Merry Master In The City

Chapter 131 The Old Lover!

Pan Yu!

The woman Qin Wei didn't want to see was also the woman who hurt Qin Wei the most! Compared to the slump three years ago, she is now well-dressed and the jewelry industry is of great value. It seems that she has found the ideal destination.

Qin Wei smiled indifferently, then turned away immediately. He didn't want to mention the painful past. The woman he once loved the most, but he left himself violently and put it into the arms of others.

"Is Qin Wei you?"

As Qin Wei turned and left, Pan Yu shouted from behind.

Qin Wei called him unable to move his footsteps, still a familiar voice. Qin Wei knew that he could not escape reality, but could only squeeze a smile from his mouth, turned around, and faced the woman he least wanted to face.

"I didn't expect it to be you." Pan Yu smiled. He smiled so bitterly, did he still blame me? Blame me too, indeed, I betrayed him.

"I didn't expect to meet you here." Qin Wei said blankly, he was cold, even colder than Han Luoxue, and the atmosphere of the two of them suddenly dropped to the freezing point.

Pan Yu smiled, and didn't seem to mind Qin Wei's words, saying, "This is fate, isn't it?"

Qin Wei sneered: "If I knew you were coming, I wouldn't attend the party."

"Are you still blaming me?" Pan Yu smiled bitterly. She was called by Song Feng to attend the party. She didn't expect to meet Qin Wei here, which made her somewhat surprised. After two years, the two had not seen each other. Now, to be precise, the contact has been lost for three years.

"Oh." Qin Wei sneered: "You think too much, I don't blame you."

"Then we can be friends?" Pan Yuzhen asked. Actually, in the past three years when she broke up with Qin Wei, although she was materially satisfied, she was not happy at all, and sometimes even thought back to the original peace Although Qin Wei was poor, Qin Wei was very kind to her, and she even regretted everything she had done.

"Do you think so? This seems to be the funniest joke I've heard in three years." Qin Wei answered coldly, without a trace of emotion, as if he was indifferent to talking to a stranger. He didn't want to say anything to this woman.

"Qin Wei, must we be like enemies?" Pan Yu asked after two steps. She didn't want the two to be like deadly enemies.

Qin Wei turned and sneered: "I already have a new life. I don't think we will meet again in the future."

After hearing Qin Wei's words, Pan Yu's body shook. She felt very hurt. She didn't know what to say, because this sentence was exactly what she said when she broke up with Qin Wei. He had not forgiven herself.

"What happened to Qin Wei?"

When the two were in embarrassment, Liu Yihan came over and asked, and when she chatted with her sister, she found that Qin Wei was a bit wrong. Later, when she saw Pan Yu and Qin Wei didn't know what to say, Qin Wei's face suddenly changed. Not so good. Out of a woman's instinct, she must come to find out and cut off the signs of Qin Wei's derailment!

"It's nothing, I just saw an acquaintance." Qin Wei said to Liu Yihan with a smile. When he looked at the young lady, he smiled, his eyes were tender, and he was totally two people to Pan Yu.

"Is it?" Liu Yihan shook his head and said, "Would you like to introduce me?" This is what Liu Yihan deliberately said. If Qin Wei took the initiative to introduce it, it means that there is nothing between them. Not good.

Qin Wei pointed to Pan Yudao: "She's called Pan Yu my ex-girlfriend, oh yes, that's the one I told you and followed Brother Vacheron Constantin."

Then Qin Wei turned his head and gazed at Liu Yihan's waist and smiled, "This is my future wife, Liu Yihan."

"..." The two women stared at each other, speechless.

Is there such an introduction, although Liu Yihan is a bit dissatisfied, but his heart is still very useful to the wife, Liu Yihan is a smart woman, and will not argue with Qin Wei in front of outsiders, what things can go home and say, This will make outsiders look at jokes.

"It's you ..." Pan Yu looked at Qin Wei and hesitated. "Is your fiancee?"

"Yes, it's already engaged." Qin Wei lied without blinking.

Make your own claim again! Liu Yihan muttered in her heart, but she was very happy. After all, she and Qin Wei were not for fun, at least she was planning to achieve positive results with Qin Wei.

"Xiao Yu, are they your friends?" Song Feng walked over and grinned, but it gave people a cynical feeling.

"That's right." Pan Yu glanced at Qin Wei and hesitated.

"Isn't this Qin Wei who just won the championship, I have watched you on TV." Song Feng's eyes played with taste, the new and old lovers met, he was extremely jealous, and Song Feng's ability has already investigated Pan Yu's emotion history Of course, he knew that Qin Wei was a former ex-boyfriend of Pan Yu, but Song Feng didn't care because he had absolute confidence in himself. At least in women, he never lost. I will give you money if you want it. I'm not bad money!

"This is the gold of Chairman Liu of Dongshan Group. I have heard of you for a long time. Today it really deserves its reputation and is beautiful." Song Feng smiled, no wonder He Muhui was infatuated with Liu Yihan for eight years. This is really a beauty. It's even more beautiful than Pan Yu. If you are yourself, I'm afraid you will fall into it.

"You are?" Liu Yihan asked curiously, but he had never met him in S city. How did he know his name? It seems that he should be familiar with Dongshan Group.

"I am the vice president of Cheng Yuan Group, Song Feng." Song Feng, out of a gentleman's manner, took the initiative to reach out and asked.

It turned out to be the Cheng Yuan Group. Isn't the Cheng Yuan Group always in City D? How could he come to the city? It's not just a charity dinner. No matter what the purpose is, social etiquette can't be less. Since the other party has already volunteered to shake hands, Liu Yihan will not refuse.

"It was Song Shao, disrespectful and disrespectful!" The moment Liu Yihan extended his hand, Qin Wei already firmly held Song Feng's hand, not only holding it, but also holding it tightly to express Your passion.

"Qin Wei, I know your admiration for me, but you don't have to work so hard." Song Feng laughed very furiously, because Qin Wei was about to swell his hand, showing how hard Qin Wei was.

"Hey, Song Shao misunderstood, this is a warm welcome to you!" Qin Wei smiled, but he has not let go.

Nima, do you want to take advantage of my girlfriend, think you can't see it? Qin Wei secretly said in his heart, no matter how much money you have, dare to fight the idea of ​​Lao Tzu woman, you weigh it yourself.

"On behalf of Dongshan Group, I welcome Song Shao and hope that our two groups can have a chance to cooperate in the future." Liu Yihan looked at Qin Wei and smiled. She knew that Qin Wei was protecting herself, and it seemed to be an inspiration Qin Wei's possessiveness, Liu Yihan even had some sweetness in his heart.

"There will be a chance." Song Feng's mouth climbed an inexplicable smile, but this smile was so strange in Qin Wei's eyes.

"Since this is the case, then we are not here anymore, my friend is still waiting for us." Liu Yihan greeted him briefly and pulled Qin Wei to his sister group. It is also time to introduce him to everyone. .

Song Feng looked at the back of Qin Wei's departure, and his eyes were full of contempt. Damn, it really hurts Lao Tzu's hand.

Pan Yu also watched Qin Wei leave motionlessly. She felt that the distance between the two was not the distance, but the heart, or that his heart was gone, wasn't it all because of his own fault.

"Why, is it uncomfortable to see a new woman beside him?" Song Feng sneered.

"You think too much," said Pan Yu expressionlessly, Song Feng was right, and his heart really hurt ...

Song Feng said in Pan Yu'er's ear: "After I take down Dongshan Group, you can play whatever he wants ..."