bald man rushed to the classmate beside him.

"I see, I'll go now." The man named Xiaobao smiled, and then came to Qin Wei with the menu, and he looked less than 20 years old.

"What do you want to eat?" Xiaobao threw the menu in front of Qin Wei. He was not polite at all, and he looked like you would eat or not.

"You ..." Mi Qi saw the waiter so arrogant, and the anger came up to want to reason with him, but gave up after seeing Qin Wei's gaze indicating not to be impulsive.

"Come beef, home-cooked dishes, and two bowls of rice." Qin Wei smiled.

"A total of 62!" Xiao Bao cried loudly.

Qin Wei smiled and took the money out of his pocket and handed it to Xiaobao. Xiaobao ran to the bald man with money butt and said, "Chen, this is the money just given." The man looked at it, Put your money in your pocket.

"How do I feel like this is a black shop!" Mickey glanced at the table across.

"Since it's all here, is it important to say these?" Qin Wei said with a smile. "Rest assured, if it's really a black shop, I will definitely leave you and run first."

"Wipe! My mother knew you would do this, so I have no expectation of you at all." Mi Qi waited for Qin Wei.

"Brother Chen!"

At this moment, a man in his twenties ran in from the outside, with fat and big ears. When he ran, the meat on his stomach followed.

"What are you shouting! Didn't you see Lao Tzu drinking!" Brother Chen threw the wine glass on the table and scolded him. He was the most annoyed when he was drinking and was disturbed. It felt like he couldn't pull out shit and panic , Not at all!

The fat man ran to Brother Chen, panting, "Chen Brother, have you heard? Mihui's kid is awesome!"

Brother Chen shined a light, and came to interest: "People are stingy? Who is it?"

"I heard that the belly of people and girls has been enlarged, and people's homes have caught the current situation," said the fat man.

"Grass! Ask you who hit it, you just say it and it's over. It's not writing a novel to count the words, what's your ink!" Brother Chen patted the fat man's head and cursed.

"My brother-in-law did it. The guy pumped the belt and cracked the meat! There was blood on the buttocks! You can beat the shit harder!" The fat man exaggerated.

"Grass!" Brother Chen hit the fat man and cursed: "Don't eat anything, you fucking say nothing, disgusting!"

What really felt sick was Qin Wei, Nima! When did I bleed Mi Hui's butt, isn't that so smearing my face! Also with a ugly face is Mickey. She did not expect that the family ugly could be spread to the county seat.

"Brother Chen, I saw it with my own eyes!" Said the fat man.

"Your mouth may be wrong, I guess where did it come from us!" Xiaobao said.

"Hey, brother Bao understands me, I also heard from others, I heard that Mihui's brother-in-law was very rich, and gave the woman's house 50,000 yuan. Wedding. "The fat man told everyone what he heard.

"Five thousand?" Brother Chen suddenly became interested.

"Brother Chen, would you be teasing Mihui once like last time?" Xiaobao said.

"Yes, Brother Chen, last time Mi Hui broke a floor stall, you let him lose 8,000 yuan. If he broke a bowl this time, the 50,000 yuan would not have been saved in you Pockets, some of our brothers can touch you, right? "The fat man grinned. He came to report for this purpose, and wanted to benefit from Brother Chen.

"What kind of goods are spread, how many times have I fucking said that! It's antiques, do you know antiques?" Brother Chen cursed, these people just don't have a brain, don't talk nonsense, and don't have a long memory!

"Yeah! Antique! Brother Chen's trick is Gao Ming. Ten dollars for eight thousand dollars, even if Mi Hui's fool came over, it was too late!" Said the fat man.

"Fat, is the 50,000 yuan you said just real?" Chen asked, holding up his glass.

"It's true! I can be sure!" The fat man said.

"Okay!" Brother Chen drank the white wine in the glass and said to the people around him, "Xiao Bao, according to the last plan, you went out to ask Mi Hui. This time we will pay him 50,000 yuan. Get it over. "

"Ha ha! Brother Chen has a good plan, and this matter is covered by me!" Xiao Bao showed two big front teeth, and smiled extremely indifferently. If the 50,000 was in hand, he would score a few thousand pieces.


At this moment, a sound came to their ears.

"Ah, sorry! I broke the cup accidentally. Do I have to pay you eight thousand yuan?" Qin Wei nervously said.

"You fucking know it's not time to pay for it!" Xiaobao ran over and scolded.

At this time, Qin Wei picked up another cup, his fingers were slightly loose, and the cup fell to the ground again.


"Oh, I broke one more, isn't I going to lose you sixteen thousand?"

Qin Wei looked at the opposite person, his eyes full of disdain!