Merry Master In The City

Chapter 129: Charity Dinner! (on)

Qingshan Villa, Liu Yihan picked up the phone and called Qin Wei's mobile phone.

"Qin Wei, are you ready? The dinner is about to begin in the afternoon!" Liu Yihan held the phone. This was the first time she attended the banquet with Qin Wei. She didn't want to be late.

"I'm confused, I just don't know what to wear!" Qin Wei was confused. He sat on the sofa and looked at the dress on the floor. Qin Wei was drunk. He didn't know which one to wear. This was his first choice. After shopping with Liu Yihan for the second time, I did not expect that the young lady actually bought so many clothes for herself, each one was expensive.

"What's so confusing, you can wear whatever color looks good!" Liu Yihan suggested, these clothes are carefully selected, each Qin Wei has tried, so she is very confident in her vision!

"It's easy to say. I can't set off this red flower with many green leaves. I'm too handsome to dress up and grab your limelight!" Qin Wei grinned.

cut! Sitting at the side watching TV, Han Luoxue was contemptuous. There was such a shameless man. Qin Wei put Ge Ming in the house last time, but he hadn't even figured him out. He has begun to drift again these days.

"You are narcissistic!" Liu Yihan laughed and scolded on the phone.

"I am narcissistic? Don't give me such a compliment, I will be proud." Qin Wei snorted on the phone.

"Nausea!" Han Luoxue on the side really couldn't stand it anymore, cursing, a big man is not good at learning, and a girl is coquettish, this is not what the nausea is!

rub! Qin Wei turned his head and glanced at Han Luoxue. Didn't you make me mess? Didn't you see that I was in love with the young lady? How could you understand the feeling of love?

"I really can't stand you, a big man is still coquettish!" Liu Yihan sat on the bed, holding the phone, and said coquettishly, this is Qin Wei's first time coquettish with her.

When Qin Wei heard this, his face smiled with spring breeze: "Dear, just say so on your mouth, in fact, you already love my dead and alive, and you understand my heart! Let us take this Friendship is buried deep in my heart ... "

"Cough ..." Han Luoxue couldn't bear it anymore. He coughed. It was really nasty. The fluffy hairs were upright to his own hairs.

I rub! Qin Wei glanced back at Han Luoxue again, Nima, did you give me eye drops like this? Miss Wan Da found that I still live with a woman here, I really fell into the evolution septic tank, and always wash Unclear.

As for Qin Wei's sharp eyes, Han Luoxue was just like she hadn't seen it, she was still staring at the TV.

"I can't stand you, you can only show up at my door for half an hour!" The young lady hung up after talking. She smiled very sweetly. She likes to laugh with Qin Wei as if it was flirting. I don't know why Liu Yihan suddenly thought of that sentence, called Huanxi Enemy, wasn't that the case for himself and Qin Wei!

"Auntie, what are you laughing at?" Xuner hugged Pooh and asked over it.

"Nothing, just think of something funny." Liu Yihan squatted down and touched her most beloved niece. When she saw Xun Er, she thought of her childhood. If it wasn't He Mu who was with her when she was a child, It's Qin Wei, so you don't have to wait for so many years, fate, it really can't be said.

"I'm definitely thinking of my uncle!" Xun'er exulted holding his toy, as if Qin Wei was his boyfriend!

Liu Yihan first froze, then gently shaved Liu Xun'er's nose, and smiled: "You are a little young, what do you think about in your head?"

Liu Xuner smiled hesitantly: "I don't think about it, my aunt will only laugh so much when I think about my uncle!"

"Really? Why don't I know it myself?"

After listening to Liu Xun'er's words, Liu Yihan murmured in his heart, but the curvature of the corner of his mouth, betrayed his mood at this time.

Half an hour later, Qin Wei appeared on time at Qingshan Villa, and Liu Yihan was already waiting at the door early.

Qin Wei parked the car and ran quickly, saying, "Why did the young lady greet herself, this is not good for the fetus!" Qin Wei grinned and joked with Liu Yihan.

"Get out! The dog can't vomit ivory!" Liu Yihan cursed with a smile. The two seemed uncomfortable without making a noise.

Qin Wei didn't care. He walked over and pulled up Liu Yihan's hand. She is now my well-known girlfriend. Isn't it normal to pull a hand, and Liu Yihan naturally also carried Qin Wei's arm. Here is a beautiful pair of women.

"Which car do we drive to dinner today?" Qin Wei and Liu Yihan talked about their daily routine.

"Porsche?" Liu Yihan said, leaning his head on Qin Wei's shoulder.

"I'm tired of seeing you drive every day." Qin Wei tells the truth that he is tired of sitting.

"That Lamborghini?" Liu Yihan asked, and she knew Qin Wei liked that Lamborghini.

"This is a dinner party, we have to be low-key!" Qin Wei reminded.

"Then drive your car?" Liu Yihan continued.

"Don't you think the price is lower when driving this kind of car?" Qin Wei asked, a group boss, wasn't it a joke to drive such a car.

"Then what car do you want to drive?" Liu Yihan stopped and asked specifically, this is not OK, that is not OK, really picky.

"I see a Maybach in your garage!"



In the evening, many reporters gathered at the entrance of Hotel S. This charity dinner was the largest charity event in the city, so many reporters came to this spot, hoping to get first-hand news.

"Hey, who do you guys say next?"

"Who knows this, but isn't the biggest highlight this time is He Group and Dongshan Group, as long as we make articles on it."

"You're right, hey look, someone's here!"

When the reporters gossip, a luxurious Maybach car slowly came over in the light of the moonlight. The host most often saw Mercedes-Benz and BMW. Like this top luxury car, he can only Looking at the computer, the host's mouth was open enough to eat his microphone, so he hurried to the red carpet to capture the interview, and he hoped that he could find a good future for himself.

Even before the show, the luxurious Maybach has attracted the attention of many people. Everyone is guessing who actually came out of the car. The car parked well. Qin Wei helped Liu Yihan to get out of the car. The reporter immediately surrounded him. The flash flashed so that Qin Wei could not open his eyes.

And Liu Yihan, who seemed to be strange, was accustomed to this kind of flicker. Liu Yihan was wearing a sky blue dress with exposed fragrant shoulders, a long skirt dragging the ground, sexy red lips, charming eyes, and tall body Liu Yihan was already beautiful. In the micro-applying pink daisies, it was enough to attract the country and pose for everyone to take pictures. It was like a star's posture. There was nothing wrong. Liu Yihan was the most beautiful scenery of the night.

"Wow, big beautiful girl! Look at that temperament, a few streets away from the stars!"

"She is the future head of the Dongshan Group. Is that normal?"

"Who is the man next to him?"

"You don't know that? Isn't that Qin Wei, the city's best sales manager! I heard that it is likely to become Liu Dongshan's aunt!"

"Really? Then I'll take a few more photos. It will definitely be valuable if sold!"

Two paparazzels muttered in the back ...

Drive a luxury car! By the attention! Qin Wei's mouth was already cramping with a smile! Marrying a wife should marry Liu Yihan, this is Qin Wei's latest insight!