Merry Master In The City

Chapter 133 Ten Million?

Qin Wei's eyes were opened like Altman's. Qin Wei stared at Liu Yihan's incredible face. I wiped it! I know you have money, but you can spend three million on a t-shirt. Are you rich and have nowhere to spend? Three million, how many houses are that? I am still renting a house now!

"What do you care about, Miss Ben is dedicating love, do you understand?" Liu Yihan glared at Qin Wei and scorned him. Do you dare to be surprised? It's rare and strange, everyone around him has focused on Liu Yihan Liu Yihan wants to find a seam to drill in, can he not be so shameful?

"..." Qin Wei was speechless, and the other lady was right, she had money, and she could spend whatever she wanted.

"One time for three million!" The host shouted with a microphone in his hand. This was the first time he had hosted an auction. The first time he saw a t-shirt of three million, he felt a little excited.

"Three million times!" The host shouted again.

"four million!"

There was a woman's voice in the crowd, and everyone looked for it, and saw that she stood beside Song Feng, which was particularly dazzling.

Pan Yu? What does she do? Qin Wei is a little confused, does she also show love?

Song Feng said with a smile in his mouth, "What are you doing?" He didn't understand why Pan Yu raised the price. Is it a game between the two women?

"Don't you say that you want to play with them? Why, it hurts the money?" Pan Yu sneered.

"Joke," Song Feng said with a bad joke, "I will distress the money? The most important thing I need is money!"

"Four million! One time!" The host is completely excited. This increase is one million. This is the first time I have seen it!

"Five million!" Liu Yihan blinked without blinking.

five million! I'll go! Miss you are crazy! Qin Wei has been unable to control his emotions and can buy a Ferrari for five million.

"Miss, five million can buy a Ferrari." Qin Wei whispered to Liu Yihan, reminding him that he was born poor, and he had never dreamed of five million.

"What do you know, I'm giving love, is money measurable?" Liu Yihan countered: "Isn't organizing a charity party just to raise money for charity? Where is nobody taking money, and how can we do charity?"

"..." Qin Wei was speechless again, but he said that Liu Yihan did not have a hard wallet, so he still did not speak.

"Six million!" Pan Yu shouted with a price increase without hesitation.

Everyone was attracted to this woman in a white dress. She was beautifully dressed and standing by Song Feng's side was not inferior. Everyone began to guess Pan Yu's identity. Is it Song Feng's woman?

Six million for a broken t-shirt? What kind of spirit is this? Everyone cast an incredible look on Pan Yu.

"Comfortable?" Song Feng asked with a playful smile in Pan Yu's ear.

Pan Yu certainly knew what Song Feng meant, saying, "You think too much." The relationship between Pan Yu and Song Feng is unclear, saying that they are lovers? Song Feng didn't admit it. It can only be said that Pan Yu was a canary kept in a cage by Song Feng, at least Song Feng's wealth was not inferior.

Song Feng knows that Pan Yu is jealous, but it doesn't matter. Time will prove everything. Besides, there is no shortage of women around her. Women are just tools for their pastime.

"One time for six million!" The host's eyes were filled with tears and excitement. Nima, six million Laozi could not make so much money in six lifetimes. You actually took the money to buy a t-shirt?

"Six million times!"

Song Feng laughed, knowing that Liu Yihan was hesitant to increase the price. If he did n’t raise the price, Pan Yu would be included in the bag. Pan Yu won the contest. , Also achieved the purpose of his own play.

"No one will increase the price this time," Song Feng proudly said. "Six million is already a sky-high price. Unless Liu Yihan has a problem, he will continue to increase the price."

"It's best not to increase the price. If she raises the price, it means ..." Pan Yu watched Qin Wei, but still didn't say it.

"What do you mean?" Song Feng then asked. He liked to say half of what made people guess, but he didn't like others to say half of what made him guess.

"Ten ten million!" Liu Yihan raised her hand to signal, but her expression was flat and she didn't seem to care.

"Ten million?!"

This time it was not just Qin Wei who was surprised, even the guests in the venue were surprised! But then it was the appreciation of Liu Yihan, that he should take the shot when he did, and did not embarrass the city, with Liu Dongshan's style! The venue has long been debated because of the contest between the two women.

"Ten ten million ... once!" The host was shaking, swaying, and tears were about to emanate. This is really annoying!

"Miss Miss ..." Qin Wei turned his head, took Liu Yihan's hand, and said with affection: "Don't care about the eyes of these earthworms, just take it down if you like it, you are here to show love, I understand you! "

"Well, you know a fart!" Liu Yihan cursed softly.

Let me go! There are already tens of thousands of grass-mud horses running in Qin Wei ’s heart. I asked you not to increase the price just now. You said that you donate love. Now you say that you donate love. Do you say that I know a fart? It's really uninteresting to ask.

"Ten million times!" The host shouted!

Pan Yu clenched her lips. How she wanted to increase the price, but after all, she was not a real rich second generation. The six million just now was also Song Feng's pocket money, which was already her bottom line. Pan Yu looked Seeing Liu Yihan, she was unwilling, very unwilling. In the first round, she lost to her ...

"It's okay, this is just the first time to meet, there will be opportunities to fight in the future!" Song Feng said with a smile on Pan Yu's waist.

"Ten ten million times!" The host is already boiling!


At the moment when the hammer was dropped, thunderous applause broke out at the venue. This applause was given to Liu Yihan, because she fought back for the city!

"Miss Liu Yihan will come on stage," said the host enthusiastically, as if the ten million had been produced by himself.

With a smile, Liu Yihan walked to the stage gracefully and elegantly. As the first person who shot 10 million at this party, she naturally wanted to be interviewed.

"General Manager Liu, you are the first person to shoot 10 million at this party. Can you tell me what you think now?" The host asked.

"I am honored to be able to give my love for this party." Liu Yihan's answer was simple and wonderful.

"Thank you Mr. Liu for your love, so I think everyone is very curious about this question." The host approached Liu Yihan and asked, "Excuse me, Mr. Liu, what is the use of this t-shirt? Are you also a racing enthusiast? "

Liu Yihan caressed her hair. She smiled very sweetly. The sweetness was like honey flowing into the bottom of her heart. It was fascinating. Liu Yihan took the microphone, tilted her head and thought, and a small woman looked like: "I I took this t-shirt because I wanted to give him to my boyfriend, Qin Wei! "

"What?" The audience has been boiling for a long time, and I only heard about men spending money on women. This is the first time a woman has spent money on a man.

"Qin Wei? Isn't her boyfriend He Mu? He Shao has chased her for eight years!"

"How sad should he be!"

The audience has been talking a long time ago. He Mu's face is uglier than a second. In the end, he turned around and walked away. Yihan, must I hurt my heart like this ...

On the stage, Liu Yihan looked at Qin Wei with a smile and said nothing. All her emotions were expressed on the T-shirt just now. In front of so many people, Qin Wei, you shouldn't even think about throwing me away in this life.

Qin Wei stood below and looked at Liu Yihan, who was smiling and faint. She didn't hesitate to spend millions just to give herself away? Did I say I like it?

Well, I have said that Qin Wei has been moved back into the river ...

Qin Wei, a good love will let you get the world, and I just want to give you the world ...