Merry Master In The City

Chapter 126 Ten Dollars!

"Your shit! Are you fucking looking for something?" Xiaobao scolded, this is the first time someone dares to stab a wild in Chen's restaurant.

"How much does it cost?" Qin Wei said with a smile. He didn't have the same general knowledge with Xiaobao.

Xiaobao turned his head and looked at Brother Chen and asked, "Brother Chen, how much do you want to pay?" This restaurant was opened by Brother Chen. Usually, many of my friends come here to drink and marry, so it is famous in the county seat. Reasonably, no one came to eat at noon, and business was bleak.

"It's enough to be twenty." Brother Chen glanced at him. He saw that Qin Wei was wearing well. He should be a rich man. He didn't need to offend people when he opened the door to do business. Greetings again.

"Brother Chen is in a good mood today, so I don't care about you, just pay 20 yuan!" Xiao Bao yelled at Qin Wei, his heart was dissatisfied.

"Isn't it 16,000?" Qin Wei sat on the chair, looked up, shook the car key in his hand, and said in an incomparable way: "What? Afraid I couldn't afford it ?!"

"Qin Wei, what are you doing?" Mi Qi asked, what is Qin Wei doing? What do you do when you drop someone ’s cup and catch up with others? Is n’t it ill?

"Shh!" Qin Wei signaled Mickey not to speak up, and then said to her lips: "You don't need to worry about it, just watch the show!"

"But ..." Mickey is still very confused, which one and which one! Isn't it good to have a good meal, Mickey complained in her heart.

Xiaobao looked at Qin Wei's arrogant appearance, and then quit. He walked in front of Qin Wei and pointed at him and cursed: "Are you fucking sick! Come to see me!"

"Why? Throwing two cups made you feel this way?" Qin Wei poked his lips, his eyes full of disdain: "Do n’t you look down on me? If someone breaks a cup, you need eight thousand, and I will break 20? "

"You have a problem in your mind!" Xiaobao began to doubt Qin Wei's IQ problem. How can there be such a person, he rushed to lose money, and also lost 16,000.

"I'm fine, it's you guys!" Qin Wei also deliberately raised his voice to let the opposite brother Chen hear.

Brother Chen seemed to see something wrong, came over and asked, "What's going on with Xiaobao?"

"Brother Chen, this man seems to be sick. He has to rush to pay us money!" Xiaobao said to Brother Chen.

"Oh!" Chen brother whistled, and laughed, "This is the first time since I opened a store to do business. Someone rushed to send money, brothers, do you want it?"

"Yes! Who doesn't give it to Bai!" The fat man cooed after him.

"I dare give it, you dare either!" Qin Wei shook his car key, and the corners of his mouth suddenly climbed up a few wicked anger.

Brother Chen suddenly scolded when he heard this: "Fuck isn't mental illness! If you are sick, get out of here! Don't fucking look for it here! Don't ask about it, who dares to find me in my area!"

"You seem to be awe-inspiring, right?" Qin Wei didn't sell anything at this time, stood up and walked in front of Chen Brother. Qin Wei, who was superior in height, was a bit taller than Chen Brother.

"Grass! Sure enough to come to find something!" Brother Chen sighed and cursed.

Qin Wei looked around Brother Chen and said, "Yes, I'm here to ask for money. I want you for money!"

"Look for me? Haha!" Chen Ge laughed, this is probably the funnyest joke he has ever heard, cursing: "You fucking think you are! You don't even inquire about who I am!"

"I care who you are! Mihui's cup, you stabbed him eight thousand, right, I'm here to ask for those eight thousand!" Qin Wei said directly, when he entered the room and heard the conversation between these people, he already knew Mi Hui was tricked.

"Oh! Who the hell are you!" Brother Chen scolded, but someone still gave Mi Hui some kind of waste? Don't you know that Mi Hui is already notorious!

Qin Wei raised his head and said, "I am his brother-in-law, can you tell me if I can manage it?"

"How is your brother-in-law fucking! Mihui broke the antiques in my shop. Does he want him to be over eight thousand!" Brother Chen said aggressively, but he was reasonable, and he was not afraid of them!

"Antique, but how did I hear that the cup was a ten-dollar stall!" Qin Wei's eyes played with taste.

To spread the goods? !! Brother Chen seemed to think of something. He glanced at the fat man and fucked you to make people hear, but as long as he denied it, he couldn't treat himself like that.

"Why do you say that my cup is a spread!" Brother Chen raised his voice by eight degrees, adding momentum to himself.

"Why?" Qin Wei sneered: "Only this! I have recorded everything you just said. If I remember correctly, it was this fat man who said antiques were sold on the ground. Would you like to hear? ! "

Speaking of Qin Wei playing the recording of his mobile phone, sure enough, the conversation between Chen Brother and the fat man was recorded. Qin Wei looked at the two with a sneer. If you want to blame, you can only blame you for speaking too loudly.

"What! Give or not!" Qin Wei said angrily, but he didn't have time to talk nonsense to these people.

"Give a fart! Don't dare come to me for money, don't take a pee and look at yourself! What the hell are you!" Brother Chen looked at Xiaobao and said, "Go and close the door! Let's pack him up!" "

"Oh!" Xiaobao Fangdian Fudidian went to close the door, but today there was another good show!

"Oh, want to pack me?" Qin Wei stared, grabbed the wine bottle on the table, and smashed at Brother Chen!

boom! A muffled sound! Chen Brother was hit hard by Qin Wei! Suddenly there was blood on my head!

"Fuck, you fucking! Give me a punch!"

Brother Chen, who was so anxious and angry, was incoherent, but this was the first time he had been so large that he was beaten. Besides, he had never seen this person before, so he called on his men to start Qin Wei.

"Brother Chen, don't worry, see how I beat him!" Xiaobao rushed to the front first, and charged in order to pay more for a while!

"Yes! Try hard!" Said the fat man with his head in the back, looking like he was lively.

Qin Wei was not in a hurry. With the foot of the yard, he had a new understanding of his physical functions. Using his longevity boxing skills he learned, his body was the first to start, two steps and one stride, and one knee was directly against the punch. On the stomach of Xiaobao in the front, Nima! Makes you so arrogant, makes you call so fierce!

"Oh!" Xiao Bao felt only one figure shaking, and then there was pain from his stomach! The pain seemed to hit a body with a hammer, isn't this a small white face, how so powerful!

"Wipe!" The fat man saw that Xiao Bao was kicked, so he picked up the back bench and smashed at him while Qin Wei wasn't paying attention. The fat man had a lot of eyes. He knew he was not good at fighting, so he had to pick the time to start .

Dare to attack me? !! Qin Wei already saw the fat man's movements in his eyes, so he used the long boxing fist in "Changshengquan", turned around with his fists, and hit the fat man out!

Boom! The fat man fell on the table next to it! It seems that his boxing has improved, Qin Wei secretly said in his heart.

Even two yuan general, Chen brother intends to play in person!

Qin Wei noticed at first glance that he picked up the stool on the ground and threw it out, blocking the surrounding people from surrounding himself. When the stool fell to the ground, Qin Wei strode forward and stepped on it. Flying to kick Brother Chen!

Where did Brother Chen see such a speed, he just felt a flash before his eyes, and then felt a sudden pain in his abdomen, and his body flew out uncontrolled!

"I see who dare to get on!" Qin Wei stood in the middle of the crowd, aggressive!

Capture the thief first! The brother Chen was defeated, and this group of people messed up! Everyone, you beat me, I beat you, no one dared to talk, they were afraid of Qin Wei, and in less than a minute, they knocked down three people. What kind of speed and response is this!

"Oh!" Qin Wei gave a scornful glance at the people around him, took off his belt and walked towards the fat man, and took a hard belt on the fat man!

"Ah! It hurts!" The fat man howled, and he was full of fat, twitching!

"Don't you say I bleed Mi Hui's ass? But why don't I remember that?" Qin Wei squatted and asked.

"Brother, I was wrong, I was bullshit!" The fat man looked up on the ground, begging for mercy.

"Nonsense? But I take it seriously!" As Qin Wei pulled another belt on him, he said angrily, "Say! Who the hell has you tricked Mi Hui!"

"Yes ..." The fat man didn't dare to say it, just looked at Brother Chen with his eyes.

"Originally you? Hehe." Qin Wei took the leash and walked in front of Brother Chen. "Return the eight thousand yuan!"

"It's all gone! There's no point!" Brother Chen said from the ground, as long as he was shouting, these brothers would definitely be there.


Snapped! Qin Weiyi threw his belt on Chen's face, and his face was imprinted with a red belt mark, which was picturesque!

"Not yet!" Qin Wei said angrily.

Brother Chen didn't move, just stared at Qin Wei.

Snapped! Qin Wei threw another belt on his face, and his right face was immediately printed with a red mark, two red marks and their symmetry! Qin Wei was not short of the 8,000 yuan, but he was distressed by Mickey, who earned it hard and did not want to let this money fall into the hands of these rogues!

"Not yet!" Qin Wei raised his belt and shouted loudly.

"Little treasure!" Brother Chen turned his head and said, "Don't rush to get the money!" Brother Chen covered his face and cursed. He was not Qin Wei's opponent. burn!

Xiaobao fart fart to get money, then fart fart ran back and said: "Brother, this is eight thousand!"

"Here!" Brother Chen said.

"Hurry away with your money!" Xiaobao shoved the money into Qin Wei's hands, not forgetting to curse.

"It won't be finished long before this!" Qin Wei resumed his old jokes, shoved the money into Mickey's hand and said, "This meal is good, let's go."

Qin Wei took Mickey to the door, suddenly turned around, took ten dollars out of his pocket, and sneered on the ground: "This is the money that broke the" antique "just now, I will pay you! No way, who makes me a Civilized people! "